9 Packing tips: what to pack for Paris?

Can’t wait to start your journey in Paris on the occasion of Christmas? If you are one of these people then you no longer have to worry about what to pack. In this article, we have meticulously compiled a list of things that you should pack for the Paris trip.

Yes, we are well aware how desperate are you to have the best wine and cheese tasting experience in Christmas markets and get lost in the city of lights. For many people, a visit to Paris is full of anticipation as there is so much that one can do in this city.

The best thing about Paris is that you can design your whole trip exactly the way you want it to be. It can be romantic or historic or gastronomic, whatever you want it to be.

what to pack for Paris

However, instead of planning, many people prefer to come to Paris on Christmas and then decide what they want to do. But because of this, the biggest challenge they face is not knowing what to carry with them.

Make sure to pack the best Luggage for Christmas

The very first piece of advice we will give to every tourist, not only those who are visiting Paris, is to pack the best luggage so you can be comfortable throughout your trip. Moreover, to make it better make sure you have all-purpose luggage especially when you are visiting Paris.

The reason being, let’s be honest the streets of Paris are nice and decent, but not perfect. And you might be traveling a lot. So to make sure you have a nice trip it is better to have an upright travel bag that can roll over all sorts of pavement and make sure you remain comfortable.

You should never forget to pack comfortable walking shoes

You might be wondering why you should pack comfortable walking shoes when in the movies you have always seen people roaming in Paris in fancy high heels. Let us tell you to not be deceived by such movies as they are far-fetched from reality.

You might be visiting some cobblestone streets or moving from one Arrondissement to another, and you will need comfortable shoes. Moreover, there are so many places to visit in Paris, thus you might be continuously on your feet throughout your whole day.

Imagine not being able to enjoy the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, because your feet tremendously hurt? Thus to save yourself from such pain it is better to have comfortable walking shoes.

If you are athletic, then it is better to pack running shoes

Not only should you be carrying comfortable walking shoes, but also great running shoes if you are someone who loves jogging. Every morning the streets of Paris are filled with people who are jogging while enjoying drizzling or croissant. And you might want to indulge in such an experience. 

If you plan on visiting a lot of places, then a crossbody bag is a must to pack

If you are planning to visit Paris in summer, then be aware that the whole place will be flooded with tourists. More tourists mean more pocket-picking. Thus, to take care of your wallet it is better to have a cross-body bag so your precious items always remain near you.

This will allow you to travel in a crowded area, such as the Metro station, without having the fear of losing any special item.

A portable charger is as important as your passport

Yes, you read it correctly! In today’s world if you plan on visiting another country, then it is a must for you to not just carry your passport but also a portable charger. If you are interested about the French Visa Process, Click here.

This will allow you to wander the street of Paris freely without any worries as you don’t have to stop from one place to another to charge your smartphone. It is a great convenient device that every traveler should carry.

French Power Adapter and Jet Lag relief for utmost comfort and convenience.

This is something which every person who has been to Paris will recommend you to pack. This is because the power outlets in France are very different and you will need an adapter. This will allow you to have a great trip without any major inconvenience.

Moreover, if you want to have top-notch comfort, then we will also recommend you to pack jet lag relief so you can move from one place to another without any fatigue.

Umbrella is a must if you don’t want frizzy hair or damp clothes

You never know when it is going to drizzle or rain in Paris. Let the weather not fool you as it can rain anytime. Thus you should always be prepared. This is why it is a must to carry an umbrella so the weather can’t spoil your trip. Similarly, we will also suggest you buy a raincoat so you can be fully covered.

To capture all the great moments, you need to pack a camera

If you are someone who loves to take pictures, then you should not forget to pack your camera. This is because Paris will provide you with a plethora of places that will urge you to take tons of Insta-worthy photos.

A cooling tower so you can always remain fresh

Many places do not have AC in Paris and you might be sweaty and muggy. This is why to avoid getting exhausted due to heat, it is better to carry a cooling towel so you can remain comfortable.

This list sheds light on all the essential items that can help you to have a great and comfortable journey in Paris. You should have the best luggage that you can carry from one place to another. Comfortable walking shoes are a must so you can remain on your feet without any pain throughout the day.

A crossbody bag will help you to protect all your essential items. A portable charger will allow you to wander the streets without any break.

French Power Adapter and Jet Lag relief will provide utmost comfort and convenience. An umbrella will help you to continue your journey despite the rain. And similarly, there are many other items mentioned in the list that will help you to have a great journey.

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