Best Time of the Year to Visit Paris!

You may be planning a trip to visit Paris, perhaps alone, with your spouse, or friends and family. Still wondering about what is the best time to visit Paris? This article will answer all your questions about what is weather of Paris in winter, or January or December.

What if you land on the French soil only to realize it is too cold or too hot for you?

That will only dampen your excitement while you are on your vacation. So to make things easier for you, we are listing down some things to consider while you want to choose best time of year to visit Paris. Each season has pros and cons to weigh.

Best time to visit paris

Attractions Of Paris being closed in certain seasons

Many tourist attractions are open all around the year but there are some smaller set-ups like boutiques, restaurants, and galleries that may be closed around August. The reason for that is many Parisians leave the city to go on vacations during this time. Bastille Day and Paris Marathon are events that you may want to learn about if you wanna attend them on time.

During August or even after that, many places are closed down. One of them is the famous Paris Flea Market, Les Puces. Cluny Museum and Manufacture des Gobelins are often closed till the latter half of September. Several restaurants are closed in August but it does not mean that all of them are shut down. There are always many restaurants open even in August but in case you want to try a special restaurant or two on your trip, it is better to check the restaurant’s website or call them to know about their schedule.

Most of the time, the special exhibitions in museums all over Paris take place between September and May. This can go on and be extended till June or July but probably no further than that. Musée du Quai Branly and few others may stay open throughout the summer. Ballet, opera, and concerts are often not available between June and September.

The beaches on the banks of the Seine, also known as Paris Plages, are open specifically in the summer. Swimming and water sports at Bassin de la Villette are also exclusively featured in the summer. Musical Fountain Shows and Night Fountain Shows all are organized in summer only.

During winter, Christmas markets, ice skating, festivals of New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day Concerts, and gourmet dinner cuisines during the New Year’s Eve events are some of the attractions of Paris for tourists.

The Favored Temperature to Visit Paris

Summer is supposedly very comforting in Paris. The temperature is around 70 degrees F and strolling in the city outside is perfect but due to its comfort, people come in swarms in Paris in this season. The accommodation and travel prices reach the peak. With free concerts and outdoor movies, the summer Paris has a lot more to give to the tourist. Paris Plages is a good spot for visitors in summer and Bastille Day and its celebrations are also alluring. The festivities are heart-warming. July is a rainy month in Paris, despite rain being distributed uniformly in all of the year, so make sure you gear up for rain as well.

Although fall is less crowded with people generally, the temperature is still around 60s and 50s degrees F. The tourists can enjoy a lot of the unique experiences the city has to give without many people on the view. But the Paris Fashion Week, which typically comes in September, is unusually crowded and there are fewer vacant rooms in hotels during this time. The essence of Paris in fall is much more romantic and with fewer people around, attractions are easily accessible.

Winter is the least crowded time of the year for a trip due to the average temperature of 40 to 30 degrees F. The hotel and flight prices are quite cheaper. December is the rainiest month so visiting Paris this month means you may need an umbrella and raincoats. But there is another Paris Fashion Week by the end of February. So, it is better to make reservations for flights and hotel rooms beforehand.

The months of spring bring blooming flowers by the end of May. Before that, there is a lot of frequent rain and the temperature is normally chilly.

Budget Issues on Paris visit

There is no doubt that the most expensive part of a tour for vacation is accommodation and travel expenses. Plane fares are the lowest between November and March except Christmas and New Year’s Eve. From March to May and from September and November, the fares drop to an average level between the highest and lowest fares. High rates are found from May to September.

The accommodation rates trace a different path. Paris Tourist Office claims that May, June, September, and October are the highest pricing months in this context. February and August offer the lowest rates while all other months have average pricing for accommodation.

Crowded Paris

Paris, the City of Lights, is a 365 days travel destination for people all around the world. With Paris Marathon, tour de France, school vacations that pull European residents to Disneyland Paris, the city is seldom empty of tourists. From May, the tourists begin to pour in with a steady rise till they peak in June and July. During these months, it is not only hard to find accommodation, if not already reserved, but the prices for flights and accommodation are also soaring sky high. During this time, the amount of tourists is maximum. There are very few places that are not crowded all the time.

The Paris Auto Show and Paris Fashion Week in September bring in more travelers and enthusiasts especially on Champs Elysees, no matter their aim. Days like Bastille Day are also responsible for rise in the population of Paris during summers. So if you want to avoid such crowds, the best times are in February, May, August, September, and October. Otherwise, June and July are the best times to plan a trip.

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