Top 10 best Bars in Paris to check out!

Now that the pandemic is almost controlled all around the world, everyone is planning their long due vacation. Life is getting back to normal gradually, and we are grateful for this. With that relaxing news, bars in Paris are getting full of people.

Now, there is a hustle and bustle for touring and traveling because almost everyone wants to shove off their tiredness. 

Paris often comes first in the list of anyone because it is a hot spot for tourists. If you are arts and culture lover, and have eyes for natural beauty then Paris is perfect destination for you. The diversity of Paris has extended to the nightlife as you will find wine bars, craft beer dens, and cocktail temples there.

If you are looking for bars and parties then you are at the right place. This blog will let you know about the 10 best bars in Paris where you can pop and pour.

bars in Paris

1- Lulu White

With extravagant and artistic décor, Lulu White has a vibrant variety of cocktails that you cannot miss and considered as one of the lavish bars in Paris. As you enter, you will see everything artsy that will give you more of the wine vibes and a classic environment.

Moreover, Lulu White’s most famous drinks are Absinthe-laced-cocktails. You can also make a choice from the array of cocktails, wine, and beers.

2- Bar Hemingway

You must have heard of Ernest Hemingway, right? This place is said to be freed from the Nazis’ occupation. Bar Hemingway has the most classic setting with tufted banquettes and bar stools. Besides, the bar is unstoppable to showcase its vintage charms thus taking back you to the era of the 19th century.

It has the most classic and vibrant variety of wine, champagne, beer, and other drinks.

In addition, their most classic drinks are the Ritz Pimm’s, which includes ginger ale, Champagne, garnishes of fruit, cucumber, fresh mint, griottine cherries, and the Clean Dirty Martini. On top of everything else, it is served with a frozen cube of olive juice

3- Experimental Cocktail Club

As the name suggests, this bar offers a variety of cocktails. It is one of the highly recommended bars in Paris for cocktail connoisseurs. Also, the interesting thing about the Experimental cocktail club is that they make cocktails mixed with different fresh juices and you can expect bold flavors as well.

If you want to have a variety of cocktails then you must visit this place. So, to have more enjoyment you can visit weekends as they have DJs for that.

4- Rosa Bonheur

One of the most loved places of Parisians is Rosa Bonheur. As the season of terrace and springtime begins this becomes one of the most-visited bars in Paris. Further, this bar gives the full colors of beer and skittle as you can have a variety of beers, wines, beverages, and tapas.

Rosa Bonheur Rosé is the most preferred drink as its taste is classic and so pure. It’s crispy, and refreshing taste gives you the whole charismatic taste, and yes, its pink color! Rosé cannot be completed without this.

If you visit Paris in Summers add this to your go-to list and get ready for the best beverages in the town!

5- Copper Bay

Copper Bay is a marine-themed bar, covered in the hues of blue and green. Copper Bay has many specialties in their offerings that are scripted either over a giant paper scroll with hand-written names or via big cards that describe their menu with huge descriptions.

If you want to try something novel you can ask them and they will make it accordingly. However, their main servings are “Petit Artichaut” which are made with a nut butter-infused whisky, bitters, Pedro Ximenez sherry, and Guinness.

Lastly, they have a huge collection of beers that you cannot miss!

6- Bisou

If you want a drink of your own taste and tailored to the most favorite flavors of your taste buds then Bisou is the place to visit. You visit the Bisou and describes Bartender the kind of drink you want like dry, fruity, frozen, little liquor, or no liquor will work.

They serve you what you want and you don’t have to think a thousand times before ordering. Easy, right? Head over to Paris’s best bar, Bisou!

7- Septime La Cave

Gourmand and oenophiles love Septime La Cave for its tastes and wines. Their ethereal wine cellar has a wide range of “wines” including natural wines that have superb taste. If you visit Septime La Cave, you must drink a glass of Fleur Sauver Jouret as this is Connoisseur’s kiss.

Ask the bartender for a biodynamic vintage and take a sip of it. You must be thinking what is biodynamic vintage? Well, we are leaving this on you to go and find out about it!

8- Les Trois 8

Les Trois 8 knows the game of crafting beer and apparently no one can compete Les Trois 8 in it. Les Trois 8 was renovated and opened in 2013. Since then, it has a superb variety of craft beers and organic wine.

You will have the choice to choose eight brews ranging from slightly bitter Northman Blonde to dark and stormy Kernel Export India Porter. Also, don’t forget to taste their wide range of wines that has unforgettable taste!

9- Le Mary Celeste

Le Mary celeste is not famous for “cocktails” but for one other thing as well, guess what? That’s food! Le Mary Celeste is famous among locals and visitors for its wide variety of food and cocktails.

Le Mary Celeste names its collections in a savvy and clever way like Double Identity, a list of ingredients (Cognac Pierre Ferrand 1840, Lillet Rouge, Sherry Lustau Pedro Ximenez, Kümmel), and a French description of that drink is related to the famous story of The Great Gatsby. Interesting!

10- Au Rendez-Vous des Amis

Au Rendez-Vous des Amis has a classic décor that truly showcases Paris architecture. It has a wide range of beers, wines, a Full bar, and cocktails. Prices are relatively low there. Menu Highlights of Au Rendez-Vous des Amis’s include the homemade terrine de Campagna.

It is served with a thick hunk of country bread, or the Escargots Bourgogne. If you are looking for a Parisian classic then you cannot miss their Kir Royale.

Visit one of the highly recommended bars in Paris from the above-given list and enjoy your tour to the fullest. Cheers!

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