Halloween in Paris: How Parisian celebrate it ?

Are you planning to visit Paris anytime in October? Then there is no doubt that you might be wondering what Halloween in Paris would look like. Well, you no longer have to worry or wonder as we are here to tell you in detail how Parisian celebrate Halloween.

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Before we delve into this one thing you should know is that many places in France do not take Halloween seriously. In fact, Halloween is a little controversial in France. Some people celebrate it and others just do not care.

So, if you are from the United States then you might be a little disappointed.

However, you should remember that every country has its way and scale of celebrating different events. Thus, in France, while you might see Halloween be a commercial holiday, you will not observe Halloween decoration on an extremely large scale.

Halloween in Paris

Having said that, here is how Parisian celebrate Halloween:

Candies or spells instead of trick-or-treating

If you are from the United States then you must be accustomed to saying trick or treat on Halloween while greeting friends, guests, or even strangers, However, things are a little different on Halloween in Paris. Instead of trick-or-treating, people say candies or spells.

Moreover, you should not expect kids to knock on your front door on Halloween in Paris to ask for trick or treat/ candies or spell as this tradition is not commonly followed over here.

Parisians love over the top Halloween Costumes

While people don’t follow the tradition of trick or treat, dressing up for Halloween in Paris is not taken lightly. If you like the idea of spending time deciding what you are going to wear on Halloween, then Paris is the right place to be.

On Halloween, Parisians like to dress up and they do not take this lightly. They like to make sure their costume is as scary as it can be. While in other parts of the trend there is a trend of having cute or funny Halloween costumes, this is not the case in Paris.

In Paris, people try to go above and beyond in ensuring that people get scared by the costume. Thus, you might see a lot of ghosts and vampires on the streets on Halloween in Paris.

Visit scary places in Paris on Halloween

There are many scary places that people visit on Halloween in Paris. Are you wondering where exactly you should go on Halloween in Paris? Well, we are here to answer this query. There are many scary places in Paris that you can go to on Halloween.

Our recommendation will be to visit Paris catacombs. You might be wondering why on earth anyone would want to visit an underground cemetery. But think about it how perfect this place is for the Halloween celebration.

Moreover, you should also visit the very famous Palace of Versailles on Halloween.

You can also go to Manoir De Paris as it is a famous haunted house in Paris that is located on the 10th arrondissement. It has an entire production for Halloween that consists of over 100s actors, and smoke décor, etc. 

Attend the annual Halloween festival hosted by Disneyland

While Disneyland is known for its color, fun, and excitement, things are a little different on Halloween in Paris. If you are in Paris on a Halloween night then you should head to one of the world’s best amusement Park is Disneyland Paris.

On every Halloween, Disneyland in Paris has an extravagant decoration. Moreover, not on just Halloween but celebrations in Disneyland last throughout October.

Not only you will find some the best Halloween decorations in Disneyland Paris, but also you will have a great opportunity to meet a wide range of famous Disney villains. Moreover, you will get to experience lots of special foods, shows, and even parades.

Thus, it is one event that you should not be missing out on at any cost.

If not Disneyland, another exciting theme park to visit on Halloween in Paris is Parc Asterix. It offers a haunted house that is full of seasonal magic. Moreover, you can also enjoy various types of performances.

Many Parisians opt for movies on Halloween

If you are someone who likes to stay indoors and does not want to step out on Halloween, then we have good news for you. Despite not going out you can still celebrate Halloween in Paris. Instead of going out, many Parisians like to stay at home and watch a movie.

There are many scary French movies that you can watch on Halloween. France has a history of producing some of the very best scary movies.

If you are someone who can’t decide what you want to watch, then our recommendation would be to either watch Les Diaboliques or Baxter as they are equally terrifying.

Parisians love sweets on Halloween

While the trick-or-treat tradition is not popular, sweets are popularly consumed on Halloween. You might be upset to know that many people do not follow the tradition of trick or treat on Halloween in Paris. However, we have good news for you.

It is already a known fact that Parisians love sweets, and on Halloween, the sweet become more popular. So it is a great time to have wonderful and colorful macarons. There are many places in Paris that will surely provide you with a wide range of treats.

This showcases how there are many ways in which you can celebrate Halloween in Paris. While people in France do not take Halloween seriously, there are still exciting activities that can be a part of to fully enjoy this event.

If you like the idea of spending time deciding what you are going to wear on Halloween, then you would love to dress up in Paris. This is because people take Halloween costumes very seriously and want to make them as scary as they can.

Thus, you might see a lot of ghosts and vampires on the streets in Paris on Halloween. There are many scary places that people in Paris visit on Halloween like Manoir De Paris, Disneyland, and Parc Asterix. If you are not interested in stepping out of your home, then you can treat yourself by watching scary French movies.

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