10 Most Popular Cheese Shops in Paris

Paris is famous for wholeheartedly welcoming its tourists in various ways, let it be through entertaining via art and culture or by providing an indulging experience through savory food dishes. It might not be known information that there is a wide range of cheese shops in Paris that provide a unique and memorable experience.

So if you are a cheese lover you have one more reason to definitely visit Paris once in your life at least.

What makes this experience unparalleled is the fact that in Paris you can enjoy delicious cheese coupled with the overall romantic atmosphere.

So here is the list of most popular cheese shops in Paris

Laurent Dubois

The history behind the name of this place is quite interesting as it was after the owner of this place. Laurent Dubois can be found at three different places in France. According to one most famous American food bloggers, Jennifer Greco, this place serves the best cheese and considered among the finest cheese shops in Paris.

Moreover, one of the main reasons why people love this place is because of the unique relationship Laurent Dubois has with the products of Comte.

The popularity of this place and the quality of its offerings can be determined by the fact that even on weekends people are willing to wait in long queues just to get a taste of Laurent Dubois cheese.

best cheese shops in paris

Taka & Vermo

Taka & Vermo is especially known for its ambiance. It provides the taste of local small farm cheese that is simple and delightful. It is owned by Vermoral and Takahashi.

They opened this cheese shop to provide the tourists with the best cheese that can make their travel more delightful and memorable. This shop can be found in Faubourg Saint-Denis place. So, if you are someone who is craving goat cheese then you should definitely go to this place.

What makes this place a unique and one of the top cheese shops in Paris is that it offers a great variety of delicious cheese while also supporting local farms.


The most unique fact about Androuët is that it is one of the oldest cheese shops found in Paris. This place was found in 1909 and since then it has been offering delightful cheese.

This place was found by Henri Androuët who aimed to ensure that people in Paris can have access to all kinds of cheese found in Paris. Thus, Henri Androuët wanted to make this a one-stop-shop that provides all sorts of cheese.

However, this place was later on bought by Stephane Blorhorn. Nevertheless, this place is extremely popular in France and is found in 10 different places throughout the city. Moreover, it is also available in Stockholm and London.

La Ferme d’Alexandre

This shop is situated at St Placdie and is known for its chic environment. This place is considered to be one of the friendliest cheese shops in Paris. This place has been run by three generations and it still upholds its legacy and standard of quality.

This shop provides a wide range of cheese that is undoubtedly exceptional in taste. One product that you should try from this place is goat cheese.


What makes this place popular is the fact that the owner, Nicole Barthélemy, is known to go above and beyond in ensuring the standard of the place remains well-maintained. Although this place is not spacious it still provides you with a variety of cheese.

One of its most famous products is Fontainebleau cheese which has a mouse-like texture. What makes this product unique is the fact that it is made fresh on daily basis. This place also has a cheese cellar and you can get goat cheeses that are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.


This place is connected with a restaurant that has a cheese theme. It can be said that it is a great place to take one amazing Instagram photo. Monbleu provides a well-curated, long menu of different types of cheese that are equally and amazingly delicious. It also has a happy house called ‘happy cheese’ which is from 5 to 8 pm.


This is a very sleek cheese shop that is situated near Arc de Triomphe. This place is owned by Philippe Alléosse who belongs to a family that is very well-known in the cheese industry. It offers a wide range of cheese.

This place is very well-known for chevres as they are available in different textures and flavors. It is also famous for its odor which is very strong. Another great fact is that they deliver cheese all over the world so if you on the other side of the world you can easily get your cheese shipped from all across Paris. 

Marie-Anne Cantin

This place is found at Champ de Mars and is famous for being a classic cheese shop. What makes it unique is the fact that it provides cheese that is made of raw milk that has been matured. It also provides old cheese that is up to 40+ months. Its youngest cheese provides a milk taste. Juxtaposed to this, if you want a concentrated flavor then you should go for their old cheese.

Fromagerie Beaufils

This cheese shop has a very upbeat environment. It is considered to serve the best cheese found all over the world. So in case you are in Paris and craving Dutch, Swiss or Spanish, etc. cheese, then you should definitely pay this place a visit.

And it goes without saying that it offers the best domestic range of cheese as well. Moreover, the owner of this place, Christophe Lesoin, also serves Rogue River Blue which is a famous American cheese.


This French word means ‘pleasantly fresh’ and it righty describes the taste of their cheese. This place is famous for its retro-styled ambiance and it provides cheese along with wine and olive oil. When it comes to cheese, it provides a variety of cheese that is made of goat milk.

Moreover, if you are specifically looking for Occitanie cheese, then you should definitely visit this place.

This article showcases how in Paris you can enjoy a variety of cheese, let it be old or new. Moreover, every shop not just offers a wide range of delicious cheese, but also a unique ambiance such as classic, retro, and chic, etc.

Thus, whenever you visit Paris next time, you should definitely go to one of the mentioned cheese shops to treat yourself in a memorable way.

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