layover in Paris: How to spend Paris layover?

Paris is a dream destination of almost everyone but it takes for many people to make this dream a reality. If you ever get chance to layover in Paris, here is what you can do during your Paris Layover.

Sometimes, you just hit Paris during a layover and can’t resist going out to have a peek at the “City of Lights”. And there is no harm in stepping outside of Charles De Gaulle or taking a bit of a detour before reaching your next flight.

You can spend your layover in Paris in a good fashion without missing the opportunity of having a small tour of Paris and here’s how.

layover in Paris

Things to consider before spending your layover in Paris

There are a few things to consider here like whether you will need to have a visa for the layover in Paris or not, depending upon your nationality, or your start and end of journey, luggage, and your airport terminals in Paris. Let’s get into the details.

Where to keep your Luggage during layover in paris?

Normally people get worried about a layover because of their luggage. And it is justified as well. It is important to note that during domestic layovers or when the flight is with the same airline, the luggage remains loaded in the flight or is loaded by the staff themselves so while you may go out of the airport, you will not need to worry about your luggage. But in case your flights are booked separately, you may need to reserve 40 minutes to 2 hours for the process.

Departure and Arrival time

If you have a Schengen visa or passport, going out of the airport to the main city is very easy. If you have a special visa for France then that may work out too, otherwise, it is unthinkable to go out of the airport with just a transit visa.

Currency Exchange during layover in Paris

Currency and sufficient amount of money is required to think about a layover in Paris trip. Although currency conversion is possible, you may still be short on money. A few euros are necessary before spending them.


If it is Charles de Gaulle Airport then it may be easier to have a chance to step out in the city because it is nearer to the main city. If you land in Paris Orly airport then it can be a bit troublesome unless there is a lot of time on your hands.

Booking a layover in Paris tour

You can book a layover in Paris on your way to your final destination. It can not only save your budget but also let you see the beautiful city of dreams and lights. Paris is a top tourist attraction and energizes you to have a quick look at the city and its monuments while traveling to someplace else.

Layover in Paris can be of varying time and cost. We will discuss a few options that normally people have while they stay for a short while in Paris. We would advise you to not fret too much about a layover. If it stresses you out, it is better to stay at the airport instead of being worried about your flight or luggage.

3 hours layover in paris

For a 3 hour layover, you may have more or less 2 hours to reach the city and sightsee while worrying about going back. A Seine Cruise is exactly what you can get for your time and budget.


According to, Klook shows a Seine cruise starting from 14.5 euros. You get a clean environment with eight different stops on the route between Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees.


It takes more or less 2 hours to complete this trip.


You can hop on the cruise on any of the eight listed stops. The one nearest to you will make the most sense.

7 hours layover in Paris

7 hours may be more than enough to visit multiple places all together, meaning you may be able to visit a number of tourist attractions in the main city.


It takes almost 5-6 hours in which Montmartre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, and many more are covered.


It may seem a bit overcharging but once you take a ride, it seems pretty reasonable price for a lot of fun and sightseeing. It costs almost 400 euros for this whole trip but this price is worth the tour because Paris adds beautiful memories to your travel diary.


The route of this 6 hour trip starts from Montmartre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, Place de la Concorde, Jardin des Tuileries, Louvre, and finally, Cathredrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

If you book a tour guide for this tour, you can acquire his services either from Charles de Gaule Airport or Orly Airport. Tripindicator provides best tour guides.

12 hours layover in paris

For a long time of 12 hours, you can roam around in Paris with ease. Take a local guide that guides you about his or her city so that you can see it from their eyes.


It is a bit pricey but serves you for each penny spent. It normally starts from 570$ and can go for more than that, making sure you are satisfied with your spending.


It takes almost 12 hours to complete this tour as there are long and various stays on different tourist spots that you don’t want to miss.


From Baie du Mont St Michael, La Grande Rue, and going through countryside, you come back to the city of Paris.

These are some of the details of these layovers that you must enjoy in Paris. The links can help you decide about your layover in Paris beforehand.

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