things to avoid in Paris: Tips & Tricks

Unlike the popular myth, French are quite friendly and impressively humble. Their reputation seems to be nothing less than a false myth. If ever in trouble, ask away for help. Some of the things to avoid in Paris have to do with their culture.

Other things are just standards to avoid while travelling anywhere so give it a read before you step out for Paris. Pack wisely for your trip so that you may stay comfortable during your stay. Here are the most helpful packing tips, in case you want to cross check your packing essentials.

There are always people who, in their excitement, forget plenty of essentials of their luggage for a trip abroad. Many others prepare well and have a keen insight on how to complete their list. People often don’t realize that in their joy of visiting a country, they seem to map out each and every minute of their trip.

Normally it seems alright to spend at most an hour or two at a place but once you are in the city, even a couple of hours for an attraction seem less. While on your trip, the tourist should not run by the clock but by the fulfillment of his heart’s desires.

Therefore, wander around the city, appreciate the local architecture, and let your soul run free. Anyways, here are the things to avoid while in Paris.

Things to avoid in Paris

Do Not Be Afraid To Try Typical Attractions in Paris

Many tourists recommend avoiding clichés like going to a tourist hotspot that is often filled with people or eating delicacies that are often described as over-rated. There is nothing wrong with waiting in line just to enter the Eiffel Tower or go to different museums and libraries while you are in Paris.

Eating baguette isn’t a sin either. As a tourist you should experience everything you can. Though we have already discussed this, we would like to give you a recommendation of our own to not miss a few places. First of all, the Latin Quarters is an artistic beauty of the “Old Paris” and you may certainly not want to miss it.

Secondly, Louvre is a must go despite it being overcrowded at times. And lastly, we want you to never miss the Eiffel Tower. After all, if you don’t go see the tower, you are missing the landmark and the long-lasting beauty of Paris itself.

Do Not Dress Casually Everywhere while in Paris

In a place like Paris, the very center of the world’s greatest fashion industry, not showing of your own fashion sense will be taken as a disinterest in the culture of the modern day Paris.

While many people are solely for the magnificent past of Paris filled with stories of war and love, the present should not be ignored. That is why, in high caliber restaurants, one should wear an attire worthy of the ambience.

Sure, this does not apply to places like Eiffel Tower but still, better look for a worthy attire in Paris. But mindless dressing is one of the things to avoid in Paris.

Do Not Spend Unwisely on Food and Water

Although there are many top class restaurants in Paris, many of them overlooking the famous monuments and tourist attractions are a bad choice for spending money. Unless you know how good their food is. Spending tons of money for an average taste is just not the right thing to do.

Instead, look for the restaurants that are famous for its food. Similarly, do not spend on mineral water bottles and request the tap water. It is safe and cheaper. If you have a lot of cash while you travel to Paris and want to experience all the great restaurants, that’s cool.

But the sidewalk food stalls and cafes found all around the city do the job even better than the restaurants. You get to taste food at a cheap price and the taste and journey stay pleasant. Moreover, you can just grab food and sit around at any place and just enjoy the city and its people.

This way, you could try the local food in the fastest way possible.

Do Not Rent A Private Transport

Renting a car to roam around the big metro city of Paris seems like a reasonable idea, but it isn’t. Paris is quite big city. Apart from the fuel, the parking prices are way above the reach of a normal tourist.

Unless you have an extra buck to spend, we advise you to take the Metro trains and buses running around the city. They are relatively and exponentially cheaper and help you go around wherever you want in the city.

The logic to this point is simple. If you can book a place and have its entry pass online, prefer that. There is often too many people swarming in and out of the places you may want to visit. You will have to stand in a queue for hours before you get a chance to visit a place, such as the Eiffel Tower.

If you want to spend your time enjoying the monument instead of waiting in line, go for the Easy Pass.

Do Not Take a Dinner Cruise

The dinner at Seine on a cruise seems like a romantic idea with memories you would treasure for the rest of your life. This may only seem to be because the reputation of this dinner is growing quite negative over time.

Not only is the food very poor, the place is just too overcrowded to the point that you feel suffocated. All that charm seems to fade away once you experience it.

But if you are on your honeymoon in Paris, then it can be romantic for sure.

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