How to celebrate Christmas in Paris 2023?

Christmas in Paris is something everyone want to experience. It is hard to have a low spirit during Christmas time, especially when you are in Paris. Entire city is decorated with Christmas lights.

All around the city you will see multi-colored trees and decked-out windows.

Moreover, Parisian Christmas traditions has something for everyone. If you are an outgoing person then there are so many festivals that you can be a part of you. However, if you are a low-key person who likes to stay indoors then there are so many tea salons, restaurants, and shops that can lift your spirits.

Christmas in Paris

Considering there are so many things that one can do during Christmas in Paris, it often gets difficult to pick the most fun activity. Thus we have shortlisted some of the best things that you can do during Christmas. 

Visit Champ-Elysees to be blown away by the twinkle lights

When it comes to twinkle lights, Champs Elysees take the lead during Christmas. It is hands down the best place to be during Christmas. Champs Elysees has the most eye-catching decoration that makes the place more special. It has around 400 trees and they all are decorated during Christmas.

They use red shimmering LED lights to illuminate the entire place. Moreover, they have a Christmas market that offers a wide range of products made by French artisans. The red lights on green trees along with cold air give your perfect atmosphere to enjoy Christmas.

It is because of such breathtaking beauty, more than 26 million strollers visit this place to admire the lights. Moreover, it also has a place for skating.

Visit Les Halles and Notre Dame to enjoy Christmas markets

They have the most magical Christmas markets where one can get the most beautiful gifts for loved ones. If you are looking for a romantic and fun Christmas market, then you should definitely visit Les Halles. It is a small market that offers special festive gifts.

They also have a ceiling-length Christmas tree that provides a perfect Insta-worthy photo. Moreover, the middle of the market is decorated with various lights. However, if you want to visit a Christmas market that also offers extra sightseeing venues, then you should go to Notre Dame.

The reason being they have the oldest trees in Paris that unbelievably go back to the 17th century. Moreover, they have a small but pretty market. 

Visit Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré to enjoy the chandelier lights

While every other place is decorated with LED and fairy lights, what makes this place unique is that when it comes to decoration, they go above and beyond. Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré is already famous for offering high-fashion boutiques.

When it comes to Christmas, it comes as no surprise that they opt for expensive decorations. They have chandelier lights that are made of crystals. Thus, the entire place serves as a staple of luxury even during Christmas.

This is why, the entire place is filled with wealthy tourists who want a special Christmas gift. They enjoy shopping at a place that has the most glamorous Christmas decorations.

Visit Place Vendome to see the most elegant Christmas decorations

If you want to witness the most elegant Christmas decorations then Place Vendome is the best place to go. The place is known to be classy and elegant. It has the most glamorous and grand decoration that one can see in Paris.

Many people just visit this place to take a stroll and have the most magical experience of their lives. During Christmas, this place is decorated in the most magical manner and is picture-perfect.

Visit the most family-friendly spot: Bercy Village

If you have a family that you want to spend time with during Christmas, then Bercy Village is the place to be. Although you might be thinking that whether you should go to Bercy Village or not, since it is quite away from the center of the city.

But let us tell you that it is absolutely worth it. It is an off-the-beaten spot that is beautifully decorated during Christmas. Thus, you can spend time with your family without having to deal with a large crowd. Moreover, they have outdoor shopping places and cozy restaurants that create a perfect atmosphere for Christmas.

Moreover, if you are looking for a place from where you can do last-minute Christmas shopping, then this is ideal for you.

Visit Galeries Lafayette to enjoy the most imaginative window displays

Want to enjoy the most elaborative and creative Christmas window displays? Then without missing a beat we will recommend you to visit Galeries Lafayette. They have trees that are not just lavishly decorated but after every 30 minutes have a bell concert.

The entire place is filled with cheerful tones. Moreover, many illustrations take the wheel when it comes to decorating the windows so you can expect an amalgamation of perfect colors that can enchant you. Their creative expression is not just limited to windows.

They also have one of the world’s most wonderful Christmas trees. Every year, as per the tradition, they follow a theme when it comes to decorating the tree.

This showcases that Paris has a wide range of places that one can visit during Christmas. When it comes to Christmas, Paris has to offer something for everyone. It does not matter whether you are an outdoor or indoor type of person, single or with family. If you want to enjoy twinkling lights, then you can visit Champ-Elysees. They decorate 400 trees with red lights that illuminate the entire place.

You can do Christmas shopping at Les Halles and Notre Dame. In addition, you will be blown away by classy and elegant decoration at Place Vendome. If you want to spend quality time with your family, then Bercy Village is ideal for you. And lastly, when it comes to enjoying imaginative window displays, nothing is better than Galeries Lafayette.

We have listed Christmas Markets for you as well.

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