best Travel Apps to easily Navigate in Paris

Travel apps help to get around the area quickly, especially if you are new to that area. Paris is an expensive city. Tourists often get trapped in tourist traps during the initial few days of their trip.

Why? Because they do not know where to eat or stay and how to commute in Paris. However, technology is winning hearts and saving time of tourists.

People often forget to think about their route from Paris airports to their hotel. So, they have tough time while figuring their route after arrival. I suggest you must know how to navigate Paris airports, even before your departure.

Here is the list of digital apps that you must install in your mobile phone to navigate Paris.

You know what’s even more interesting? There apps are available free of cost.

best travel apps for tourists

RATP- The best travel App to fine transport

RATP is an abbreviation for the famous (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens). In English, it is referred to as the Autonomous Parisian Transportation Administration. This public transport company’s headquarters is located in Paris, France. It is known as one of the best travel Apps for Paris.

With the help of the Bonjour RATP application, you can have access to routes for the state-owned transport service. The app introduces the best routes in real life time; you can use the map feature to see where to find different forms of transportation.

Moreover, you can top up or buy new tickets via the application feature. The system includes the bus, metro, Transilien SNCF, tram, Velib bike, Marcel ride-hailing, Orlyval, and Noctilien night bus. With the new alert system, you can find out once your chosen form of transportation is close-by.

Interestingly, the app also allows you to find local restaurants and cafes and bars to visit or meet friends.

Find your route through Citymapper

Amongst other helpful apps for tourists is the Citymapper. Working as a public transport mapping service, you can track live timing of all kinds of urban transport. Known as the best travel Apps for Paris, and from the apps to navigate Paris, this one is a must-have.

You can walk, cycle, or take a metro by following the location service. By entering your start to end journey, the app will provide you the best route from your neighborhood. Additionally, the citymapper is audio enabled to talk to you as you walk down the streets of Paris.

Best travel apps for Paris


If you want to get around Paris by plane, train, ferry, car, or bus, then Rome2Rio is the perfect application. Rome2Rio is considered the top travel Apps for Paris. Through the online website and app you can search for different forms of transport from your departure to arrival location.

Not only is the network convenient but also time-costly; you can book pre-book tickets and look at time schedules. From the apps to navigate Paris, Rome2Rio is at the top of the list. The app works with 201,148 train lines, almost a million bus routes, over 12,000 ferries, and 52,443 flight paths.

Moreover, you can look for hotels, hire a car service, and look for travel guides.

Paris Aeroport

If you are looking for friendly apps to navigate Paris, the Paris Aeroport is an application for both iOS and Android phones. Through the service, you can keep updated on different services throughout the city.

The largest service provides the ability to check flight schedules, including real time changes to arrival and departure timings. Moreover, customer accounts allow you to manage flight timings which makes this one of the best travel Apps for Paris.

Other features of the application include reservations and payment for parking in Paris museums and hotels. Additionally, you can search for restaurants, shops, and bars with a guide to the directions of how to get there.

The app’s available in twelve languages: French, English, Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, Simple Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and Brazilian. The service is amongst the most helpful apps for tourists due to its diversity and convenience.

PS. You should learn basic French words when travelling to Paris because it feels great to understand what people are talking about.

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Similarly to the rest of the world, Paris is up to date with their Uber services. Known as an American based pioneering transportation service, Uber is a car-service that ensures safety and convenience. Rather than walking up the metro stairs and traveling with a crowd, you can navigate Paris at your own pace.

Uber also has a ride sharing option called UberPool where you can share your ride with other guests. This can be among the helpful apps for tourists as it is affordable, depending on the location and sharing service. This cheap option makes Uber one of the best travel Apps for Paris.

Rick Steve’s Guided Forces

Rick Steves Audio app is a travel app, excellent for travelers on the move. Rick’s vast library provides self-guidance alongside audio visuals and playlists. While listening to radio interviews and guided walking tours, Rick provides top insight on European countries.

In Paris, the app features travel tips and cultural insight on tourist attractions. With access to geographical information, tourists can plan their trips ahead of time. Rick Steve‘s service is considered one of the best travel Apps for Paris because of its creativity.

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Brian Driver

While car rentals and taxi services can seem simple, it can be more costly for everyday travel. With Brian Driver, you can get a private driver in Paris which can drive you around the city. The driver can go from the airport, to Disneyland, the Eiffel Tower, and other tourist attractions.

Brain Driver is one of the most helpful apps for tourists as they are knowledgeable on the area. So, you can live in any neighborhood in Paris and avail this opportunity.

G7 App

G7 was once elected the best application award as a smart car that ensures first class taxi bookings. It won awards as one of the best apps to navigate Paris. G7 is also known as the first ever taxi booking application in Paris.

This makes the service one of the best travel Apps for Paris. You can order your car in just one click, giving you unlimited options of over 9,000 taxi drivers across the city. The application allows you to travel to more than 180 cities in France.


Docket is one of the most high-rated and helpful apps for tourists that allows you to check your immunization registry. Apps to navigate Paris can work as safety gadgets. This way, you can keep track of your health records in Paris.

For example, you can look for the latest updates on Covid-19 in Paris as well as where to get the vaccine. Known as the best travel Apps for Paris, Docket is known to be a record-storer. Alongside school reports and documents for other illnesses, you can book appointments with health programs.

Google Translate

If you are a foreigner traveling to Paris for the first time, Google Translate is the number one application from the helpful apps for tourists. Through this service, you can type or speak whatever you want in English and it will be translated into French.

In the same way, translation apps can translate from French to English, so you can interpret the local language. This app is extremely helpful as you can also translate images by inserting the picture into the service. Known as one of the best travel Apps for Paris, Google Translate is a life saver.

Not just French, you can also chit chat with other tourists coming all across the globe.


Similarly to around other countries in the world, WhatsApp is a globally used application that can help you navigate around borders. Among apps to navigate Paris, WhatsApp is considered one of the most helpful apps for tourists because it has several features.

With its location services and communication services you can use the map, facetime, or chat with friends in the city.


With over 500+ vacation rentals in Paris, you can use Airbnb to look for apartments and houses in the nearby areas. One of the best travel Apps in Paris has to include a hotel service. Helpful apps for tourists are very diverse and offer unlimited options.

Airbnb offers terrace floor apartments with magnificent views of the city’s monuments. Additionally, you can opt for studio apartments that give you a charming and vintage vibe.

Moreover, the mobile application provides popular amenities; apps to navigate Paris provide rooms with good services. This includes hot tubs, kitchen, wifi, and private pools. Hence, Airbnb is one of the best unconventional way to stay in Paris.

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All this travel talk must be exhausting so why not grab something to eat? Alongside other helpful apps for tourists is food delivery service. TheFork app is an excellent application for ordering takeout or delivering it right to your table.

TheFork is amongst the top apps to navigate Paris and its food business. There are a bunch of food app features to choose from. For example, lists of cheap and expensive options alongside pictures and videos.

TheFork is one of the best travel Apps for Paris due to its large variety. The best advantage to using the app in Paris is that it can save you lots of money when booking expensive restaurants and cafes.

This app has made life easier during layovers as well. You can order food of your choice and that is big deal while traveling. By the way, if you want to know what can be done during layover in Paris, here is the link to explore.

food apps in Paris


For all organizers out there, here is the moment to make most of your time. DuckTheLine is a time-convenient application considered as one of the best travel Apps for Paris. The application  allows you to purchase a ticket or product ahead of time.

If you are looking for helpful apps for tourists, then this time-saving will leave you in wonder. Through pre-bookings, you can save time and avoid endless queues. With this digital system, the application will tell you how much time you have left before your checkout.

Apps to navigate Paris are accurate and abundant. You can also register by virtual queue on the website if you do not have the mobile application.

Best App for Paris Metro

The number one app for navigating your way around the Paris Metro is definitely the official Paris Metro app. The application provides an official metro map and train times.

If you need to get around the French capital in a limited amount of time and easy-convenience, the app will direct you where desired. Many have complimented the app for saving their Paris trip. Called one of the best travel Apps for Paris, Metro maps allow tourists to set up travel plans.

Additionally, you can save certain places to your favorites list and set up easy transfers. By using the official RATP metro map, you can see where you are vs. where you need to be. Departure boards, ticket purchases, journey planners, and travel tips are all easily accessible via the application.

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Best App to Find a Suitable Hotel

The helpful apps for tourists list surely prescribes Airbnb as the top hotel provider. You can find value accommodations and experience Paris in the best local light.

One such example is spending only 44 euros at Canal St Martin for a four night stay. By looking at different price ranges, locations, photos, and reviews, you can pick the best accommodation for yourself. As one of the best travel Apps for Paris, Airbnb is a must-have.

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