best Paris City Tours Led by Locals (2023)

Paris city tours are the best ways to cover the landscape of the French capital as soon as you arrive. Here is everything that you need to know about Paris city tours.

What are the Best City Tours in Paris?

Paris by far has one of the most excellent tours for tourists in the world. At the top of the list includes a self-guided tour to the Musee d’Orsay. Imagine paying as slow as $34 dollars to get a full tour of Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night.

While looking at the best city tours in the country, many prescribe to travel like true Parisians. This means using tuk tuks, bicycles, and hop on and off buses for travel. Services that offer tours through these means include Fat Tire Tours, Paris Authentic, Bostonese Paris, and Paris Canal.

On the top of the list for city tours in Paris are:

  1. Big Bus Paris Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
  2. Seine River Hop-On Hop-Off Cruise
  3. Louvre Museum Guided Tour
  4. Paris in a Day: Montmartre, Seine River, Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre
Paris city tours locals

How much do Paris City Tours in Paris Cost?

While Paris might seem unbelievably pricey, it does not differ in its prices as compared to other tourist destinations. At online discounted rates, you can travel through city tours in Paris at an affordable price.

Ranging from $19-$150 per person, you can travel museums in Paris, take a trip to Disneyland, or go on a gourmet dinner cruise. The price range truly depends on how long you wish to stay or the duration of the trip altogether.

It is a bit more expensive to travel through private Paris city tours. On the other hand, local Paris city tours can be affordable. These private licensed tour trips can range from $100-$300 but offer more organized and private activities.

For example, you can book a private 5-hour tour to Versailles from Paris at around 125,000 euros. Through learning about the world heritage, you also get access to private transportation services and food.

Hop on/Hop off Tours

City tours in Paris also include open-bus and Seine cruise services. Hop on hop off buses are ones that follow a specific route around the major attractions in the city. You can hop off at attractions you wish to see and hop on the next bus when wanting to continue.

Hop on hop off buses are extremely beneficial; they save time while getting you from place to place. Not only can you avoid busy transportation services with locals, but you can pick your own desired time for travel. Paris city tours are built on convenience and safety.

There are several Paris hop on hop off buses that run throughout the day, at different prices. One example includes the Big Bus Paris Hop-On Hop Off Tour, starting at $40. Interestingly, alongside buses are hop on and hop off cruises.

An affordable option includes the Seine River Hop-On Hop-Off sightseeing Cruise at around $19.

Corey Frye Tours

Corey Frye is an American traveler, known for his NYC based-encounter with a French tourist. After getting married, the couple settled down in Paris as Fryre dedicated his life to exploring the city’s richness.

Fryre is now known as a photographer, writer, and tour guide, helping friends and travelers learn about the country’s lifestyle. He later developed a business for city tours in Paris where he gives out information.

On his main website, “A French Frye in Paris” you can find a collection of photography. He enables room for discussion on architecture, history, and art. You can book Paris city tours with him today.

Day Tours in Paris

Paris is not one to miss in the morning. With its beautiful array of colors, aesthetics, and ambience, you would get the opportunity to see Paris in daylight. There are city tours in Paris available as day trip options in the country, with different rates and duration periods.

While looking through attractions and their official websites, you can book tickets in Paris ahead of time. However, tour trips offer more affordable bundles where you can travel at large for inexpensive costs. Additionally, Paris city tours offer pickup services and audio guides.

City tours in Paris Bundles:

  • Orsay and orangerie Museums Ticket : 7 day-trip for $24.92 per person
  • Visiting the Louvre Museum and Seine River Cruise: 1 day-trip for $38.49 per person
  • Paris city tours during the daytime
  • Full-day trip across Mont Saint Michel: 14 hours for $157.42 per person
  • Fairytale Loire Castles + Wine Tasting:12.5 hours for $135 per person

Night Tours in Paris

Paris is also observed as the city of lights. Parisian neighbors are lit up, offering a perfect view of all tourist attractions, notably the Eiffel Tower. There are several city tours in Paris which are private. This means personalized tours, and bilingual guides to help you on your journey.

My Daily Driver is one such service that provides customized trips, even those a few hours from Paris. You can also pick from a fleet of vehicles, from a Mercedes C-class to V-class vehicle. However, if you are just simply hoping to catch a glimpse of Paris nightlife, there are affordable options.

The Big Bus Night tour is one example of a service that visits monuments during the night. This includes Palais Garnier, Champs Elysees, Moulin Rouge, and the Eiffel Tower. At a low cost of around $30 per person, you can secure a spot at a flexible schedule. Similarly to the day tour, you can also book a gourmet dinner on a sightseeing cruise.

The Bateaux Parisians is one famous example of Paris City Tours that take you to all notable monuments.

Museum Tours

You might know of Paris, particularly for its world-class museums. Paris city tours take note of tourism and the love for art and culture. The Louvre in particular shines light as a royal public museum, containing artifacts and artwork, worth billions. While representing civilization and culture.

City tours in Paris for museums can be beneficial. You can learn about the history through knowledgeable speakers and get a pass to skip longer lines. There are available group tours for the Quintessential Louvre, Versailles Palace, Orsay Museum, Medieval Paris, and Picasso Museum.

Ranging from $50-$400, you can find a Paris pass for something worth your time and price.

Eiffel Tower Tours

You can not leave Paris without visiting its most distinctive and well-known symbol: The Eiffel Tower. There are many city tours in Paris that are specifically made for this destination. Distinctly impressing the world with its daring design, the structure models French intellect and power.

Perched 124 meters above ground, the tower also holds the Michelin-starred restaurant Jules Verne. Moreover, in total, there are 1665 steps from the bottom to the top of the tower, taking around 30-45 minutes to reach another floor.

While this could be an independent trip, there are many safety precautions when visiting the attraction with a group. You can book a walking tour with a host and private access to the 2nd floor.

Other tour trips include a skip the line offer and access to the elevator. Ranging from $45-$90, you can join an expert tour-guide to hear fun facts about the tower.

Seine River Tours

The Seine River is another popular attraction; France’s third-longest river subject to famous paintings and fame. City tours in Paris start at 15 euros. You can book tickets to tour the Seine River. The Bateaux Parisiens 1 hour long cruise is an example that provides panoramic views. On this cruise, you will spot the Pantheon, Cite de la Mode, Notre Dame, and Hotel de Ville. These Paris city tours offer audio commentary in 14 different languages.

Disneyland Paris Tours

Disneyland Paris is the perfect place to go if you are traveling with friends and family. The theme park preserves friendly child room nostalgia and adventure. When booking tickets, you should do so online under free cancellation fees and tour guides.

You can enjoy a 1-day ticket to Paris to explore the park, shows, and parades. There is also a Paris express shuttle service that goes from Central Paris to Disneyland. Ranging from $100-$150 per person, you can get picked up from convenient locations and travel in a group.

Buying tickets online can provide better discounts for children as well.

Food Tours in Paris

While Paris is famous for its attractions, the city also paves way for excellent and luxury cuisine. City tours in Paris are available for food locations and destinations. Local guides can take you to some of the best local shops and restaurants, while sharing the history behind the area.

One popular food tourist service is called Secret Food Tours. The company provides private Paris city tours with upgraded drink packages. Additionally, they provide an everyday schedule on their website, including a list of different restaurants and food they will try.

French bread, macarons, cheese, and chocolate are all at the top of that list!

Moulin Rouge Paris Tour

The Moulin Rouge Cabaret show is another famous amongst Paris locals. Entry tickets to the show can be pricey, going up $100 per person. However, with packages and tour-guide discounts, you can learn about the historical background of the show.

Moreover, there are bundles that provide champagne and a seine river cruise that will take you to the Moulin Rouge. In small groups, local tour-guides can direct you around the area for 1-5 hours.

Bike Tours of Versailles

Versailles is for sure more than a palace.With city tours in Paris, you can bike around the magnificent 2,000 acre domain. Under BlueFox Travel, the service provides a scheduled group route around the area.

The tour starts at the farmers market from where you will be invited to your very own personalized picnic. Afterwards, the group will visit the inside of the royal grounds and head towards the palace. While learning about the history, you can cycle around 7 miles, stopping to take a look at the attractions.

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