How to commute in Paris? 9 easiest ways

Paris is a hub of tourists and is known as a city with loads of lights. It has a beautiful relevance with fashion, art, cuisine and cute small cafes. In short, everything attracts a visitor to get around in Paris. But the question is: how to commute in Paris easily?

Of course, you would want to explore every corner of the city from Palace of Versailles to the lovely gardens in Paris. In this blogpost, I am focusing to list down the easiest transportation ways in the city of lights. So, hang in there!

Finding a commute in busy city like Paris could be a hectic task, but still it is easy to find right and economical commute in Paris than in any other country. Moreover, the first and foremost issue that people face is reaching their hotels from the airport. Why?

Because all three airports in Paris are huge in terms of area making it difficult for passengers to navigate. Especially, the Charles de Gaulle airport is the busiest at all times. But do not worry, you have a plethora of options to select your mode of transport in Paris.

All you have to do is select one transportation mode which is according to your pocket and liking. Following are some of the easiest ways to commute in Paris.

commute in Paris

Walking is easiest commute in Paris

In a city like Paris where everyone loves to explore everything of it, walking could be the best way of travel. Besides, it’s easy to walk around the city as most of the must visit places in Paris are close to each other.

Whilst riding on a train, you might miss some of the iconic scenarios of Paris, but while walking, you experience the architecture of the city to the fullest.

Hence, walking can be the best and relatively easy way of commute in Paris. Now, if you love walking then you will absolutely enjoy this mode of transport while exploring the beautiful neighborhoods in Paris. But again, walking is not a cup of tea for everyone.

Another way to commute in Paris is Metro train

Paris’s public transport is considered to be the safest mode of transportation not only for the residents but also for the tourists. If you do not want to walk, Metro train can be the best way to commute in Paris.

But here, I want to mention one thing that many people get caught in common tourists traps and scams during ride or at the Metro stations. To keep yourself safe from them, you should always keep your valuable items close to you which are relatively not accessible to the burglars.

Travelling by Subways

Just like in Europe, Paris too has an underground system of trains. Hence, you can always go for the subways. Moreover, Subways are relatively more feasible and reasonable for tourists. In my opinion, it is always better to spend less on a commute and more on exploring during a holiday.

Besides, you can also buy a metro pass. With the help of the pass, you can take metro busses, subways, buses, all in one that too free.

Hop on a Bus to commute in Paris

Busses could be another option for the commute in Paris. Also, it is relatively easier to experience the beauty of Paris on a bus than other ways of commutes.

Also, many bus stops are closer to hotels; hence, it will be more approachable for the tourists. New tech-controlled bus stops are very convenient for those people who are visiting Paris for the first time as they properly guide you through maps and inform you of their arrival time.

One of the biggest advantages of busses is that Paris has a plethora of bus stops, you can easily stop by at any of the stops and see the beauty of Paris. Anyways, if you are planning to visit Paris soon click here to watch French movies that are a must watch to appreciate the beauty of Paris.

Travel in Paris by Boats

What is a better way to commute in Paris than to travel on water? Traveling on boats could the best traveling experience you can have in Paris. It lets you absorb every inch of the beauty of the city of love because of its relatively slow speed that the rest of the transportations.

In addition, boats ride and cruises on Seine river are best experience to have. If you are curious about the Seine River cruise, read more here.

The commute service usually begins from May till September, but you can always have a chance to go for the annual ticket. It will allow you to commute by boat all year long!

Dare to commute in Paris by Velib

Velib could be the most fun and adventurous way to commute in Paris. Velib is a French word that means free-of-cost bikes that started in 2007. You can roam around the whole city on your own by using Velib. Nowadays, it is getting more famous among the tourists.

One of the major reasons for its popularity is that you can easily explore the city on your own. Paris has a plethora of free cycles; therefore, you do not have to worry about its availability.

Book Taxis

Taxis could be another way to travel in the city of lights. Now, it has become relatively easier to find taxis than in the old days. From the airport to the main city, you will find taxis everywhere; hence, it is not hard to find them in the city.

The taxi drivers in Paris are extremely professional and polite. But the only drawback of commuting through taxis is that they are relatively expensive than the rest of the transportations. So, if you are on a luxury budget trip, you can always go for either taxi or your vehicle.

You can estimate your Taxis expense here:

Commuting in Paris by automobile

If you are wondering why, we have not talked about private cars for commuting, it is because of their cost. Private vehicles can be extremely expensive in Paris. You need a good chunk of money to go for private cars.

Also, driving in a city like Paris where everywhere you can see tourists, buses, and trains can be hard. Moreover, it is hard to find parking in Paris as well. So, if you are thinking to go for a private car, you need to have a good experience of driving.

Avail tour buses as transportation means in Paris

If you are not liking any of the above-mentioned ways of commute, you can always go by tour buses. These buses are specially designed for tourists and it shows you the whole city. The most fun part of riding in a tour bus is its double-decker feature.

You can enjoy the sceneries from a height. They also provide you with headsets so you can listen to what the tour guide is guiding you. They usually have stop-overs over different places. Also, this bus is available 24/7, so you can commute on it whenever and wherever you want.

That’s all! I hope this article is helpful to you to decide your mode of transport in Paris.

If you loved reading this article, kindly share and comment below to let me know which mode of transportation you prefer.

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