Airports in Paris: A Guide to navigate

The excitement of a trip to Paris only begins with the plans themselves. While many are focused on planning and booking accommodations, a few know the importance of checking out the airports in Paris.

Make sure to choose airport from where your accommodation is easy to reach. You can use Paris travel Apps for this purpose. Charles de Gaulle is the busiest and largest Airport but that’s not all you need to know.

To let you know which facilities airports provide we are jotting down all the information about the airports in Paris. This guide will show you various factors that may affect your choice regarding which airport you want to land in.

airports in paris

Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Airport

It is the biggest and the busiest airport in Paris for International flights. Residing just 25 km to the North East of Paris, this airport serves almost more than 70 million passengers every year. It is not only available for high-cost airlines but also for low-cost ones. Commute in Paris is not that difficult. Let me simplify for you!

This airport provides the facility of airport shuttle that can drop you off in central Paris. From there, you can easily access trains and Paris metros to reach other parts of Paris.

There is a train transport facility, as well as, public busses transporting passengers to their desired locations. Taxis are a common form of transport found almost everywhere in Paris but it is quite expensive to hire taxis. There is no separate compartment for luggage in public transport.

You may have to put your luggage on the seat next to you so it may be a good idea to use taxis if you have some extra change for the sake of comfort and ease.

Usually, people choose CDG to reach the Paris center as it has direct links because of the transportation facilities. Most people prefer a train or a bus to travel to the inner parts of Paris from CDG. It is quite near to the center of Paris. That is why, it does not cost much to travel to and from CDG.

Another plus point is it saves a lot of time. CDG is also near to the North-Eastern parts of Paris. So, if you have accommodation in those parts, CDG should be your preferred destination when you fly from your country to Paris.

If you want to travel to some other city in France, CDG has a route that could lead to some of them like Lyon, Reims, Strasbourg, Caen, etc. Some hotels are really close to CDG and it also has unlimited free Wifi service. It also has luggage storage and money exchange services. There are only three terminals at CDG so the place is pretty crowded almost all the days of the year.

Paris Orly Airport

Orly is the second biggest airport and one of the busiest airports in Paris just like CDG. It provides all kinds of flights and is a big hub for international flights. Orly is just 13 km away from the center of Paris. It has a passenger count of more than 30 million every year.

Visitors can avail airport shuttle service at any time to reach your destination. Train and public busses also have direct routes to central Paris. That makes it easy to commute through the city from this airport. Again, taxis are available here but the fares are too high so people mostly prefer public transport or trains. To be able to use trains from here, you may need to first reach Antony train station and then be able to use trains to travel in the metro city.

The commute from Orly is really cheap as it is the closest to the heart of the City of Lights and that is why many people can afford taxis from this airport as well. Trains have six major stops in the city some of which are closest to the city center such as Gare du Nord and Gare de Lyon. In case you have to travel from Orly to Charles de Gaulle or vice versa, there is a direct Bus Shuttle and Public Transport running between these two airports regularly.

There is no direct route from Orly to other cities of France but as it is very close to the heart of Paris, it is easier to navigate and travel to the other cities through multiple means of transport. Being close to the center, it has hotels right next to it. The airport offers free unlimited Wifi and has the necessary services of money exchange and luggage storage as well. It is less crowded than CDG so people usually take this airport to avoid the crowds.

Paris Beauvais Airport

Beauvais is quite far from the city, at least 80 km away from the center of Paris. It is the third-largest airport that houses international flights frequently. Usually, the flights using this airport are low costs like Wizz Air and Volotea. Visitors on budget travel often prefer this airport but it sometimes takes a whole lot longer time to reach the inner Paris from here.

This airport provides shuttle services to the passengers who land here but there are no direct routes for public transport and trains, meaning you may have to change a couple of busses or trains before you reach the center of Paris. Taxis are available but cost too much due to the distance from the center. People usually take the shuttle service from Beauvais to Porte Maillot so that they can access the Metro from there.

There is a hotel within a one-mile radius from here and so if you book your accommodation in Beauvais town, the airport is a very reasonable choice. There are no intercity direct routes from here. The airport has free Wifi for 30 minutes but you can reconnect after 30 minutes as many times you want. The currency exchange options are limited too.

So, while you travel to Paris, make sure you consider all the pros and cons of these airports in Paris before you book a flight for your vacation.

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