Paris in January (2024): Exclusive Guide

Paris in January is a good idea, definitely with lots of layers on. If you are wandering the question, is January a good time to visit Paris or what Paris looks like in Winters?

Then you are the only person who can answer it right because only you know what you want out of this trip.

However, there are plenty of factors that you must consider before making final decision.

Paris in January

Winter is usually all about comfort, calmness, warmth and oversized sweaters, of course. I even prefer to work from my comfy bed and cozy quilt during winters while sipping plenty of tea. Trust me, It is so much fun.

I suppose no one wants to step out of their house in cold weather, let alone holidays abroad.

Nevertheless, hey, aren’t we talking about Paris trip here? I can say this for sure, Paris in winter is no less than any beautiful dream.

On top of it, Paris in winter has a unique charm that it does not let you escape from its spell for life. Let me tell you how it looks in January, in particular. I hope you will find all the answers related dressing, gastronomy, accommodation and weather of the city of lights in January.

In addition, I have made a list of events for you that Paris hosts in January. Trust me, it helps a lot plan your trip while being fully informed.

Note: January 1 is an official holiday in France. Public shops and supermarkets are often closed.  You will find few supermarkets open that too for reduced operating hours.

Reasons to visit Paris in January

It does not matter if you want to sit in a cozy café and meet French people to explore French culture or enjoy a romantic weekend gateway with your partner; the city of love never disappoints you. But let’s make it clear.

First, you will not see many tourists flock in January that makes it a perfect time of the year to visit Paris. People mostly rush to France on Christmas or to spend New Year eve, which means a surge in prices during December.

On the contrary, you will find flights and accommodation on much cheaper rates in January. Secondly, you will mostly bump into Parisians on streets and get the chance to know the locals. However, do not forget to say “Enchante” even if you do not know French language at all.  It means, “Nice to meet you.” Common French words are fun to speak with Parisians.

Less crowd means you can stroll in the cobblestone streets of French capital and appreciate the beauty of the city of love. That is just another reason to visit Paris in January among many others.

Let me tell you something very interesting. French people are very lively and easy to have a conversation even if you are talking through google translates.

But it is considered rude in France if you do not say “ S’il vous plait” after ask a question or request any supermarket item, especially in shops. But they feel nice if foreigner tries to learn their language though very basic.

So if you are an American, then I have shortlisted a few words for you. Try to use them when in France.

  • S’il vous plait = Please
  • Merci = Thankyou
  • Pardon = Sorry
  • Salut = Hello
  • Bonjour = Good morning
  • Au revoir = Goodbye

Weather of Paris in January

Paris weather in January is mostly grey, breezy and cloudy. The average temperature of the city is 2-6 degree Celsius in January. Days get a little longer and average daylight is 8-9 hours in the city during January. Springs season is about to start.

It is important to check temperature or weather while planning a trip in winter so that you can pack things mindfully. Packing essentials are crucial especially in winters, which bring me to next question. You can check everyday weather of Paris in January here.

Is Paris rainy in January?

Although Paris remains cloudy throughout January, you experience rainy days only half of the month.

I am sure you must be thinking about snow now. Am I right? You are definitely looking the answer for this question:

How often does it Snow in Paris in January?

I am sorry to break it to you that it rarely snows in Paris during January, usually in late January or February.

Top 4 events that you must attend while in Paris in January 2024

Make most of the winter sales 2024

Winter sales in January are a pleasant bonus that visitors enjoy during their visit to Paris in January. Normally, many international as well as small clothing stores offer discounts on their items or two to three weeks in January.

Winter sales in the city of luxury mostly start in second week of January and French government regulates the duration of these winter sales.

That is why; buckle up for the Paris winter sales 2024 that are coming up from January 13 to February 8. You will look “soldes” written on windows of many stores along with the discount percentage. That is usually 30-40% in the start of sale season and goes up to 70% by the end of winter sales season.

Now if you are interested to know about some big names that offer big discounts, then I will suggest you to head towards channel, Armani, H&M and Zara. Also, who doesn’t want Hermes bags?

Witness Paris fashion week January 2024

Paris fashion week turns the streets of the city into Catwalk ramp during January. PFW is the high time for many Fashionistas, celebrities, bloggers, and designers who flock to the fashion capital to get Fashion inspo.

Many big brands such as Hermès, Agnès b., Jil Sander, Pigalle, and Isabel Marant join Paris fashion week to disclose their latest collections.

However, if you are interested to attend Paris fashion week in January 2024, here are the dates to remember.

  • Men’s collection is displayed from January 18 to January 23.
  • Women’s Haute couture shows start on January 24 and end at January 27.  

Paris Fashion week offers invite-only shows but it is ok if you don’t want to spend money to witness this glamourous event. Here is the list of places around the venue locations from where you can have the glimpse of models.

  1. Grand Palais  (8th arrondissement)
  2. Palais de Tokyo and Palais Galliera (16th arrondissement) 
  3. Espace Eiffel  (7th arrondissement)
  4. Palais Royal 

Lastly, it is important to know that almost all hotels in main neighborhoods of Paris get jam-packed with people. Therefore, accommodation prices are skyrocketing.

So, I recommend you to book your so if you’re planning a visit during this period, room as early as possible.

If you need more information, here is the official website of Paris fashion week.

Note: It is expected to see online fashion shows this year due to the rise of Omicron variant of Covid-19.

Enjoy Paris cocktail week

Paris cocktail week is very interesting and continues for nine days in more than fifty bars and famous restaurants of Paris. You will thoroughly enjoy this event no matter if you are alcoholic or non-alcoholic because it has something for everyone.

This event is celebrated in France annually and often known as “shake cocktail. Interesting?

You can check this website for specific information related to Paris cocktail week.

Festival of Lights in Paris (2024)

Festival of Lights is celebrated every year at Jardin des Plantes. Jardin des Plantes is also famous as Botanical Garden that is located in 5th arrondissement.

If you want to attend this event filled with colors and lights, It is going to held on January 30, 2022.

Want to know more?

This event presents a different phase of evolution through a giant statue of animals that illuminates in multicolored lights. This year a statue of the 500 million years old living beings will be recreated.

Annually, 400,000 people attend this enlightening exhibition. It only costs 15 to attend this unique event.  

What should you pack for Paris in January?

This is an important question because January in Paris is the coldest month. Sure, you want to make most of your tour but that is only possible if you wrap up warm. Pack warmest and coziest clothes for your Paris trip in January.

Do not compromise on fashion though. You will need a warm leather coat almost at all times so make sure to carry the most elegant coat with you. I mostly suggest neutral color coats because they blend well with every outfit.

However, I suggest dressing the part. Yes, wear layers to feel warm in cold outside places when roaming in the city. Layers are very helpful because you can remove in overheated places like metro. You will need gloves, woolen hat and a scarf as well.

January is often rainy and frosty that means you will need waterproof boots with a plenty of warm pair of socks.

Other winter packing essential for Paris in January

  • Umbrella is a must during January because weather forecast often calls for scattered showers in the city during January. It is important to carry a waterproof yet cool umbrella because its Paris after all.
  • In general, tourists need to have their passport with them when travelling abroad. Besides, you need to keep money and phone with you while on a tour. So, you can wear a money belt, backpack or a handbag. I do not prefer backpacks because I think they are easily accessible to muggers. I personally like cross body bags to carry my travel essentials.
  • Travel adopter is one of the most important thing if you are coming from the USA or outside of Europe. Of course, you would not want a dead battery cell phone in Paris.
  • The next packing essential that I am going to tell you is my favorite thing to have while travelling. A travel journal, yes. If you want to save your tour details meticulously, then you must pack an easy to carry travel journal with you. This is the best thing that you can do for your future generations or your older self. Trust me; you will cherish these memories forever.
  • I suggest you to keep important medicines with you because weather of Paris in January is cold and you can catch cold, God forbids. It becomes difficult to search medical facility or medicine because of language barrier, especially if you do not know even a little French. 
  • Finally, camera or good mobile phone is a must in the city of romance If you want to capture its beauty into photographs.

What to do in Paris in January?

If this is your first time in the city of lights, then you should definitely visit major landmarks of Paris. Otherwise, here are my recommendations,

French hot chocolate is something that you must try

Cold weather of January is perfect opportunity to sip plenty of hot chocolate. If you are in Paris in January, you should not miss Angelina’s hot chocolate, for sure. You can also have Vin Chaud to cozy up yourself.

Explore Museums

January is quietest time of the year in French Capital. If you are an art lover or interested in French history, January is the perfect time for visiting Paris.

No doubt, Louvre is majestic but you must explore the small and off beaten museums of Paris too. For instance, Musée de la Vie Romantique is beautiful to start your museum tour.

Museums tickets are available on here.

Go Ice-skating

What’s the point of visiting Paris in winter if you do not go Ice-skating? January in Paris provides you the best chance to tick this experience off your bucket list, even if you are not an Ice-skating pro. Why?

Because Ice-skating rings are emptier in January. So, you would not feel embarrassed while trying to give it a go. Anyways, I personally like Champs Elysees avenue for Ice-skating.

Experience fabulous Christmas markets

If you want to avoid the crowds in December and still witness the famous Christmas markets of Paris, there is a good news for you. Christmas markets continue till mid-January. You can enjoy the festive vibes of Christmas in January.

If you are confused about which Christmas market you should attend, this article is for you.

Where to stay in Paris in January?

Cold weather often calls for a warm and comfy room. Many people like to observe the hustle bustle of the city of lights from their hotel room balconies. Therefore, they try to rent a room in hotels that are located on famous boulevards.

However, accommodation completely depends on your budget. If you want to have a luxurious room while your stay in the city of luxury, there is plethora of luxury hotels to stay in Paris. You can enjoy room service, wifi and breakfast at these high-end hotels.

I recommend Air bnb apartment if you are visiting with Family. Although it is non-conventional option but trust me, you will have wonderful time and comfort, of course. If you are on budget travel, don’t worry I have curated a list of cheap hotels to stay in Paris that you can check here.

Apart from that, You can check solosophie because they have mentioned some interesting accommodation options for every budget.

Hope you enjoyed reading all the reasons to visit Paris in January. Do you have any winter travel tip that can be handy in cold weather?

I would love to hear. Thanks for reading.

Lots of love and all the best for your next Paris trip in January!

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