Paris in Winters is a love affair waiting to happen!

Paris in winters is always a yes for me, come rain or shine. There is no doubt that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It looks spectacular in every season.

But, if you ask me, travel Paris in winter or summer? Paris really takes me on cloud nine in winters as it brings coffee, warmth and connection.

“I love the scents of winter! For me, it’s all about the feeling you get when you smell pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, gingerbread, and spruce.

-Taylor Swift

Everything is so romantic about winters: be it the smell of coffee, frosty glass windows or music. Besides, you can have oversized sweaters and hoodies on. Anyways, it doesn’t matter at what time you visit Paris, it gives you the most memorable experience of your lives. 

Having said that, while you can visit Paris at any time of the year, winters have their own charm in Paris. Visiting Paris in winters is a magical experience and you should definitely live once in your life.

Paris in winter

Paris is the perfect destination in winter to spend festive holidays in December or a romantic Valentine’s day in February. Especially during Christmas, the entire city is decorated with various types of lights while the indoors provide a warm and cozy adventure.

Moreover, Christmas markets in Paris are worth visiting, which continue to amaze tourists from mid-December to early January.

However, winters in Paris is a bit chilly. So, make sure you wrap up warm. I am sure you wouldn’t want to be under the weather during your Paris trip.

If you are visiting Paris in winters, then this article is perfect for you. This article covers everything that you might want to know about Paris in winters.

Here are some tips for you to plan your Paris trip in winter mindfully.

What to wear in Paris in winter?

First, don’t worry at all about the grey skies and cold weather of Paris during winter because it is still photo-worthy.

Although I preach dress to impress, but Paris doesn’t allow to practice it sometimes. Therefore, you must dress according to the weather of Paris during winter. As much as you want to keep up your fashion on point, I forewarn you to dress the part. Yes, wear a lot of layers.

I suggest you to wear neutral and solid colors during your winter trip to Paris.  In my opinion, neutral color outfits are easy to pull off anywhere whether it’s chilly streets or cozy cafes of Paris. Select a nice coat to wear in Paris because it is likely to appear in most of your photos. No doubt, bright colored coats look great but black and white color definitely gives Parisian style to anyone.

You will also need warm mufflers, gloves and a woolen cap to chop with Paris’ winter weather.

Secondly, Paris trip in winter means a lot of walking. And that too in cold weather. That is why, pack your most comfortable shoes to keep your feet cozy and comfortable during you tour.

I personally like black knee length boots because they blend well with any colored outfits. Also, you can wear warm socks with leggings or stockings to keep yourself warm, especially during evening when it gets really cold outside.

Now the next question comes,

Does it rain in Paris in winter?

Paris forecast calls for scattered showers sometimes. Sure, Paris does not look any less than a romantic lover in Rainy weather but it’s not wise to get wet in rain during winter. So, make sure to carry an impenetrable umbrella with you every time you step out.

Don’t hesitate to capture the dreamy weather of Paris during winter while holding an Umbrella.

Weather of Paris in winter

Paris weather during winter is generally cold, snowy and frosty. Winter in Paris is chilly, cloudy and cold but you will not experience extreme temperatures with right dressing.

What is the average winter temperature in Paris?

Temperature is usually around 5-6 degree Celsius. Although the city of lights sparkles exquisitely in winter sunlight, the sun rarely shines above the cloud during winter in Paris.

Anyhow, expect short days and an average daylight of 8 hours in during winter in France.

How often it snows in Paris?

If you are visiting Paris in December, then you will probably not experience snow. You can enjoy snow in Paris in late January or February.

But if you are lucky to catch snow during your Paris visit, do not forget to take fairylike photos.

Packing essentials/ Packing tips for Paris in Winter

Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance is surely indispensable for travelling abroad. We suggest you to must have travel insurance during your Paris tour, especially in winter. You can catch a flu or cold, God forbids, and medical facilities can really bother your budget during vacation.

Travel Adaptor

Travel adaptor is a must-have travel essential if you are travelling from the United States or anywhere from outside of Europe. Obviously, you cannot afford a low battery cell phone just after arrival.

Therefore, make sure to pack an adaptor for France so that you can charge your electronic devices without any hassle.

Lotion Or Moisturizer

Winter in Paris can really be dry sometimes. If you do not want to have rough or Patchy skin, add a good Moisturizing lotion to your packing list. Similarly, pack a lip balm to avoid chapped lips in Paris during winter.

Portable USB Charger

A dead cell phone is the last thing you would want while exploring the city of luxury. Of course, mobile is necessary at all times to capture the beauty of Paris.


Hand sanitizer and facemask have become new normal nowadays. Don’t forget to pack plenty of facemasks because you would want to change mask every other hour in winter because of humidity.

Travel Journal

If you want to secure every little detail of your Paris trip, a small travel journal is what you need. And let me tell you these written memories will never fade away.

Money Belt

Money belt is another travel essential that you should pack for your trip. You can easily carry a travel belt without worrying about the safety of your money or passport.

Where to stay in Paris during winter?

I know how much you want to stay close to remarkable landmarks of Paris, and have a nice room with balcony presenting magnificent Eiffel tower view. No doubt, you will find plenty of luxury hotels to stay in Paris but that can be too pricy sometimes.

On the contrary, you also would not want to walk much in cold winter weather of Paris. Hence, the areas from where you can access metro easily are the best ones to stay in Paris. That is why, here is my well-researched list of cheap hotels to stay in Paris.

There are many reasons to visit Paris in winter and we are here to shed light on the best ones.

Special Winter markets around Notre Dame

Around Notre Dame, many special markets are open to the public during winter. These markets serve hot wine that coupled with outdoor ice-skating provide a unique experience. While summer is the busiest time to visit Paris, Paris in winter is less crowded and yet beautiful.

During summer because of having a large influx of tourists from all over the world, many Parisians often leave the country to avoid the crowd. This is why winters provide a great opportunity to meet the people of Paris, and take a deep dive into Parisian culture. Moreover, you can find accommodation more easily in winter.

Christmas makes winter even more special all over the Europe. Everyone gets into festive spirit as soon as Christmas décor, Christmas lights and Christmas markets appear. Christmas markets in Paris are magical especially the ones near the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur.  

Every December, a Christmas market near Notre Dame that has white tents and a number of stalls, hosts a large number of tourists. What makes this market unique is that it has a wide range of some of the best French artisans who get to display their artwork to the public.

You can find various types of leather, jewelry, and ceramics in this market. You can buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Also, mulled wines are specialty of these Christmas markets. If you are not sure which Christmas market you should visit, then read this article.

You should not miss the beautiful Christmas décor and Christmas window displays in Parisian departmental stores. For instance, you can enjoy the Christmas décor at Galeries Lafayette. Moreover, Christmas lights and Christmas décor on Champs Elysees is a treat to watch.

Last but not the least, Christmas tree at famous Paris squares completes the festive celebrations.

Red wine served in a special manner

While all over the world you can easily get red wine, what makes it unique in Paris is that instead of being served at room temperature, it is served at home temperature. Most of the bars in winter add a special drink to their menu called vin chaud (hot wine). Here is the list of best bars in Paris where you can have best wine.

This is similar to mulled wines as it is heated and has various types of spices such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, etc. Moreover, some hot wines also come in orange and raisins flavors.

Moreover, Ice-skating is a must in winter in Paris. If you are planning your honeymoon trip in Paris during winter, then you must experience Ice-skating with your partner. Isn’t it sound romantic?

Angelina offers the best hot chocolate

While you can get good hot chocolate from anywhere, if you want the world’s best hot chocolate, then without any doubt, you should definitely go to Angeline. This place is extremely famous for offering the most famous hot chocolate that makes Paris in winter even more special.

Their hot chocolate is thick and creamy and the liquid is steaming hot. This is why this place always has a long queue of customers who can’t wait to have the hot chocolate. A steaming cup of coffee is what you need to beat the cold weather in Paris during winter.

Spectacular museums of Paris

Winter is the perfect time to visit museums of Paris because museums are not congested. You don’t have to wait in long queues during winter to buy a museum’s ticket.

However, schedule of museums changes due to corona virus, that is why, always check their timings before leaving your cozy place. Otherwise, you will despise cold.

You can spend as much time as you want to witness the artwork of maestros. Besides, there is a little sunshine outside in Paris during winter so it is better to spend time indoors. It takes days to explore the mighty Louvre and Mosee de O’rsay.

Moreover, there are many other great museums in Paris are also worth-visiting such as Le Grand Palais, Le Petit Palais and the Musee Rodin.

Winter sales that you need to make the most

Nothing gives more happiness than a good sale that allows you to get good items at a low price. Sales in Paris take place twice a year as mandated by the government. The winter sale takes place from the 8th of January to the 11th of February.

What makes this sale more exciting is the fact that not just old products are offered at a lower price, but even the new ones can be bought at lower prices. This means you can even get luxurious designers clothes at reduced prices!

Thus, you can definitely make the most of winter sales especially when there are not even many tourists at that time of the year in the city. 

Churches of Paris come to life during winter

The strikingly beautiful churches fill with people during winter because of Christmas. Visiting any church in the daylight during winter in Paris is cherry on the top.

Sainte-Chapelle is a must-see church in Paris. You can rest and reflect in peaceful atmosphere of church while appreciating it’s magnificent architecture. Further, during Christmas, all the churches present beautiful nativity scene and host Christmas concerts.

Christmas Eve services are also a unique experience to have in Paris.

Dance cheek to cheek

Winter is the best season to enjoy intimate moments with your partner. It is the high time to attend a ballet or opera class. You can wear your fancy yet cozy dress and dance the night away.

Apart from that, cabarets of Paris are famous for their exquisite choice of topics. You should attend the famous Moulin Rouge in Montmartre at least once.          

In addition, winter is also perfect to watch a movie in Paris because cinemas are not jam-packed. You can easily get movie tickets and experience Parisian cinema.  

Holiday celebrations in Paris during winter

Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, the Chinese New Year, and Carnival de Paris are official holidays in Paris. And guess what? All of these special events happen in winter.

You can plan your Paris winter trip around one of these holidays to double the fun. New Year Eve celebrations are over the top in Paris with the lights, decorations and fireworks.

By the way, if you have decided to visit Paris on New Year Eve, then you must read this article. In this article, I have answered New Year Eve in Paris related questions in detail. I bet you would not need any other website to consult.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris sparkling in Christmas lights is the perfect spot to visit in winter. Also, it is the best replace of amusement parks and gardens during winter in Paris. You would not mind to spend a day at Disneyland Paris when accompanied by kids.

It is the great way to save your children from cold winter weather while they have all the fun and rides.

Explore cobblestone streets of Paris in winter

Paris streets are calm and empty mostly during winter. You can enjoy a peaceful yet romantic walk with your partner. Stop by a coffee shop and inhale the smell of coffee. The beauty of French Capital needs hour to appreciate.

Moreover, when it’s too cold to go outside, you can explore the dreamy covered passages in Paris. That is a great option for rainy days as well.

A romantic dinner at Seine River Cruise

Seine river cruise is the best way to absorb the beauty of Paris during winter. No doubt, you can stroll across Seine river in daylight but a dinner cruise enhances the beauty of Seine at night.

Enjoy a Parisian Spa

Parisian spas are luxurious, elegant and coziest in winter. I suggest you to experience luxurious spa day. You can find new friends as well as ideas. Here is the list of luxurious spas in Paris.

Fashion is another name of Paris

Visiting fashion capital of the world during winter will make your Paris trip extraordinary with the generous winter sales. From international brands like Gucci, Dior and Fendi to vintage stores, Paris offers unlimited shopping spots.

Furthermore, there are less tourists in winter. So what’s better than a shopping spree, that too in Paris.

Experience some of the finest winter cuisines

During winters, not only do French bars alter their menu but so do many restaurants. While you can enjoy cassoulet at any time of the year, it tastes the best during winters. Every winter on a cold day you can get thick stew coupled with beans, sausages, and pork that provides the most comforting warm experience.

This seasonal cuisine gives a memorable experience that you can’t get in Paris in any other weather. 

Enjoying the Christmas lights

During Christmas, the entire is filled with various types of decorations and lights. When it comes to twinkle lights. Champ Elysees take the lead during Christmas and is hands down the best place to be during Christmas. It has the most eye-catching decoration that makes the place more special. Les Halles and Notre Dame offer the most magical Christmas markets.

One can get the most beautiful gifts for loved ones from these markets. Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré serves as a staple of luxury during Christmas. They have chandelier lights that are made of crystals. Place Vendome provides the most elegant Christmas decorations that are classy and glamorous. Many people just visit this place to take a stroll and have the most magical experience of their lives.

During Christmas, this place is decorated in the most magical manner and is picture-perfect. If you have a family that you want to spend time with during Christmas, then you can go to Bercy Village. . It is an off-the-beaten spot that is beautifully decorated during Christmas.

Thus, you can spend time with your family without having to deal with a large crowd. Moreover, they have outdoor shopping places and cozy restaurants that create a perfect atmosphere for Christmas. 

Paris in winter is a great idea

One can visit Paris at any time of the year, but Paris in winter provides an experience that one should go through once in life. There are many special markets in Paris that are open to the public in winter that serve hot wine.

This hot wine comes in various types of spices such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, etc. Moreover, some hot wines also come in orange and raisins flavors. You can also get the world’s best hot chocolate in Paris. Moreover, the winter sale provides a great opportunity to buy expensive items at a reduced price.

To sum up, Paris in winter would not disappoint you.

Have a great trip!

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