10 Best Cabarets in Paris you must attend!

Ever heard of Moulin Rouge? Yes, cabarets across the globe are in all kinds of shapes and sizes. However, it is hard for all of the world’s cabarets to match the glamor and class of the cabarets in Paris!

After analyzing customer feedback and the overall service quality; we were able to list the 10 best ones Paris has.

cabarets in paris

Le Crazy horse

Le Crazy horse was established in 1951 by Alan Bernardin. No wonder it is in the list. Since 1951, Le Crazy horse has been a vintage ‘must-go-to’ cabarets in Paris winning visitors’ hearts with the scrumptious cuisine, magic shows, dance shows and exceptional customer service. The dancers’ costumes are made by at least 10 top class designers.

Their popularity comes from the variety of entertainment value they provide. It is estimated that the restaurant provides 150k visitors annually! Moreover, people enjoy around 73k bottles of champagne here per year. The variety of shows include The Crazy Horse show, Crazy Birthday birthday show (VIP), Crazy Premium and Crazy Champagne.

A praiseworthy characteristic about Le Crazy Horse is that it is ‘wheelchair accessible’ i.e it has kept the differently-abled community in mind.

Le Lido

Sodexo founded Le Lido burlesque show/cabaret in 1946. It has been here since quite a long while too. Le Lido originally opened in Champs-Élysées (78 Avenue), it was shifted to the 116 avenue of the same area in 1977. The Cabaret has maintained its class since it has opened. It has had prestigious singers like Marlene Dietrich perform here attracting a huge number of visitors.

Le Lido’s current show is called ‘Paris Wonders’ featuring Bluebell girls with gorgeous costumes and brilliant dancing skills. The Lido Show dinner menu offers include Plume menu, the Etiole menu, Triomphe Menu and Champs-Elysées Menu. There are a variety of Lido show categories to choose from.

Moulin Rouge

Founded in 1889, the Moulin Rouge has succeeded eminently in gaining global recognition. Not only is the architecture of the popular Cabaret unique, it has a distinctive performance style as well. Moulin Rouge is well-known for its ‘Ferrie’ show which is the result of teamwork of 80 international artists.

The Dorris girls wears 1k+ costumes etched with rhinestones, eye-catching feathers and sequins. These costumes are brought from Italy. Moreover, their sound tracks are original too! 60 vocalists along with 70-80 musicians record and perform these tracks.

Paradis Latin

You can find Paradin Latin in the Left Bank area of Paris. It was built in 1889 by Gustav Eiffel. Paradin Latin features Paradin Cabaret and Champagne show suitable for families, Paradin Cabaret Dinner and show also suitable for families, and other dazzling and sensual ones of 15 amazing set follows. Thousands of people go there for corporate events and entertainment. Tourist packages often add Paradin Ladin in the tourist plan.

Aux Trois Mailletz

Aux Trois Mailletz i.e The Three Mallets is still super popular after 50+ years of glamorous shows that have enchanted visitors with soothing jazz and a vast variety of other cultural/non cultural music and dance shows. Jacques Boni, who is currently 80+ years old, still personally manages the operations there with the same zeal that he has always had for it. The performances there at times are solo ones by renowned singers/dancers and at other times, they are group ones; both equally entertaining.

Au Lapin Agile

Situated in the Montmartre district in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, Au Lapin Agile has hosted thousands of satisfied global and local visitors to date. It has hosted sing-a-longs and classy dance performances since around 150 years! Artist Andre Gill’s painting on their sign in which a rabbit is jumping out of a saucepan which became known as ‘Le Lapin a Gill’.

This is what inspired the current name of the famous cabaret. Aristide Burant, a popular comedian and cabaret performer at that time, saved the building from being demolished in 1992 and sold it to Paulo, who later on, made the cabaret flourish especially when he married a singer Yvonne Darte.

In short, the rich history in which poets, singers, comedians, etc. of the 1800-1900s used to hang out here, added to the exceptional management and service has made Au Lapin Agile one of the top names.

La Nouvelle Eve

La Nouvelle Eve resides at the foothills of Montmartre in the 9th arrondissement and is also of one the oldest and most renowned cabarets in Paris. It has a multi-coloured stage and unique interior design. Not only is it famous for its delicious food, but they follow the latest artistic/music trends to keep the visitors glued to them.

Le Zèbre de Belleville

Le Zebre de Belleville used to be a local cinema which had later been transformed to a performing arts theatre for large audiences. It is one of the smallest cabarets in Europe. However, has won hearts with its magic shows, dance shows, singers, juggling performances, trapeze/tight rope acts and much more. If you are fond of entertainment and talent more than good food, then Le Zebre de Belleville should be your pick.

Cabaret César Palace Paris

Without a doubt, this is one of the largest cabarets in Paris. If you like humor along with classy and sensual dance shows, then Cesar Palace Paris should be top in your list. Near Montparnasse Tower, the popular cabarets offers a seductive experience with its French CanCan dancers, lighting effects and scrumptious dinner. Families, groups of friends and solo visitors can enjoy their stay here.

Le Divan du Monde et Madame Arthur

Built at 75 rue des Martyrs, Le Divan operates as a concert hall for artistic performances, including dance shows, comedy shows, and singing. The hall often hosts fancy events enthralling its audiences. Pop, rock, jazz and event electro music events take place here.

Well that’s that. This was our top ten list. However, Paris is indeed not a small place. Do try out as many restaurants, theatres, shopping hubs and tourist spots there as you can. Don’t just visit the Eiffel tower and call it a day. Enjoy!

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