What to visit and See With Kids In Paris?

Paris with its lavish parks spread around the city, wide-pavement boulevards and the magnificent river Seine, is an ideal destination to explore with kids. In this blogpost, there is a list of places that you can enjoy with Kids in Paris.

The city is also oozing culture in its art galleries and history museums which you would definitely want your children to experience. It also provides numerous opportunities to scrum chocolates and crepes at every turn, even for the breakfast in Paris. Here, we have rounded up a list of exciting things to do and see with kids in Paris:

kids in Disneyland

The Eiffel Tower tour with kids in Paris

Eiffel tower cannot be missed, especially when going with kids in Paris. You can either take the elevator or climb up the stairs. Queues for elevator tend to be very long so going for the stairs will be a better option considering it gives you more time to adore the tower and its magnificence.

More than 600 steps to the second level will give you plenty of time to bond with the family and would be easier to put les enfants to bed that night.

You can also admire the scenic beauty of the tower by having a picnic in front of it.  Rue Cler market is just a few blocks from the Eiffel tower. You can buy food from there and have an amazing picnic with the most mesmerizing view.

Louvre Museum: magical place to visit with kids in paris

Louvre Museum is gigantic and it would take weeks to see everything. Pre-planning for this daytrip is very important, especially with kids in Paris. A preferable approach for that is selecting a few paintings before you visit the museum and learning about their history. So when you are in the museum you can just find them and marvel at their grandeur.

Along with the usual paintings like Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and the Apollo Gallery, The Raft of the Medusa is the one we’d suggest. The story behind it, is of a shipwreck that will leave the children bewitched.

Visitors Trails for tourists are also available online for tourists. They provide routes for specific themes. You can just print them and use them as your guide

Disneyland: Fun place to visit with kids in paris

The list would be incomplete without this one. Disneyland, Paris has two parks; Disneyland Park and the special effects-oriented Walt Disney Studios Park.

Little children would be more attracted to the Fantasyland in the main Disneyland Park, whereas, the older children would want to go to the Star Wars, Marvel and Frozen-focused Walt Disney Studios Park.

It also has all the classic rides for the entire family. Disney Village also offers food and resorts for families to stay for more than a day.

Sacre Coeur: must visit place with kids in Paris

Located on the top of Montmartre hill, Sacre Coeur gives a breathtaking view of Paris from both the 423-foot high dome and the steps in front of the Basilica. It was built in 1871 to celebrate the Paris Commune, which was brought down in Montmartre.

It is surrounded by charming restaurants and shops. The best time to go is in the afternoon to explore. It also has a funicular to take you up, if the steps are too much. Joan of Arc and King Louis IX are notable attractions.

You do not want to forget that there is a continual mass inside the cathedral and silence must be maintained. It has a beautiful garden in front and parks behind it, ideal for a family stroll.

Boat Trips are fun with kids in paris

For an unforgettable overview of the City of Light, a river cruise through the heart of Paris is unbeatable. There is also an option to go for an hour-long ‘Paris Mystery’ tour with children.

Canal cruise with children is another option in the city. There are companies that will take you from Bastille through an underground section, passing by the lock and key bridges of Canal St-Martin to the Parc de la Villette.

Tuileries Gardens: Picnic spot with kids in paris

Placed between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde and along the River Seine’s Right Bank is the beating heart of public places.  You can educate your children about the history of this spectacular park. 

From being an aristocratic playground in the 16th century to becoming a public space in the 17th century and serving a site for many French revolution clashes, this place is worth knowing about.

All the paths in the park seem to converge at the Grand Carre, a charismatic round pool that has various statues and historic artifacts. A preferable time to go there would be in the morning or that afternoon. More than 55 acres of this park are perfect for a stroll and lots of photo spots.

Natural History Museum with kids in paris

In the east of central Paris, this park was born in 1626 as a medicinal garden.  Now serving its purpose as a Museum, it has a Grande Galerie which has a wide range of animals and depicts the diversity and evolution of life.

Galeries de paleontology et d’Antatomie has a fascinating collection of skeletons for children who are into paleontology.

This park also has the oldest public zoo in the world – Menagerie. It opened in 1793 after the revolution to safe-keep the animals from the King’s private zoo at Versailles. IT is a small and intimate zoo, loved by small children.

Don’t forget to grab and bite or relax in the café on the cobbled street nearby.

best Food Tours with kids in paris

It is for children of age 10 and older only but is highly recommended if your family is into trying new things. These tours arranged by various people and companies are a great introduction to Paris food and culture.

The main food stops are cheese, chocolate and pastries. After walking around the city, collecting snacks, visiting small specialty stores, the tour ends at a wine shop (juice for the kids). A friendly picnic is also arranged where various stories and explanations of where the food comes from and how it got made, are shared.

These tours are really helpful especially if you take them at the beginning of your trip because they provide you lots of tips and recommendations regarding where to eat, shop and explore.

Paris has so much to offer for kids that it cannot be covered in a single article. The city’s inexpensive and efficient public transport makes the trip even easier.

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