Paris in December: How to plan & what to do?

The crisp and cold weather of Paris in December do not stop tourists to relish the beauty of this Magical city of lights. Paris becomes cultural getaway for Europeans in winter breaks, especially in December with the Christmas celebrations.

The intriguing smell of coffee, twinkling lights and cafes filled with people provide warm winter vibes. Winter in Paris is generally a season of cozy fur coats, coffee and music. The buzz buzz of beautiful streets of Paris continues till late night.

December also marks end of business year so many business meetings also take place in street cafes.

Paris in December

Moreover, Christmas celebrations reach to their peak and Parisians start gathering in shopping malls and Christmas markets. Many tourists come to Paris in December just to celebrate glittery New Year night and start their year with a bang.

Dress according to the weather of Paris in December

Paris is typically cold in December. The upper temperature limit is 10C and the lower temperature is 5C with 20% chances of rain. That is why; Parisians are often seen carrying a foldable umbrella and raincoats. If you are planning to visit Paris in December, then it is a good idea to pack a good pair of warm socks, cozy coat and joggers.

However, females often chose to wear sleek leather coats with a pair of stockings and ankle length boots or fancy pumps. Males prefer to wear high necks, mufflers and put gloves on. However, it is better to look forecast beforehand and dress accordingly.

Christmas decorations in Paris in December

Paris becomes more gorgeous in December because of Christmas. Although Paris is a secular country but regardless of their religion, Parisians love to decorate their homes. Christmas celebrations start with the prominent Christmas markets setting up in all corners of Paris. You will see beautiful decorations in the streets and cafes.

On 24 December, all churches host a Christmas Mass service for all people. People take part in the vigils and attend concerts. All the famous landmarks of Paris are decorated like a bride. On Christmas day, Parisians prefer to spend their day with their families. You will find beautiful Christmas trees sparkling in every corner in Paris.

New Year Eve in December

On 31 December, Tourists gather on the elegant squares of Paris when it gets dark. All the cabaret shows get jam packed because Parisians enjoy nightlife. If you are visiting Paris, we may warn you that Moulin Rouge Cabaret show is something not to miss. Tourists sip their mulled wine and enjoy fireworks while sitting on the steps of Montmartre.

In contrast, many people prefer to dance on Ice in the Ice-skating rink. Moreover, you can reserve a table in any fine dining restaurant on the second floor of Eiffel tower or the fabulous Champs Elysees. Many visitors love to ring in New Year while boarding on a seine river cruise.

Paris landmarks in December

If you are visiting Paris for the first time, you must be planning to tick the main landmarks of Paris off your bucket list. Although the top attractions such as Eiffel tower, Louvre and Versailles Palace illuminate more in December because of the Christmas festivities, but the Paris gets crowded.

That is why; we suggest you should book tickets beforehand. Apart from that, we check out our dedicated articles to learn about the most beautiful landmarks in Paris and the most interesting neighborhoods in Paris.

Food tours of Paris in December

Food tours must take a place in your bucket list because Paris is a gourmet city. You will find fancy restaurants in every neighborhood of Paris. You can also find some cheap restaurants to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank.

In December, the chocolate and pastry fee walking tours are a good idea to hop on. You will learn about French sweets while beholding the exquisitely festooned shops. If you are foodie, Saint Germain-des-Prés is a good option to serve your sweet tooth. Let us give you a free advice; you can gift the chocolates to your friends and family.

Other than the sweets, Paris has finest and yummiest cheese for everyone. You can look into our dedicated article on where to find the yummiest cheese in Paris. Parisians love to spend their afternoons at the scenic snack bars drinking hot chocolate or the mulled wine with their friends.

Spend a day at Disneyland Paris in December

Disneyland presents such a festive vibe in December that you should must witness. Especially, if you are with kids, Disneyland is the perfect spot for you to get into the Christmas spirit. Beautiful sparkling lights ornamented on the huge Christmas trees and the gift shops with the gifts wrapped beautifully in shimmery wraps is a sight not to miss.

Children can enjoy the rides while you can shop Christmas gifts for your family. You can attend multiple festive activates such as Christmas parade and observe the gorgeous Christmas window displays. 

Exibitions in Paris in December

Art galleries and museums are a great spot to visit in Paris in December. There are many exhibitions in the major museums or top art galleries, which you cannot witness other than December. These art exhibitions are a great cultural exposure to the art lovers.

We suggest you must visit the beautiful museums of Paris when you have a couple of free hours. It is so surreal to witness the art of renowned art maestros in December because the whole museums are illuminating in Christmas lights. Dalí – The Endless Enigma is must watch digital exhibition. It transports a person into the metaphysical landscapes of the world of Salvador Dalí.

Atelier des Lumières hosts this exhibition that ends on January 2. You can appreciate the paintings by Marlene Dumas and enjoy French Entertainment from 1833 to 1907, both at Musée d’Orsay.

We suggest you to attend Picasso – Rodin exhibition that is presented in two major museums in Paris named as Musée Picasso & Musée Rodin. And the good news is, both museums are located in the 7th arrondissement. This exhibition ends on January 2nd.

You can find other exhibition on following website.

We hope you liked reading this article. Let us know what is your favorite winter break getaway especially in December.

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