10 Best Cheap hotels to Stay in Paris

While staying in Paris, where the tourists are often exhilarated about their trip to the City of Romance, accommodation can be a tough nut to crack. Finding marvelous buildings of various structural designs is easy in Paris but finding cheap hotels is not!

Finding cheap hotels to stay with reasonable prices is a herculean task for the first timers. To lessen the hassle, we present to you a small guide. You can follow this guide places to ease up before you make a plan for the Eiffel Tower.

Cheap hotels to stay in Paris

Hotel Marignan-best cheap hotels in Paris

Presiding upon the heart of Paris, Quartier Latin, this hotel fits the description of an ideal accommodation. It is a stone’s throw away from Notre Dame, the Pantheon, Luxembourg Gardens, and many more beautiful sights in Paris, and serves as a center point for your trip route in Paris alone. It has been open for international guests since 1955.

A comfortable place to stay with free Wi-Fi, continental breakfasts, laundry, kitchen, and a library. This place tops all of the Cheap hotels to stay in Paris because of its reasonable pricing.

Hôtel Saint Paul Rive Gauche- Best cheap hotels in Paris

This hotel is situated upon the next corner from the Luxembourg Gardens, on the 6th arrondissement. It once had a well that was a means of water for the neighborhood. Now this hotel provides an affordable accommodation to stay at the southern side of the Seine.

It has a beautiful garden. Its lovely atmosphere makes the prices seem like a jackpot for people willing to stay here. The grand exterior continues to the interior with all its majestic manner. The rooms are well furnished and lavish in their beauty.

Hotel des Grands Hommes- Cheap hotels in paris

Winning the Traveler’s Choice Award for 2021, this hotel is remarkable in its service and exquisite in its accommodation. It is one of the most affordable hotels on the list with its pricing lower than all others. A mere 2-minute walk from the Pantheon, this place also resides in Quartier Latin. It gives access to many monuments and places that are hotspots for tourists such as the Curie Museum and Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève.

The furnishing is fabulous. The linen and decorations are of the finest quality making your stay in this hotel worthwhile.

Hotel Residence Foch

A fine four-star hotel, Hotel Residence Foch provides a unique amalgam of luxury and comfy to the tourists from worldwide. It stands upon the 16th district, towering upon the residences of the neighborhood in its splendor. The interior is of the remarkable 18th century designs that mesmerize the beholder. Each floor gives a change of scenery that dissolves the thoughts into nothingness with its stunning features.

Palais des Congrès de Paris and the massive Bois de Boulogne public park can be found on a walking distance from the hotel. It is hard to break out of the trance of this place because it is one of the best cheap hotels to stay in Paris.

Hotel Augustin – Astotel

This three star hotel may seem to be less favorable for the customers. But its pricing and servicing leave no stone unturned in making the resident feel at home. With the services like free Wifi, Flat screen TV, Air conditioning, Luggage room, Minibar and an open Bar, it does not seem a bad choice. The breakfast buffet and the assortment of desserts make sure that their service is above their ranking.

The reviews of its customers encourage the first timers to not waste a moment to book a room at the lowest price possible.

Hôtel des Arts Montmartre

Midst the Montmartre neighborhood where legendary painters like Monet and Modigliani lived and worked, this hotel is a remnant of the painters since 1901. They came here from all over the world to capture the essence of its blocks and streets. The hotel now shows the works of contemporary artists in glamour and glory across the neighborhood.

This hotel pays a classic tribute to the artistic heritage of the Parisian village. Design, fabric, furnishing, and much more taken from big brands, the interior boasts of its services like none else. Its packages and discounts make it a perfect spot for many returning customers, and many new ones too.

Hôtel Océanic

A hotel that has rooms larger than average, it is an ideal spot for large groups of people staying in Paris. Though it is well far away from tourist districts, it still manages to transport the residents to other places in Paris through the commute hub and the metro.

It’s interior and exterior is so charming. The prices offered for the stay are truly frugal for many tourists looking for a place.

Hotel Saint-Louis Pigalle

This hotel’s astounding services make you feel like staying here forever. Apart from the general atmosphere of the city of course, this is best hotel for you. The hotel offers a discount on a bundle package of three days. It also offers a free shuttle service for five day bundle packages that make the money spent seem reasonable.

Ibis Budget Paris La Villette

This hotel has a unique location that may seem far away from normal tourist spots. But it has easy access to the metro and commute. Standing high on the corner of its block, this hotel not only provides you with best service possible, but the rooms are also accommodating for up to three people.

Hotel & Spa Saint-Jacques

Situated in the center of the city with tourist spots like Cluny Museum right next to it, this hotel offers an additional luxury of the spa to its customers that relaxes your fatigue from jet lag or touring the city.

 With these options, one can pre-plan all of the arrangements and expenditure on accommodation beforehand. It is to make sure that people who visit Paris do not miss accessibility to the tourist spots that are the main attraction for people all around the world. Whether it is Louvre you want to visit or the Eiffel Tower you want to see, these cheap hotels to stay in Paris can save your time and money while you enjoy your trip.

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