Moulin Rouge Paris: Everything you need to know

There are some tourist attractions within Paris, which would be a bummer for one not to visit on their trip. Moulin Rouge, known as one of Paris’ ultimate tourist attractions is a cabaret located in Montmartre, France.

Moulin Rouge is a hub of entertainment in Paris that has transformed its attractiveness over the course of one hundred and twenty years.

Originally founded in 1889 by Joseph Oller, the Moulin Rouge was built to cater to the diverse population in Paris’ entertainment needs through extravagant champagne parties, dance performances, and over-the-top architecture.

Yes, the Moulin Rouge does in fact have an elephant in its garden! While the cabaret also burned down during 1915, Moulin Rouge was eventually rebuilt. Then, it became home to theatre and theatrical dance performances which are still performed today.

Moreover, the cabaret is home to some of the most famous dances in Paris such as the can-can dance and recognizable dancers like Charles Trenet and Charles Aznavour.

However, fret not! the cabaret has still not lost its appeal as performances still happen today. So, you will have a night full of entertainment, fun, and dance.

moulin rouge paris

What to expect at Moulin Rouge?

In this article, you’re going to get the full picture and everything to expect when you visit – so you get the best experience possible.

This article will share everything from keeping your expectations intact to explaining more specific details of prices, dress code, Moulin Rouge activities etc. so you get the best of Parisian culture!

Cost of Shows al Moulin Rouge:

The cost of shows at Moulin Rouge varies on what type of night you are expecting to have. The price for attending one performance starts around eighty-seven euros while the cost of a show and dinner afterward can range up to more than one hundred and eighty-five euros.

If you are feeling luxurious, VIP seats which include drinks, food, complimentary desserts, and a private seating area can also go up to four hundred euros, so it is important to book your tickets in advance!

Additionally, other factors like where you purchase your ticket from, tourist season, and your preferred timing of the show will also impact how much money you will have to spend.

Dress Code:

Since this cabaret is home to sophistication and splendor, there is a dress code that does not permit more casual clothing like jeans, shorts, open-toed shoes like flip-flops/sandals, leisure, and athletic wear.

However, the cabaret is not entirely a strict affair as you have the choice to wear anything that classifies as smart-wear, so get your closet ready!


There are also different tours for visitors which allow for completely unique and exciting experiences! For instance, when booking your ticket one can even opt for a sightseeing cruise over the Seine River which also includes a trip to the cabaret.

Additionally, there is also the Eiffel Tower, Seine River and Moulin Rouge tour!

Dancers age:

As the home of the can-can dance, the Moulin Rouge hosts many dancers. These dancers are incredibly skilled and talented. Moreover, they make their way to cabaret out of groups of six hundred dancers who apply every year.

While the dancers do vary in ages, the average age of most of the dancers is twenty-three years old. Apart from that, dancers need to be in good physique and height.

Top 4 Interesting things to do near Moulin Rouge

If it is your first time visiting Moulin Rouge or if you are planning on having a day trip, you might want to look outside the cabaret. Because, there are many attractions and Moulin Rouge activities nearby. So, they can also serve as great places of entertainment and experiences of Parisian culture.

  • Go on a Dinner & Sightseeing Bateaux Parisians Sein River Cruise and Tour

There are many tours located near the gorgeous Sein River in Paris that provide you a night at the Moulin Rouge while also giving you a tour around the city. On this cruise, you can visit famous landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral. Hence, you will get amazing pictures and not to mention, champagne!

  • Get a portrait at Place du Tertre

If you are looking for a calmer Moulin Rouge activity, the Place du Tertre is one of the most iconic spots in Montmartre. Many great artists sit there and gladly give you a portrait of yourself or your family. You can keep it forever at a reasonable price!

  • Go to the Montmarte Cemetry

The cemetery might not seem like the best Moulin Rouge activity. But, it is home to some of the most famous Parisians such as writer Emile Zora and singer Dalida. It is a great place to get away from ‘typical’ tourist attractions and sightseeing. In addition, it makes you really ground yourself in the city and amongst the people.

  • Seeing Other Shows

If the Moulin Rouge does not fill your cabaret wishes, there are also many other cabarets in Paris. Besides, they function at very inexpensive prices. An example is Lapin Agile which is where more locals go for fun and dance at a way lesser price.

10 Interesting Facts About Moulin Rouge?

The Moulin Rouge has a lot of history which makes it an interesting attraction for not only tourists but locals. It stands at the forefront of Parisian culture. Here are some facts that will surely rethink your own expectations of the Cabaret. Moreover, it will have you wanting to book your ticket now!

It was the first building in Paris to ever have electricity

First built in the 1800s, it was the hub of entertainment for a reason! It lit up the town and served as a place for Parisians to experience a new type of modernity.

The Cancan dance from the Moulin Rouge has a World Record

Yes! The Cancan dance which originated from the Moulin Rouge officially holds a spot in the Guinness World Record Book. The dancers of the Moulin Rouge did 29 kicks in 30 seconds!

The Cabaret appears in multiple films/movies

You may recognize the cabaret from the music video “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers as well as from films like Midnight in Paris and Inglorious Bastards as the cabaret holds international stardom!

The Moulin Rouge serves more than 240,000 bottles of champagne every year

Champagne is a central part of the Moulin Rouge activity. The cabaret is currently is the largest consumer as champagne is usually complimentary with tickets/dinner.

There are 80 full-time dancers

The iconic show Feerie features 80 different dancers called Doriss’s. There are 60 female Doriss and 20 male dancers in the show despite popular belief!

The Moulin Rouge was burned in 1915

Due to a fire, the Moulin Rouge went on a six-year hiatus in 1915. It was reconstructed in 1921 and became home to theatre and expanded its boundaries even more.

Moulin Rouge means “Red Money”

The Cabaret was originally meant to give men a place to fashionably act like they were in the “slums”. Because alas acting “poor” for the rich is fun and a quintessential Moulin Rouge activity.

The Can- Can dance of the Moulin Rouge has a large significance

The kicks of the dance are not only supposed to add to the routine but they were originally curated as a way to reflect women straying off unwarranted attention from men!

The attendance is not as touristy as one may think

More than half of the attendance are people actually living in France, showing the Moulin Rouge’s universal and local attraction.

Moulin Rouges shows are exemplified in art

Despite having incredible architecture, the cabaret and its “circus-like” dances find their way into Henri Di Toulouse’s paintings often!

Is Moulin Rouge Kid Friendly?

If you are visiting with children you might be wary of the cabaret scene. But, it is intended for all audiences of ages six and up. However, there might be some partial nudity and sexualization within the dances which may not be appropriate for all children.

Why is the windmill on Moulin Rouge?

The famous windmill sitting on top of the cabaret is meant to emphasize the “beginnings” of Moulin Rouge. Also, to represent the small nostalgic town according to Joseph Oliver. However, the windmill also signifies a tribute to the Debray brothers. Because they courageously lost their lives in the War of the Sixth Coalition.

Why you should visit Moulin Rouge at least once?

It is an experience like no other that Paris offers. It will not only delve you into the Parisian culture but also entertain you. That too, with some of the most world-class performances.

The Moulin Rouge is certainly a sight to see. So, it should definitely be on anyone’s bucket list whether you live in Paris or not! Now that you know more about the Moulin Rouge, its history, its facts, and Moulin Rouge activities, it will come as no surprise to you that over 500,000 people visit it daily!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your ticket now!

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