Easter in Paris 2023- How to celebrate Easter?

With fantastic Easter Egg hunts, chocolate bunny desserts, parfaits, parades, and Easter décor, spending Easter in Paris is the way. When it comes to Christmas or Halloween or Easter, Parisians are pro in celebrations.

Home to a dominant Christian population, Paris is central to Easter celebrations.

The city has the most beautiful cathedrals and churches that hold events every Easter bringing the local community and tourists together. Easter in Paris is fit for any celebration one is looking for – from brunches, games, and large-scale celebrations – Paris has got you covered!

Thus, look no further as this article will give you the ultimate guide on Easter in Paris, including activities, formalities, events, and much more to have the best Easter celebration possible.

Easter in Paris easter eggs

How to celebrate Easter in Paris?

On every Easter Sunday in Paris, there are organized church/religious services for the masses to attend. Besides explicit religious festivities, Easter Egg hunts and other themed activities take place within Paris. Thus, many activities are great for family outings, especially for children.

Despite it being a holiday, there are also many planned events within Paris, such as chocolate tasting labs and restaurants/cafes that remain open. Thus, there is no ‘traditional’ way of celebrating Easter in Paris as there is much to do depending on one’s interest!

Thereby, one can even list different activities that span the entire Easter Sunday.

Things To Do On Easter in Paris

Have Easter Lunch on the Seine River!

The Seine River is France’s third-largest River as it spans the entire city, and you can enjoy it via a cruise or even a casual boat ride. On a cruise, you can even pass through some of Paris’ most monumental sites, such as Notre Dame Cathedral and Grand Palais.

The River also has many delectable food options, such as the La Marina, where one can enjoy authentic French Cuisine with multiple servings and starters, including dessert, cheese platters, starters, etc., guaranteed to make you drool.

Go French Easter Chocolate tasting!

What better time than Easter to explore French Easter chocolate? Paris is famous for its chocolates that fill the city, especially during the Holiday season in macarons, eclairs, cakes, and creme puffs. One can spend the entire day (and even more!) just exploring the city and various chocolate sites.

However, suppose you are looking for something more organized. In that case, chocolate tours by Debauve & Gallais in which some of Paris’ most experienced chocolate masters, such as Patrick Roger, give an intimate time of chocolates.

Take the typical route – experience religious festivity at a Cathedral.

While many cathedrals within Paris offer mass prayers and services, Notre Dame Cathedral is one of Paris’s most famous Easter activities. The cathedral opens to the crowd at around seven in the morning, giving enough time for the public to gather until the mass service starts at eight forty-five.

There is also a gregorian mass which starts afterward at ten and eleven internationally. The cathedral is known for its beautiful architecture and view, which overlooks the city, a two-for-one deal!

Visit the Louvre with fewer crowds.

Even if you do not celebrate Easter, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the Holidays and get the best deal! During Easter Sunday, many tour guides take you into the World’s most well-known museum filled with the most beautiful artwork, including the iconic Mona Lisa!

So, book your tickets in advance so you can also have the option to skip lines!

Have an Easter Sunday picnic with your family!

While some restaurants in Paris remain closed, parks including the Bois De Boulounge and Bois de Vincennes are open! If you are a fan of less crowded spaces or just want to spend more intimate time with your family this Easter – the park is the perfect place to have your picnic.

Therefore, grab some French Easter chocolates, champagne, pastries, and create your egg hunt for the kids!

Easter Dining Options

Although some restaurants do remain closed during the Easter Weekend, there are still fantastic dining options for one to explore. However, it is always wise to book seats in advance since there is a rush during the weekend.

  1. Bateaux Parisiens Dinner Cruise at the Seine River
  2. Laduree Paris for the best Macarons
  3. Easter Dinner at the Eiffel Tower
  4. Versailles Palace and Gardens Guided Tour with Gourmet Lunch by Chef Ducasse
  5. Amazing chocolate eclairs at L’eclair de Geine

What remains closed on Easter in Paris?

Parisians celebrate Good Friday, which falls two days before Easter Sunday. It is a celebration of Christianity to remember Jesus Christ’s sacrifices. Thus, it is celebrated by many French and is also considered a public holiday.

When planning your Easter in Paris, keep in mind that certain places are closed even though a majority remain open. However, do not worry. The majority of tourist locations within Paris remain open.

On the day after Easter Sunday, “Good Monday”:

  • Banks
  • Public services (trains will most likely be packed, so hurry to get your seats in time!)
  • Small Restaurants
  • Cafes

Easter Egg Hunt in Paris

Paris is also known for having some of the most extravagant egg hunts, which are guaranteed to make your Easter Sunday a lot more festive! These egg hunts occur in some of the splendor parks and attractions around the city.

The eggs also have the most delectable chocolate made by famous Parisian chocolate makers.

Easter Egg Hunt at Disneyland

Besides having an eventful day at Disneyland’s rides and adventures, the park also offers an excellent Egg hunt every year suitable for children!

Disney Village has some of Disney’s fan-favorite characters and secretly hidden eggs on the premises, which are up for keeps! Besides the egg hunt, Disneyland offers amazing French Easter chocolates all around the park.

Secours Populaire Easter Egg Hunt

The Paris Federation of Secours Populaire holds an over-the-top Easter Egg Hunt every year, going even bigger and better this year! It takes place in the Parc Andre, where other activities like coloring and painting occur.

The premise is that children will look around the park for colorful Easter Eggs for them to get fantastic chocolate treats! Around the area, there will also be enormous “Groz’oids,” which are giant eggs designed by Parisian Street artists.

Jardon Des Champs Elysees

The Jardon Des Champs Elysees is a beautiful public park located in Paris with the most extravagant gardens and trees. Every year, there is also an egg hunt in which all the local pastry chefs hide their delicious French Easter chocolate in colorful eggs.

Every participant in the egg hunt will get a tote bag to collect their eggs and have the chance to participate in fun activities like the sack race, painting, and much more!

Re our garden at muse de Montmartre

Every year there is also a hunt at the Renoir Garden in Montmartre, where delicious eggs are hidden all around the part.

Moreover, the mission is for children to stroll around the beautiful garden to look for five of the same colored eggs amongst trees, flowers, and mazes so that they can trade them in for French Easter chocolates.

Besides the egg hunt, there are also gorgeous museums and arts and crafts workshops where children make their bunnies and hens!


Since France is home to many Catholics and Roman Catholic history, certain Parisian traditions date back! Besides having extravagant egg hunts, you will often hear the French wish “Joyeuses Paques” to one another.

The city of lights has chocolates in the form of chocolatiers, “Elephant Ears,” and other Easter-themed puff pastries. Every Easter Sunday, you will find families having their dinners at home with traditional Parisian Cuisine such as lamb, white beans, Eastern Brioche, etc.

One specific tradition in France is the Ringing of the Bells from some of the most well-known churches and cathedrals. However, there are no bells rung on Good Friday in remembrance of Jesus Christ and his sacrifices.

Easter Religious Services in Paris Churches

As mentioned before, Paris is well known for its churches and cathedrals that date back centuries. Some of the most notable churches are Notre Dame, Saint-Eustache Church, and Sainte-Chapelle. They all have the most intricate architecture and are open for the public every Easter to offer services!

If you want to attend as a tourist, you will also have no trouble finding the right Church to suit your needs as there are churches that conduct their services in English and French.

Churches in Paris that offer Easter religious Services in English

American Cathedral is an Episcopal church that holds many weekly Holy and Easter services. At 11 am, the easter service occurs with a choir and brass, followed by an Easter egg hunt around the area.

St Michael’s Church

It is an Anglican church. It is one of the most diverse churches around as it belongs to the Tamil community as well! Here, one can attend Easter services in both English and Tamil.

St Joseph’s Catholic Church

The only English-speaking Catholic Church in Paris. Multiple Holy Week and Easter services.

American Church

It is a Protestant church. Easter services include a Good Friday service, Easter Sunday sunrise service overlooking the Seine River, two traditional services, and a contemporary service. Also, check out the Tiffany stained glass windows toward the back of the Church, which is unique!

Churches in Paris that offer Easter religious services in French

If that’s more of your taste or if you want more of the Parisian Easter experience.

Sacré Coeur Basilica

Sacre Coeur has beautiful architecture, including a white limestone facade above Montmartre hill and the city. Thereby, Paris views from the top are just as spectacular. There are also multiple masses conducted throughout the week, including on Easter!

Église Saint Germain des Prés

It is the oldest Church in Paris, even after multiple renovations. The Church offers many masses on Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

Saint Sulpice

Saint Sulpice hosts masses throughout Holy Week, Easter, and Easter Monday. It is the second largest Church in Paris and one of Paris’ more extraordinary attractions. The Church also plays the world-famous Cavaille-Coll Organ, which calls for many music fans to attend!

It occurs every Sunday at around 10:45 before the mass begins at 11 am.

Easter Concerts in Paris

Besides incredible mass services, there are many planned Easter concerts in Paris every year in some of the most historical venues like Saint Chapelle. One can listen to very moving orchestra music by Mozart and Beethoven while overlooking the beautiful city.

Some to note are The Saint Johns Passion with the Paris Choir at Saint-Roch Church on April 9th and The Bach St. Johns Passions at Madeleine Church on April 9th. However, there is often a rush, so it is best to plan to get there in advance.


  1. Since Easter in Paris is very busy, with multiple tourists and locals coming out to enjoy the city, booking all your tickets is best- especially for tourist sites in advance.
  2. Reach all venues before time, especially Churches, to get seats and not experience any delays!
  3. The weather in Paris is pretty unpredictable sometimes. If you are looking to spend your entire day outdoors, it would be best to carry around comfortable clothing and a spare jacket/umbrella as it may rain or get cold.
  4. Do your research before visiting any specific restaurant or location; as most tourist attractions are open during the holidays, some may be closed!
  5. Book a tour instead of a restaurant as many may be closed. The tours will allow you to explore the city and its famous monuments while also indulging in delicious French Cuisine and champagne!
  6. Please do not spend all your time at the touristy spots as they get swamped during the Holiday. Sometimes, it is best to explore the city itself, such as its parks or underground streets like La Defense, as there is less rush and chaos!
  7. Do not expect all Easter Egg hunts to cater to adults as most age limits apply to 3-10-year-olds.
  8. Since there are so many activities to do on Easter in Paris, its best to make it a day trip to accommodate for rush and the different attractions one can witness!

Weather of Paris During Easter

Since Easter takes place during spring in Paris, the weather is pretty pleasant but can fluctuate from extremely sunny to rainy/wet. The highest temperature will go 18 Degrees Celsius during April/March, with the lowest being 8 degrees celsius.

However, it is essential to carry rain shoes or anything to protect you from an unforeseen rain shower, especially if you plan to be outdoors!

Easter Chocolate Marathon in Paris

Paris is known for its amazing patisseries and elegant chocolates available all around the city, especially during Easter. There are numerous confections to choose from. Besides Easter Egg Hunts, some of Paris’ most renowned Pastry chefs and chocolate makers offer specific tours. So, you can get the best tasting chocolate marathon experience!

The city breathes chocolate during Easter, from Pain Au’ Chocolat to eclairs and macarons.

Some of the most delectable places for a chocolate marathon include Foucher, which serves hand-crafted family chocolate; Pierre Herme for delicious macarons/chocolate; and Fauchon, which has fabulous Easter Eggs.

Easter chocolate tours in Paris

However, suppose you are looking for something a bit more structured. In that case, Paris also offers specific chocolate tours around the city so that you can learn about chocolate while eating delicious hand-crafted French Easter chocolate as well! Some of the tours include:

  • The Paris Chocolate Walking & Sampling tour in the neighborhood around Tuileries Garden, which offers chocolate from various renowned Chocolate makers
  • The Chocolate & Pastry tour offers a tour of eight people guided by a Chocolate chef. He provide information on the mechanics of how to make chocolate and its exciting history!
  • The chocolate walking tour is a tour that will lead you around the city to some of the most famous chocolatiers, such as the Arrondissement. At the same time, the guide will also point out the most famous landmarks that pass by in the process, such as the Louvre and Eiffel tower.
  • The Left Bank chocolate tour takes you through some of the important landmarks around the city. They take you to some of the oldest Parisian chocolate houses at the same time in Saint Germain des pres! The four chocolate houses you will be able to sample chocolates, including Debauve & Gallais Chocolates!

All in all, Easter in Paris is certainly not a holiday to miss. There is undoubtedly an activity for everyone in Paris, from gorgeous cathedrals to chocolate tours full of French Easter Chocolates, Egg hunts, picnics, and brunches! Thus, book your tickets early, and Happy Easter!

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