What to wear in Paris: Tips to dress like Parisians

Paris is known as being the city of love, as well as the city of fashion, couture, and glam! From being the hub of fashion week and shopping spot to the origin of chic designer brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel – fashion is a central part of the city and Parisian culture. So, what to wear in Paris is an important question to think.

Obviously, you want to look best in Louvre or in Disney land.

Thus, you might be feeling a bit intimidated packing your outfits for your trip to Paris. However, do not fret as this article will  give you an ultimate guide on all the do’s and don’ts of dressing fashionably in Paris.

what to wear in Paris?

It includes all the suggestions on what to wear and what not to wear in what weather and how to best emulate Parisian style!

What to wear in Paris in the winter?

If you are planning your trip to Paris in winter, the outfit ideas are endless! Not only is Paris less crowded and cheaper – the looks are far chicer and more sophisticated as a lot of Parisians mimic catalog and runway look in the winter. (Of course casually! As one must not go over the top!)

Weather in winter

However, before you plan your outfits it is best to know what the weather is like in Paris. In this way, you can remain both chic and stylish while also being comfortable!

Thus, it is important to note that the weather during winter in Paris during the winter months specially December in Paris can get chilly ranging from 9 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius at night. More specifically, the months of December, January, and February tend to be the chilliest.

March is a bit more moderate with the temperature rising to 13 degrees Celsius. More so, while the possibility of winter snow in Paris is quite low – it is good to be prepared for wet rain!

Winter wear in Paris : tops

Since it can get pretty chilly during the winter in Paris, it is best to layer up. So, you have multiple clothing pieces keeping you warm. However, layering does not have to mean sacrificing on fashion, as these options are definitely stylish but chic:

  • Sport a thermal turtleneck!

A basic thermal turtleneck can be purchased from any outlet store such as H&M or Uniqlo. Turtlenecks are staple of many Parisians. Since turtlenecks are usually in solid neutral colors such as black, grey or brown – they are perfect for layering.

Because they will not clash with your outfit! Turtlenecks are also great paired with long coats as they give a chic simple look.

  • Classic Sweaters

You can never go wrong with a classic sweater that will you keep you warm yet looking stylish. Some of the best options for sweaters in the winter include wool-knit and cashmere. These options elevate an outfit while still being comfortable.

If you’re looking to indulge, J Crew has some of the best lightweight sweaters for the season! However, other outlets like Zara also provide affordable options that are still very cute! Plus, sweaters come in all sizes – so you could even go oversized. Moreover, you can pair your sweater with some thermal leggings like a dress.

  • Jacket/Cardigans/Coats

Of course, if you are going to be outside for the majority of your trip, it is the best option to suit up with a thick, insulated jacket or cardigan that will you keep you warm. A good tip is to pack a jacket that is waterproof. Why? because it does not get easily dirty and can be wearable during wet days in the city.

Choice is yours!

However, you can always opt for the traditional trench coat that you will find many Parisians wearing! You can even use the waist belt to tie it around yourself or leave it open if you wish to show the rest of your outfit.

It is best though to buy your jacket or coat in more neutral colors. It works stylistically with different outfits you may wear throughout your trip.

Winter wear in Paris : Bottoms

It does get really cold in Paris during the winter season. Therefore, it is best to keep your entire body insulated including your legs. Here are some options you should consider when packing:

  • Thermal Leggings:

Similar to thermal turtlenecks, thermal leggings provide warmth, flexibility and comfort to winter outfits. You can wear thermal leggings under your jeans or dress to give you an extra layer against the cold. Thermal leggings can also be a great option if you do wish to wear dresses/or skirts in the winter season.

Like turtlenecks, thermal leggings also usually come in very basic, standard colors that go with every outfit. So, you never have to worry about them clashing. Some of the best places to get thermal leggings to include Zara, Uniqlo, and Patagonia.

  • Denim Jeans

It is too cold to wear shorts during winter in Paris. That is why; your best bet is to buy a couple of nice denim jeans that could work well with different types of tops.

You can opt for more stylish jeans with different patterns and pair them with very neutral colored tops. Similarly, simple black or blue denim jeans also work with more fun tops. The styles of denim jeans are also endless – you can choose from skinny, to mom jeans, to boot cut, to flare to accentuate your wardrobe!

Winter Headwear

Again, because it is so cold – you must cover all aspects of your body, especially your head if you don’t want to risk catching an illness!

  • Ear Muffs

Dual-layer fleece and faux fur earmuffs can really help block cold air from entering your ears. Moreover, They make you feel more comfortable especially if you are going to be outdoors a lot.

Ear Muffs also come in different styles and shapes, making them a perfect gender-neutral item that anyone can sport. Again though, it is best to go with more neutral ear muffs if you want them to match your outfit.

  • Beret

How could one forget about the classic Parisian sample – the Beret! You can never go wrong with a neutral-colored or even fun-colored beret while also providing your head with a level of warmth.

Berets look extremely charming when paired with long coats and sweaters, making them a perfect Parisian winter clothing staple! A beret can also be styled in multiple ways according to the way you place it on your head.

  • Beanies

You can never go wrong with beanies for the winter. They can definitely dress down a more fancy outfit and make you appear more calm and youthful. Plus, beanies can definitely pull together an outfit while keeping you incredibly warm. Especially, if they are lined on the inside.

Winter Footwear

When planning your trip to Paris, do not forget about shoes. As shoes are often understated but can make or break an entire outfit!

  • Boots

One of the most simple ways to keep your feet warm during the winter and also appear stylish is to opt for boots that are either ankle or knee-high.

If you’re planning to cruise around the city, it is also probably best to choose boots that are lined from the inside. They give an extra layer of protection to your feet.

More importantly, never pack shoes that are too tight for you. Why? because thermal socks and boots are a perfect combination for comfort and warmth. Some of the best places to get boots to include UGGS, Dr. Martens, Zara, H&M, etc.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers are a staple for any season in Paris, especially if you will be walking a lot. While some may consider sneakers “unfashionable,” there are many options that can actually to your outfit. Some of the best places to find good and comfortable sneakers include Adidas, Puma, and Nike.

However, since it is pretty wet and rainy during the winter season, avoid getting sneakers that are made out of very thin fabric as they may get destroyed.

Other Accessories to pack for winter in Paris:

You can never go wrong with adding accessories to your winter looks in Paris, especially if you’re opting for more basic attire. Here are some accessories that will definitely add to your outfit:

  • Woolen Scarves:

Scarves are the best way to dress up an outfit while also keeping warm. You can get a fun bright-colored scarf to add some color to your outfit. Further, you could drape it on your shoulders with a long coat! The opportunities are endless in the ways to style scarves!

  • Insulated Gloves:

One of the most uncomfortable feelings in Winter is having cold hands which are full of blisters! Thereby, get yourself insulated gloves in standard colors like black, grey, or blue which can elevate your outfits and also help you from a practical level as well.

Many companies have also introduced touch-screen gloves which are also useful practice if you plan to be using your phone or other electronic devices outside.

Spring Wear in Paris

Spring is a beautiful time to visit Paris. You can see all the beautiful colors, macarons, and flowers that bloom in the city! It is also one of the best times to dress!

The Weather in Spring

The weather during springtime in Paris can get pretty tricky as it is neither cold nor hot. The temperature can range from five degrees Celsius up to twenty degrees Celsius. So it can definitely get tricky while planning what to wear! Thus, it is best to keep a lookout for the temperature yourself on your local weather app just so that you are not dying of a heat stroke outside or freezing!

Spring wear in Paris: Tops

  • Turtlenecks

As mentioned before, turtlenecks are a great staple for any season in Paris. You can repeat them and act as the basis for so many outfits. Since it may be a bit warmer, it would be better to opt for turtlenecks which are a bit more lightweight and flowy to cater to a bit of heat.

  • Cute floral Crop Tops/Blouses:

Since it is the season of blossoming flowers, it is also time to pull out those cute patterned tops that add a bit of fun and flavor for the warmer weather. You can find different material blouses at stores like Zara and H&M and you also dress them down or up, according to the occasion you are planning to go to!

  • Lightweight leather jacket/cardigan:

It is warmer than the winter but night during spring might get a bit chilly. You should always be prepared with an extra layer just in case. Some of the best options include cardigans which look fantastic over spring dresses as well as leather jackets which add a sophisticated and retro look to a dress or even denim jeans.

Spring wear in Paris: Bottoms

Since it is warmer, it is time to let some ventilation in and to let your legs breathe! Here are some options to look cute and trendy

  • Spring floral dresses

You can simply never go wrong with flowy, fun patterned dresses for the spring! Dresses are perfect because you can also pair them with warm elements like thermal leggings if it gets too cold, or biker shorts under if it is warm outside.

They can also be dressed up or down according to the occasion and what type of accessories you pair with your dress. Some of the best dresses for the spring include wrap dresses, round dresses or even maxi dresses which are destined to get you very cute pictures with the cherry blossoms in Paris!

  • Overalls/Dungarees

Who said dungarees are just for kids? Dungarees are the perfect fit for a casual stroll in the park, or down the lane to your favorite cafe. They can be paired with amazing accessories like hats, or simple turtlenecks underneath. Plus, dungarees can also come in dress form!

  • Spring skirts

Flowy skirts are also perfect for springtime as they can be paired with really cute tops, giving you a look of sophistication and effortlessness! You can opt for different patterned skirts as well but wrap skirts and maxi skirts definitely take the lead in fashion.

Plus, skirts can also be dressed up or down making them perfect for any outing.

Spring Footwear

Warmer weather means more casual footwear! Here are some options for spring footwear in Paris:

  1. Flats/loafers

Flats and loafers are probably one of the safest options you could pack for your trip. In the spring, it is hot enough to not have to wear socks with your shoes so flats/loafers are a great option if you prefer wearing closed shoes in the wintertime.

Plus, flats mend really well with both casual and fancier outfits in the spring! Some of the best places to shop for nice flats include Kate Spade, H&M, Zara or even outlet stores like Aldo.

  • Clogs

Clogs might be a scary option for some but they typically make their way into Parisian streetwear during the summer! They can be super chic paired with a cute dress or skirt. However, they can be uncomfortable for some so I would recommend saving them for a nice dinner or lunch.

  • Trainers

While some may believe that Parisians are too “sophisticated” to wear trainers, who do not love a good converse? Trainers go well with every bottom and are great if you have to walk a lot during your trip. Some of the best places to get cute, patterned, and chic trainers include converse, keds, and vans.

Other Accessories to pack for spring in Paris

  • Cross-body bag/Tote bag

Since you no longer have to be bundled up in a bunch of layers and jackets, it gets a lot easier to add accessories such as a cute bag or purse! One of the best ways to spice up a basic outfit is to opt for a uniquely colored cross-body bag which is both practical and an enhancer to your outfit.

More so, with the increase of environmentalism in Paris, a lot of Parisians have also started carrying eco-friendly tote bags which cute, fun designs on them. Tote bags are perfect for a stroll in the park, a trip to the grocery store, or a walk down a flower market!

  • The Paperboy Cap

Like the Beret, the paperboy cap has become a staple in Parisian fashion! It is perfect for spring because it is lightweight and will block out immense sunlight. Besides a paperboy cap goes perfectly with multiple hairstyles like braids and outfits!

  • Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are huge in Paris during the spring as Parisians will tie them around their neck or hair as a bandana. These scarves as a perfect effortless way to elevate a really simple outfit. You can get patterned scarves from Kate Spade and Tory Burch. Plus, they add a cute vintage look!

What to wear in Paris during the Summers?

Summer is probably the busiest time in Paris for tourists! It also can be difficult to dress nicely in the heat, but here are some options:

The Weather of Paris in Summer

Paris can get really warm in the summer but like spring, the weather is quite unpredictable and can actually get pretty chilly at nighttime. Therefore, keep your weather app in check!

Summer wear in Paris: Tops

A lot of the same spring tops also apply to summer as well because overly short or fitted blouses do not reflect the Parisian style. Plus, if you are planning to visit certain religious or historical sites – you should plan on not wearing very revealing clothing just to prevent the hassle of not getting in.

Here are some options:

  • Summer floral tops:

Cool and bright-colored cotton blouses in the summer add a very elevated look and are perfect for the summer because of their lightweight!

  • Oversized button-downs

Oversized cute and patterned button-downs are another staple in Parisian fashion. You can wear these as a dress with a belt or with a cool pair of denim jeans! Color blocking button-downs are also very much in style recently and would make a great addition to your wardrobe.

  • Light-weight denim jacket

Denim jackets with fun prints or even plain denim can be a really fun addition to your outfit, especially if you are looking to dress more casually and for fun! Denim jackets look great when paired with summer dresses!

Summer wear in Paris: Bottoms

Similar to springtime in Paris, summer is the time to show off your favorite skirts, dresses or lightweight denim jeans if those are more your style! Here is another option to spice up your fashion:

  • Lightweight tailored trousers

People normally wear beige or off-white trousers in Paris during the summer. This is because they are flowy and allow for a more sophisticated look in the summer which does not require you to sweat! Trousers look super elegant when paired with cute blouses and are perfect for brunch or dinner.

You can get trousers tailormade or you can also opt for trousers from Uniqlo, Zara or H&M.

Summer Footwear

As with clothing, your choice of shoes should also depend on the weather forecast! Since there is no need for socks (unless you prefer to wear trainers/sneakers), most Parisians will opt for chic flats and loafers. However, if you are still looking for some unique options, opt for:

  • Summer Sandals

You can get super cute, bright-colored sandals from stores like Kate Spade, Micheal Kors, and Tory Burch! Since it is not always the smartest option to wear flip-flops, sandals give a more protective layer to your feet in the summer.

  • Summer Wedges

If you are looking to spice up your outfits but find it unbearable to wear heels around the city, opt for summer wedges! Wedges are super elegant and cute and will go with many outfits if you choose to buy them in neutral colors.

Other accessories to wear in Summer in Paris

While the heat can definitely get to you in Paris, here are some accessories that will help you feel less heat as well make you look put together!:

  • Sunglasses

It is always good to invest in a good pair of sunglasses, especially if you are going to be sightseeing in some of the sunniest places in Paris. Besides, they really pull an outfit together!

  • Bucket hats

If you are a bit on the younger demographic or just want a more youthful summer glow, make sure to buy a bucket hat! Bucket hats are great for blocking the summer and are also just a cute accessory to match your outfit as well! They also come in very cool patterns and colors!

  • Jewelry!

While jewelry such as good hoops, necklaces and rings definitely work in every season – they are especially great for the summer because they make more casual outfits seem more put together and fancy!

What to wear in Paris during rainy weather?

It can get pretty rainy in Paris all year round which is why it’s best to expect some downpours during your trip. If you are planning to be outside for the majority of the day, it is also wise to pack some clothing pieces that will help combat the rainy season!

This includes umbrellas, rain boots, waterproof jackets, durable sneakers, etc.

What you should not wear in Paris?

There are no rules for fashion, especially in Paris! However, if you do fear looking like a tourist – there are some fashion no no’s that Parisians do strictly abide by. Firstly, avoid wearing very bright or obnoxious patterns as Parisians like to wear more subtle and neutral clothing!

However, this can also change so do not change your entire wardrobe based on this statement. Secondly, Parisians are not very appreciative of overly revealing clothing both in the form of shorts during summer and open-toed shoes like flip-flops!

Thirdly, if you want to avoid looking like a tourist – you might want to avoid overly graphic t-shirts and VERY casual clothing!

How to dress like French people?

There is no singular way to dress like French people as they all have different styles that range from different ages and occasions! However, if you do want a Parisian feel in your closet – you should plan to bring some staple items such as flats, trench coats, blazers, and berets which are common Parisian clothing.

Additionally, French people usually dress very simplistically but elegantly which definitely means that less is more with your clothing! They wear pretty neutral colors and will dress up even simple outfits like loungewear through blazers, hairstyles, and jewelry.

What men should wear in Paris?

While you might think that fashion is only restricted to women in Paris, men are also dressed really nicely all the time! Some of the most basic, yet chic outfits worn by Parisian men include:

Men’s wear in Paris: Tops

Button-downs or Polos! Some of the most famous brands worn in Paris include Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Gap because they ooze sophistication and class which is what most Parisian men go far.

Men’s wear in Paris: Bottoms

Similar to the top, many Parisians sport khaki pants which are slightly more fancy than regular denim jeans (although those are worn too). Khaki pants or shorts are great for the summer and work with any neutral colored clothing

Men’s Footwear in Paris

Loafers and leather pointed shoes all work in neutral colors depending on what type of event you are planning to go to!

Other Accessories:

Men in Paris love to accessorize to add some flare to their outfits! Some of the most popular accessories include fun, patterned, or neutral belts paired with khakis. Formal ties if going out for dinner, a sports jacket, a golf hat, and cufflinks!

Thus, while it might seem daunting and confusing what to pack to wear in Paris, the outfit ideas are actually limitless! While this article did give you a clue on what best suits the Parisian style and how to emulate it, make sure that you, yourself feel comfortable in your outfits because that is all that matters!

Besides, if you are going to one of the biggest fashion cities in the world, you may as well want to stand out!

So what are you waiting for? Get to packing!

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