Weekend in Paris: 2-days Paris Itinerary

Among the many cities in the world, it can easily be said that Paris is everyone’s favourite with many beautiful landmarks. It is that one city you would return to from time to time again. Don’t have much time? Don’t worry, I have prepared 2-days Paris weekend itinerary for you. So, you can have all the fun spending weekend in Paris.

weekend in Paris

If you’re searching for a place to visit over the weekend, this is your sign to get your bags ready for a 2-day trip in this Paris itinerary. A short 2-day trip to Paris is all that you need to escape from all the stress and give yourself a break.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you during your trip:

What to pack for a weekend in Paris?

Before start packing for your Paris trip, you should know what to pack and what to exclude. Why? Because it is just 2-days Paris trip and you won’t want to overdo luggage. Here are the most important items for Paris weekend itinerary.

Portable Charger

In most cities in the world, you can easily find charging ports in either a café or at a famous restaurant; however, Paris is not one of them.

When your phone battery is running low, and you need to charge it quickly, it can be very stressful and irritating.

To avoid such situations, you should always carry a portable charger with you wherever you go during your trip.

Portable chargers are very cheap and can help charge your phone easily while you enjoy your trip. Such chargers are easily available online, so you can effortlessly buy them.


Your backpack will be your lifeline during your trip. Of course, you will need your suitcase to pack all your clothes but carrying a backpack with you is always a good idea.

Paris has some lovely shops; if you come across one and want to buy something, you can easily buy the items and keep them in your backpack

Moreover, all your essentials can be kept close to you, especially during short trips you want to enjoy without having to worry that you forgot something at the hotel.


You will be surprised by the weather in Paris; you have to be attentive to the weather in Paris. Choose your clothes according to the season, such as something thin for summer.

On the other hand, choosing something warm for winter or spring. No matter how warm it is, keep a light shroud in case of rain.


What fun is a trip if you don’t have pictures that you can frame? Even if you are not fond of photography, carrying a camera is never a bad idea.

Paris has many beautiful views and is surrounded by beauty; therefore, carrying a camera may help you keep those views safe with you.

It is completely your decision if you want to carry a proper professional camera or a simple camera. Many simple cameras are inexpensive but remember to keep all the cables with you so you can charge your devices easily.

However, do not get too carried away with photography and forget to enjoy the views.

Passport and Identification

Even if you are travelling to Paris from a nearby country such as Switzerland, you will still need your passport with you. Carrying your passport is always helpful because you may need to use it at various checkpoints within Paris. Moreover, in case you get lost, and you need to contact the authorities, your passport will be needed.

Weekend in Paris: Day-1 itinerary

Let’s get started with all the things you can do on your first day in Paris.

1- The French Breakfast

There are several places that you can visit to have the most exquisite breakfast. The top two most famous places to have breakfast are the “Le 50” and “Mokonuts”.

If you are located nearby, in the Belleville neighbourhood, make sure to check out Le 50 café. This café is famous for its boiled eggs which are served with sourdough soldiers.

You can have the chance to eat freshly baked bread here with delicious coffee. This café has all that you need so you can have the perfect breakfast.

Up next is another well-known café in Paris “Mokonuts”, located at 5 Rue Saint-Bernard, 11th. This café has a variety of items to offer you.

From freshly baked bread to delicious cakes and, let’s not forget to mention the exquisite coffee, this is all that you need to kick start your day.

2- Stroll around Eiffel Tower

Paris has many sites that you can visit, but let’s not forget the infamous “Eiffel tower” you can view the Eiffel tower from several places, such as the splendid Trocadero Gardens that lie on the opposite side of the bank of the Seine.

Anyone would love to climb up the Eiffel tower and experience the magnificent view that it offers; however, if you wish to do that make sure that you book the tickets beforehand so that you have time to spare.

The tickets for the Eiffel tower are easily available on the official website, and their price is usually not that high but keep in mind that these tickets are non-refundable.

3- Arc De Triomphe

Your next spot is Champs-Elysees to see Arc de Triomphe; this fifty-meter-high mountain is present in the memory of all those who died during the French revolution. You can view the mountain from below, but the best view is at the top of the mountain.

So if you climb the mountain, you will be able to view the Eiffel Tower. You can easily get to Avenue Montaigne, and Champs-Elysées by the J and L trains, 1 and 9 metros, and buses numbered 32, 72, 73, 80, 92, and 93.

4- Stop by Pont Alexandre

From Arc de Triomphe, you can go to the metro station, which is five minutes away, and take a metro to visit Pont Alexandre; it will take you just 3 minutes to reach Pont Alexandre.

Many tourists admire the beauty of Pont Alexandre, so if you are fond of photography, this is the place to take as many pictures as you want. The river right beneath it makes the place much dreamier and more peaceful.

5- Head towards Montmartre

Visiting Montmartre should be next on your list; this place is known to be the hub of artists all around the world and is a place for all those who want to relax.

Montmartre has one of the finest restaurants, including “La Creperie” and “Les Apotres de Pigalle”, offering you the most exquisite dishes in Paris.

To get to Montmartre you will need to walk only 4 minutes to the Charles de Gaulle Metro station, and from the Pigalle station, you can reach Montmartre. So you do not have to worry about getting tired.

6- Watch Moulin Rouge Show

For dinner and night entertainment, you can go to the Moulin Rouge shows, the shows start every night at 9 PM only on the weekends.

The Dinner show has a duration of 4 hours, but you can leave early if you wish to; the tickets for the shows can easily be booked online from their official website.

weekend in Paris: Day-2 itinerary

For your second day in Paris, you can visit La Felicità, which has one of the cheapest yet tastiest white flats with fresh juice.

1- Admire Louver Museum

The first place on your list today is exploring the grand Louver Museum; you can honestly spend an entire day just admiring the beauty of this museum. Louver Museum is very popular so you should know that it’s always crowdie it has two main entry lines outside the huge glass pyramid.

Lastly, you need to buy tickets for the tour, so it’s best if you come a little early to save some time.

2- Feel the serenity of Notre Dame

From Louver Museum, on a six-minute walk to Hôtel de Ville metro station, you can go to the Quai François Mitterrand metro station. After a three-minute walk, you will reach the great Notre Dame Cathedral.

This place has two huge towers and is one of the most famous churches in the world. You will be stunned to learn about the history of this place, so stroll around and explore this beautiful place.

3- Visit Sainte Chapelle

Just near Notre Dame is Saint Chapelle which is a religious building in Paris; Saint Chapelle is known to be the most magnificent crunch in the world. It opens at 9 A.M.

Therefore, you should get there before 9 so you do not have to wait in queues. The tickets for Saint Chapelle can be purchased online. Therefore, you do not have to worry about that.

4- Roam around Palais Garnier

The next stop on your two-day Paris itinerary is the Opera Palais Garnier, you have the option of either staying for the opera or strolling around the building.

It is highly recommended that you admire the building and take a stroll around it; the entire building is 200 years old and is a historic landmark. You will have to buy the tickets before going in, the tickets can be purchased from the official website of the building, and you can use them to get your passes.

5- Enjoy Seine River Cruise

Finally, your last stop to relax will be the “Seine cruise”. You will love this place due to the peaceful environment and the river.

It is entirely up to you which operator you want to choose there are a variety of operators willing to offer you a tour. The tour is mostly for almost an hour, and it is a good way of viewing Paris while relaxing.

Cost of a weekend trip to Paris

Tourists from Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, and Ireland visit Paris to admire the French beauty. The cost of travelling to Paris from neighboring countries usually starts from $200- 250 Dollars.

Whereas many tourists from USA and UK visit Paris for weekend trips with their families, these trips are usually expensive because of the distance.

There you have it! Mentioned above are all the exquisite and amazing places that will make your 2 day weekend in Paris much more fun and interesting.

Suggest other worth-visiting spots in Paris in comments.

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