Photographers in Paris who are worth hiring (2023)

Photographers in Paris are not always pricey; you can find photography in Paris to be worth your time and money. But, you need to know the basic information to find the right photographer in Paris.

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How Much does it Cost to Hire a Photographer in Paris?

The average price for photography services from a professional in Paris cost around 200 euros an hour. Alongside the date and itinerary of the trip, you can contact the photographer you are interested in to confirm rates.

Photographers in Paris also offer popular packages for portraits, family shoots, wedding photoshoot, and couple pictures. Some of the morning packages include:

  • 100 Euros – 30 minute shoot in 1 location: 20 retouched pictures + 100 jpgs
  • 150 Euros – 1 hour shoot in two to three distant locations: 35 retouched pictures + 250 jpgs
  • 250 Euros – 2 hour shoot at 2 distant locations: 45 retouched pictures + 400 jpgs
  • 350 Euros – 3 hour shoot at 3 distant locations: 55 retouched pictures + 500 jpgs

Photography in Paris is also open to night photoshoots. Photographers in Paris offer packages at rates starting from 150 euros, for 30-1.5 hour timed shoots. However, rates go as high as170 to 430 Euros, for photographers in Paris who cannot use your pictures for publication.

Should you Hire a Photographer in Paris from Instagram?

Yes, you should hire a photographer in Paris from Instagram.  They are professionally based, interactive, and can offer you the best rates through quick communication. One such example is the popular Instagram page under the handle: @theparisphotographer.

They have over 52,000 followers and work professionally under wedding photoshoot and couple pictures.

The number one reason for why Instagram pages are preferred is due to reachability. You can find photographers who speak English and French- an important factor in finding someone you can be comfortable with.

I understand when you plan a trip to the city of romance, you do not only expect good food and comfy accommodation. (By the way, you can check The 10 Best Cheap hotels to Stay in Paris (2022) if you want). Obviously, you want to capture the movements to cherish for life.

Therefore, you should make good research on Instagram as well.

Moreover, you can communicate with the photographers in Paris through direct chat messages. By being in touch with you beforehand, you can get to know the photographer instead of hiring one off a website.

Furthermore, this can give you the opportunity to provide them with ideas and fulfill your expectations.

The Paris Photographers are also very flexible when it comes to working hours. Photography in Paris can be postponed in the case of bad weather or emergencies. Moreover, you can get a refund for your purchase. One of the most important factors is quality.

Through Instagram, you can always expect the pictures to be edited and handed over through a professional basis.

Freelance Photographers to Hire in Paris

Photographers in Paris offer different rates, especially when it comes to freelancers on the web. You can pay from $12-$300 per hour for photography in Paris. You can get the perfect wedding photoshoot for cheap and expensive rates.

Websites such as Upwork offer the best freelance photographers in Paris. Moreover, the candidates are excellent at adobe photoshop Lightroom, design, and photo retouching.

Photography in Paris is top-notch whether that be through freelancers or expensive professionals. Additionally, these candidates have experience in different fields: couple pictures, pre-wedding shoot, wedding photoshoot, event photography, fashion photography, and studio photography.

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Top freelance photographers in Paris

John B.

Charging at an affordable rate of $12 per hour, John B. is a creative graphic designer with experience in multimedia and design. Besides, he is a photographer in Paris who works with dynamic team players who help him gain support and recognition. Moreover, he is talented in motion graphics and visual effects.

Jacopo L.

He is currently working as a photographer, having graduated from a photography school in Paris. On top of it, he is skilled in darkroom techniques, video editing, studio photography, and history of craft. Additionally, he offers a rate starting at just $40 per hour.

Marilyn C.

Marilyn is an expert retoucher and photographer, based in Paris. In addition, she works with clients from all over the world and has an eye for detail. Marilyn describes herself as a perfectionist who aims for the best results. Hence, photography in Paris is an ongoing opportunity for her to shine light on her work.

Anyways, Marilyn’s rate starts at $120 per hour, from where she also provides fashion advertising and album covers.

Nicolas R.

Photography in Paris is no longer limited to single recognition. Nicolas R. is one example of a freelancer who has worked all over the world. Also, some of his clients include L’oreal, Sephora, Rochas, Nina Ricci, and Moet & Chandon. At the moment, Nicolas has his own studio in Paris and charges $150 per hour.

Emmanuel F.

Freelancers also offer photography in Paris but at high rates. Photographers in Paris, like Emmanuel, work with event and commercial photography. By providing portraits, interior, and headshots, Emmanuel is always on the lookout for more projects. However, his rate is at $300 per hour.

top photographers in paris

10 Best Photographers in Paris

The Paris Photographer

The Paris Photographer is a team of fun photographers offering photo shoots for couple pictures and solo travelers. The company believes that traveling to Paris is a dream come true. Moreover, having a professional photo shoot is an even better idea.

You can get photographers in Paris to capture your breathtaking elegance and personality. Additionally, the company offers 100% refunds, five days in advance.

Prices and Duration of Photo Sessions: Photographers on the website offer different prices such as:

  • Ordirda: 912 Euros-Offers 4 consecutive hours of photography at 4 locations with 100 edited shots.
  • Pierre: 4 consecutive hours of photography at 4 locations with 100 edited shots.
  • Daniel: 5 consecutive hours of photography at 5 locations with 130 edited shots.
  • Fran: 4 consecutive hours of photography at 4 locations with 100 edited shots.

Specialty: Romantic couples shoot, proposal shoot, wedding photoshoot, lifestyle photos, family portraits, and personal branding

Kiss me in Paris

Kiss Me in Paris are photographers in Paris that offer 24/7 luxury studio services. They believe that they will offer photography in Paris that will make your heart sing. Interesting fact: Dexter and Theo are the head of their studio management and have excellent Paris photoshoot ideas.

Anyways, their Average rate starts from 250 Euros per hour.

Specialty: “Say Yes” Proposal shoots, family portraits

The Parisian Photographers

The Parisian Photographers are a group of 5 photographers offering photo sessions in Paris. Whether it be a wedding photoshoot or a family portrait, they offer the best packages and setting options. For example, shooting by the Eiffel Tower.

Their prices Start from 200-2000 Euros per hour depending on time and location.

Specialty: Couple shoots, wedding photoshoot, family pictures

Tatulyan Studios

Located in the heart of Paris, Tatulyan Studios is made of two profoto-quipped sets that provide paper backgrounds and accessories. Furthermore, Photography in Paris is incomplete without learning experience; the company offers workshops and master classes.

Prices and Duration of Photo Sessions: 500 Euros for room booking, 700 Euros for events, 150 Euros for equipment

Specialty: Accessory shoots, business branding, and portraits

Pierre Torset

Pierre is an English-speaking photographer who has been studying photography in Paris since 2012. Besides, Pierre Torset takes vibrant and timeless pictures mixed with the beauty of Paris.

Popular packages:

  • 45min-1hr for 1 location and 15-20 edited photos
  • 1.5-2hrs for 2-3 locations and 20-50 edited photos

Specialities: Wedding photoshoot, family photos, solo traveler portraits

Paris photography

Tim Moore

Tim Moore is a photographer in Paris known for his engagement and wedding captures. Furthermore, he takes elegant and natural pictures which are inspired by magazine editorials.

However, you can contact Tim for price and location o shoot.

Specialty: Wedding photoshoot, anniversary shoot, and engagement shoot

Katie Mitchell Photography

Katie Mitchell is a professional wedding photographer. She is an Aussie girl who now calls Paris her home. Having completed a bachelor’s degree in 2009, she has fun documenting the most organic and intimate moments. Interesting?

This company charge Price on hourly bases. Moreover, price also depend on the location of photography.

Specialty: Wedding photography, family pictures, portraits

Oisin Gormally Photography

Photographers in Paris are very much into marriage pictures. When it comes to Oisin, they take value in bringing engagement sessions to life. Besides, they work with couples all over the world to write up testimonials and make the day special.

You can consult the company for Prices and Duration of Photo Sessions.

Specialty: Engagement and wedding shoots


Photographers in Paris are open to better, brighter, and happier photos. It is important to spend valuable money when it comes to shooting your vacation moments. Further, Adagion believes that you should have an English-speaking local that can take you on a stress free shoot.

Specialty: Couple shoots and family pictures

 Paris Photo Story

Photographers in Paris are also open to taking pictures of friend groups and family members. Not only this, Paris Photo Story hopes to carry the memories from your trip for as long as possible. In addition, the photographers will walk you through the city and take tourist cliche photos.

Specialty: family shoots, friend group photos, and couple pictures

However, if you are wondering how much photographers make in Paris, here is the answer.

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How Much do Photographers Make in Paris?

The average photographer in Paris makes around 1,742 Euros per month. This is an estimation of what a photographer in the France area would make, including bonuses, tips, and profit sharing. For a yearly basis, photographers in Paris make around 28,600 to 59,300 Euros on an average scale.

Additionally, this salary includes transport, housing, and other benefits provided to the photographer.

Here is a an estimation for the salary of various jobs related to photography in Paris:

  1. Assistant Photographer: 26,600 EUR
  2. Mini-Lab Operator: 33,000 EUR
  3. Photo Retoucher: 34,300 EUR
  4. Photographer: 39,200 EUR
  5. Photo Research Manager: 58,100 EUR

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