Bastille neighborhood: Things to do in bastille, Paris

Bastille is remembered as a state prison during French Revolution. While this historically fundamental role makes Bastille distinct among all the neighborhoods in Paris, it would be unfair to assume that it is the only unique thing about this region.

This is because, in reality, Bastille goes far beyond this perception as it has a wide range of spectacular things to offer let it be a popular zoo for kids or vibrant nightlife for adults.


There is so much that one can do in Bastille such as dine at great and affordable restaurants, enjoy private galleries, or socialize at bars. Especially during Bastille Day, it is absolutely worth it to visit this place.

Bastille Day takes place on July 14 and on this day you can observe celebrations not just in Bastille but through Paris. It is a great day to witness remarkable fireworks and military parades.

This is why to shed more light on how much Bastille has to offer to its tourist or locals. Especially on Bastille Day, this article delves into things that one can do in Bastille. We have also highlighted what makes all these mentioned places unique so you can understand why you should pay them a visit.

Visit Le Musée du Fumeur    

You might be thinking what does smoking even has to do with the museum? Well, this museum is dedicated to smoking. Interesting, right? This museum collects and displays a variety of smoking objects such as pipes and snuff boxes.

Moreover, all these smoking objects along with portraits and photographs take back you to the 17th century.  

  • Unique Selling Point: This museum is one of the most visited museums and is also known as Smoking Museum in Paris.
  • Location: This is located in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris
  • Nearby Landmark: Pere Lachaise Cemetery
  • Timings: You can visit from 12:00 pm to 7:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. 

Le Motel

This place is famous for offering affordable drinks and having great DJs. It has a warm and buzzy environment as it is always filled with people. This is why this place is highly famous, especially among hipsters.

Moreover, its happy hour is still 9 pm, which means you can get great cheese at affordable rates. It also has karaoke nights, which makes it a fun place to hang out with friends. Moreover, what makes this place more unique is that it also offers music quiz nights.

  • Unique Selling Point: It is a place where you can enjoy great drinks along with amazing music, making it an ideal place to relax and meet new, exciting people.
  • Location:  8 Pass. Josset, 75011 Paris, France
  • Timings: It is opened from 6 pm–1:45am

Place de la Bastille

This is also the home of the Opera Bastille. You should definitely visit this place on Thursday or Sunday, as on these two days you can get to observe the local culture. On these two days, the market offers fresh fish, fruits, and even cheese and bread to the customers. 

  • Unique Selling Point: this is the place where the prisoners of Bastille stood during the storming.
  • Location: 11th district of Paris
  • Nearby Landmark: Place de la République.

Opera Bastille

This place played a vital role in history as it allows people to mobilize. Now this place caters to 2700 people at a time, which means you might be lucky to get tickets at a reasonable price even at the last minute.

  • Unique Selling Point: it is the place where, in 1748, the population stormed the Bastille prison and paved the way for the French Revolution
  • Location: This is located in the 11th arrondissement on the eastern side
  • Timings: 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm from Monday to Saturday. 


If you are looking for the best place to find souvenirs for your loved ones in Bastille, this is the place to go. This place offers a wide range of products, let it be furniture or accessories. You can also get the clothes of famous designers such as Isabel Marant and Stella McCartney.

  • Unique Selling Point: This shop donates profits to the women and children in Madagascar. 
  • Location: 111 Bd Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris
  • Contact: +33142770033

July 14th fireworks and Military Parade

July 14th is Bastille Day and to celebrate this occasion there is a display of fireworks at the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero gardens. These fireworks go on for about 30 minutes and revolve around the theme of freedom.

The theme for the 2021 parade was ‘Winning the Future’ which highlighted the nation’s collective ability to overcome the challenges put forward by the COVID pandemic. On this day, you can see both parades, of the French Air Force and Navvy. This is why it is considered to be a not-to-be-missed event.

  • Unique Selling Point: On this day in Bastille you can witness remarkable fireworks and a military parade

Cinémathèque Française

This place has the largest collection of films archives and other objects related to the film. You can visit this place on any day, as it offers the screening of movies on daily basis. This place also has the screening of cult classics.

  • Unique Selling Point: it is a non-profit film organization that has one of the extensive films archives. 
  • Location: 51 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris, France
  • Contact: +33 1 71 19 33 33
  • Also remember that it is closed on Tuesdays.

This showcases how there is so much to do in Bastille and while it may have its historical significance, even from the contemporary standpoint it has a lot to offer.

Thus, it has something for everyone. This place is perfect for you if you are into museums, you can go to the smoking museum which will allow you to understand the smoking culture of the 17th century. If you are into shopping and buying souvenirs then you can go to Merci where you can also get many branded clothes.

If you are looking for a fun place to hang out and meet new, exciting people, then you can go to Le Motel.

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