Education in Paris: complete guide for international students

Education in Paris is a great opportunity but students often get worried when they come here initially. Every year over 3 lac students from across the world come to France. They look for basic information to live in Paris as students. That is why, I have made a complete guide for students planning to come to Paris for education.

Is education in Paris Free for International Students?

Education in Paris is not ultimately free, but it does have low-costs. International Students in Paris would have to pay a fraction of what they would pay at most public universities abroad.

This can be rounded up to around 170 euros ($190) per year for an undergraduate program and around $200-$300 for a masters program.

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Where do International Students Live in Paris?

International Students in Paris have a lot of opportunities to live where desired. Schools in Paris such as the Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) have university residential areas that house over 6000 students.

Another popular district for international students in Paris is the Le Quartier Latin. Located over the 5th-6th arrondissement, this is known as a popular district for students as it is near-by many schools in Paris. You can also find the neighborhood in Paris to be surrounded by universities and bars.

Are there English Speaking University Courses in Paris?

Yes. schools in Paris offer English-taught programs. Education in Paris has gone beyond local language ever since the rise in international students in Paris. You can now study abroad while pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Paris.

Some of the biggest universities in the city major in English-speaking courses. For example, Sorbonne University, CentraleSupélec, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, and École des Ponts Paristech. On top of it, there are many international schools in Paris which provide education in multiple languages.


Is Paris Cheap to Study?

Education in Paris can be expensive, but also cheap under the correct study abroad programs. Do not lose hope so quickly when reading about the prices of schools in Paris. Depending on scholarship or funds, you might not have to pay as much as you think.

Generally speaking, international students in Paris pay around $3000 for week-long language programs. Others, however, might be paying around $30,000 to attend prestigious universities in the city.

There is no-doubt that Paris is expensive, but you can limit yourself when it comes to housing and tuition fees. You can smartly use technology and wisely use your money on traveling, food and accommodation. Here is the list of Apps that are extremely helpful for students to save time and money.

American students will find that Paris has top ranked schools with room expenses, on-site support, health insurance, and extracurriculars which will make the price 100% worth it.

Here are a few affordable programs you can apply for!

  1. Center for Study Abroad-Budget Study Abroad

This program starts at around $900 and allows adults and students to come learn French with a full-time Paris living experience. Education in Paris will also guarantee housing options for around $300.

  1. CEA Study Abroad

If you are looking to go for an internship or study at the Paris Sorbonne University, then you should opt for a hybrid learning program. International students in Paris can take classes in English or French, participate in volunteer work and take part in cultural activities. Tuition fees start as low as $5000 in the summertime.

Cheap Apartments for Students in Paris

There are several cheap apartments for international students in Paris. If you are looking to pursue education in Paris, you can find affordable living spaces depending on your funds. Price ranges start at 500-1800 euros depending on the amount of people you will be sharing with.

If you are looking to live alone, an apartment can cost you around 700-1800 euros, depending on the square feet. Starting at 8m^2, you can rent a one-person apartment for 700 euros, a 31m^2 for 965 euros and a 30m^2 for 1778 euros.

As for two-bedroom shared flats, you can pay around 999 euros for a 24m^2 space and 990 euros for a 14m^2. Taking a look at the location and convenience of the location, flat prices can vary. The most important part is that these prices include monthly bills for electricity, water, gas, and wifi.

You can easily search for housing options available at flexible rates and near the top schools in Paris. Because many arrondissements in Paris are hub of educational institutes.

All apartments are equipped with necessary utilities such as a fridge, kettle, and some even come with living room and bedroom furniture. Alongside towels, hotel-quality linen, and free wifi, Paris flats provide 24/7 service.

If, however, you are looking for a cheaper alternative, there are also 4-bedroom flats you can share amongst flatmates, estimated at a monthly price of 500 euros.

When looking for apartments, it is essential to have key documents such as your ID/Passport, proof of income, a residential student permit, and university acceptance letter.


Part-Time Jobs for Students in Paris

International students in Paris are studying at one of the world’s most expensive institutions. Education in Paris can become expensive, despite loans and scholarships that are provided.

In order to have a full study abroad experience, you can apply for student employment opportunities to help assist in the cost of living and add credentials to your CV.

Services like Momji hire thousands of English speakers from various schools in Paris to work part-time jobs. You can become a nanny, an English teacher, or work at a prestigious museum such as The Louvre.

Moreover, other jobs include tour guide, hotel work, and bar work; there are several British and Australian pubs in the center of Paris. Locals are also on the look for international students in Paris to help with retail work when it comes to talking to foreign customers.

However, if you are on the lookout for something wholesome you can always opt for volunteer work at charity shops or the local soup kitchen.

Best Co-working Spaces in Paris

There are several co-working spaces in Paris that can help expats build collaborative work environments with people from all over the school. While pursuing education in Paris, it is important to have a private palace for business.

Conference rooms for meetings can be rented for around $60 depending on the square foot. Let’s look into some of the top workplaces in Paris at the moment:

  1. WeWork 198 Avenue De France

Located around Rive Gauche Area, WeWork 198 is an atmosphere promising the energy to help you grow. International students in Paris can work in co-working environments that fit their lifestyle and have extra facilities such as a fitness center and unique outdoor space.

  1. WeWork 33 Rue La Fayette

WeWork 33 is another co-working space located in the Opera neighborhood. Home to glass ceilings and outdoor terraces, you can rent out private offices and meeting rooms for over twenty people at a time. The building also has easy access to city architecture, high-end shopping venues, and dining options.

  1. WeWork 92 Av. des Champs-Elysees

WeWork 92, located in Golden Triangle, is one of Paris’s prestigious modern workplaces. The building is surrounded by easy transport, shopping, and dining. The wellness room, private offices, stocked kitchens, and on-site staff will leave you satisfied beyond your expectations.


Best Public Universities in Paris

You might have heard the names of these best schools in Paris once before as they have made a global name for themselves.

American University Paris

The college was introduced as a liberal arts university developed in 1962, where education in Paris meant expanding knowledge within a globalized world. Schools in Paris opted for vibrant learning systems and analytic critical thinking.

American University Paris aimed to become a 21st century university. Today, it mentors over 1200 students of 110 nationalities. You can say that education in Paris has become diverse; they are building on cultural, religious, and ethnic groups in the classroom.

University of Paris

Amongst one of the most top-rated schools in the world, University of Paris is a prestigious university, with 20 campuses and various research sites. The mission of the university is the same of many; education in Paris serves to branch to a globalized context.

The university offers a variety of different programs from arts, humanities, economics, social sciences, medicine, and dentistry.

How Students Can Move to Paris?

Education in Paris most-likely means that you will have to move to the city. Under the European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students (Erasmus) you can apply for exchange programs in Paris.

The program applies to schools in Paris and accepts students from all countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Asia. 

In order to be eligible to apply for this program and education in Paris, you have to register through study mobility. You must be registered at the University de Paris for a national degree and have at least validated the first year of your bachelors program.

While being enrolled as a student, some schools in Paris might also ask for an English equivalency exam such as the IELTS or Toefl.

Best Degrees to Pursue in Paris

Education in Paris is at the utmost quality and worth your money. Amongst some of the most popular courses in the city are Fashion and Linguistics.


Parisians are well-known for their close attention to detail, sharp dressing, and love for culture and art. The city is full of museums, landmarks, and monuments that play charm to the fashion industry. Education in Paris has therefore taken on the aspect of fashion.

You can specialize in fashion design, fashion illustration, fashion promotion, marketing, retailing, merchandising, and luxury brand management. The top schools for fashion are the Paris College of Art and IFA Paris.


ISIT France and University of Kent offer incredible language courses which can help you learn about the origin of history and aim for study in pronunciation, grammar, syntax, and phonetics. This is the perfect education in Paris for students going into journalism and requiring a  language diploma.

Tips to plan time in Paris mindfully

If you are student and you are in Paris, then it is important for you to make most of your time valuable.

Learn French

It is a good opportunity for you to learn French. Because French is spoken in 29 countries of world and you can definitely this ability in future. Apart from that, American or British accent sounds cute but you cannot make friends in Paris if you do not know their official language.

Also, you cannot fully explore French culture unless you learn their mother language.

Document your life in Paris

I will suggest you to make a Paris journal that you can cherish for life. Additionally, you might start your own blog to save your memories and provide information to others. Take pictures and make notes.

Make friends

One of the best thing that you can do during your stay in Paris is making friends. Since Paris hosts many exchange students from all over the world, you can really explore other cultures and learn other languages.

That’s all!

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