How to make your Valentines Day in Paris memorable?

Valentines Day in Paris is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a ‘romantic destination’. From most famous cabarets to palace of Versailles, Paris has much more to offer.

“Paris is always a good idea” as termed by well-known star, Audrey Hepburn.

Moreover, it is no doubt that Paris is elegantly known for poetic parks, fresh pastries, floral charm, and breathtaking views.

valentines day in Paris

How Is France Famous for Valentines Day?

Uniquely so, history’s oldest Valentine was actually written in France. Duke d’Orleans, a medieval man held captive in the Tower of London, was first to write a love letter in 1415. In the note, he referred  to his wife, Bonne of Armagnac, as his ‘Valentine’.

He emphasized that his expression of love was more somber than any holiday greeting. Although Charles was never able to see his wife’s reaction to the letter, it is remembered as one of the first Valentine’s to date.

What do the French give for Valentines Day?

Valentines Day is known as a special day of “love” in Paris. Valentines Day means “la Saint Valentin” in French. Like the rest of the world, Parisians celebrate Valentines Day by giving gifts, chocolates, jewelry, and red roses.

However, in Paris, Valentines Day is only celebrated for people “in” love, not as a casual friendship gesture. For this reason, Valentines Day in Paris is not as casually celebrated. You won’t find students giving candy to their friends and family. However, you can choose gifts from these popular Paris Souvenirs.

valentines day red roses

French Love Vocabulary

If you are in Paris, I suggest that you must learn basic French phrases. Anyways, here are some interesting words you can use to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris:

  1. L’mour-love
  2. Je t’aime-I love you
  3. L’amitie-friendship
  4. Je vous aime-I am in love with you
  5. Je l’aime-I am in love with him/her
  6. Tomber amoureux/amoureuse-to fall in love
  7. Embrasser-to kiss
  8. Les fiançailles-engagement
  9. Le mariage-wedding
  10. Se marier avec qn-to get married

Date ideas for Valentines Day in Paris

Paris for Valentine’s Day means going for extravagant date ideas. Besides, there are a variety of romantic and creative activities you can plan for your loved one in the heart of Paris.

Steal a kiss at the Eiffel Tower

As cliche as it may sound, the Eiffel Tower is the icon of Paris; a sparkling tower glistening over the city. In addition, you can plan a picnic, take a walk around the area, or reserve a table at one of the restaurants in the tower. On top of it, some of the popular restaurants inside the tower include Jules Verne and La Bulle Parisienne.

lover on valentines day in Paris

Book a Ticket for the Opera or Ballet

Valentines Day in Paris can also be celebrated through art and culture. You can celebrate Valentines Day with awe-inspiring performances.

This includes the La Passion de Simone by the Royal Swedish Opera and the Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Moreover, you can catch Offenbach’s, The Tales of Hoffman, performed by Komische Oper Berlin.

Ideas for Valentines day also include watching the show through Opera Vision and ballet moves. This means you can cook your favorite meal and watch from the comfort of your home. Here are the ballets in Paris which I definitely recommend.

Plan a date at the aquarium

Going to the aquarium is a perfect way to celebrate Valentines Day. You can start your evening by booking a date at the L’Aquarium de Paris. Further, you can enjoy oceanic views of sea life, have champagne, and end the night with a French meal.

The aquarium also features a “Dance of the Mermaid”, a romantic performance inhabited by rays and sharks.

Getaway at the Palace of Versailles

Amongst other ideas for Valentines Day, there is no better place than a visit to the Palace of Versailles. Exploring the infamous rooms, you can learn the history of the Courts of Love, Sex, & Romance. To top it off, the beauty of the palace is magnificent; chandeliers, gardens, antique art, and gold décor.

Also, you should watch these mind-blowing shows at the Palace of Versailles.

Tea in the garden

Valentines Day in Paris is incomplete without a trip to the Musee de la Vie Romantique. While hearing the wind brush against the flowers of the countryside, this 1981 museum is a must-visit. With famous artwork from F.Chopin, Rossini and more you can enjoy a lovely lunch spread with your loved one.

tea on valentines day in paris

Visit the Montmartre

Visiting Montmartre is amongst other ideas for Valentines Day. There is no better place to say “je t’aime” to your loved one than on the highest hill in Paris. You can celebrate Valentines Day with art that says ‘I love you’ over 311 times on a 40m^2 wall.

Temple of Love

Another way to experience Valentines Day in Paris is through an exclusive pincic. The place is also referred to as Temple Romantique, located at the middle of the lake in Bois de Vincennes. Ideas for Valentines Day have to be unique.

Getting here is an adventure itself; you will get a sparkling view of the beach and the mountains.

Unique Food Spots for Valentines Day in Paris

Valentines Day in Paris practically survives on its love for cuisine and romantic charm. It is likely that you will have competition when it comes to booking spots for the best restaurants. Remember to be flexible and book ahead of time. Here are some interest spots for recommendation:

Seine River Dinner Cruise

Known as one of the most popular ideas for Valentines Day, you can book a romantic cruise on the Seine River. Paris for Valentines Day means appealing views and amazing cuisine. This attraction offers an exquisite French menu; continental style dishes, wine, and champagne.

As you drift under the Notre-Dame and Louvre, lovers can enjoy their candle light dinner.

Chocolate-tasting tour

Another excellent way to celebrate in Paris for Valentines Day is to go on a chocolate-tasting tour. You can go through the best purveyors of cocoa delight in the Saint-Germain-des-Pres district and Marais neighborhood. You can also book guided chocolate tours for Valentines Day in Paris online.

chocolate on valentines day in paris

Have a drink at a semi-secret Parisian Bar

For some, drinks are the true way to celebrate Valentines Day. While enjoying cocktails in speakeasy style Parisian bars, you can also find several charming mini-bars around the city. Hidden behind secret doors, you can create a surprising date experience.

Amongst some popular hideaways are Datasha Underground, Mobster Bar, and Bambou and its speakeasy.

Feast on the best macarons on valentines day in Paris

Paris is particularly known for its speciality- fresh macarons homemade in the center of the city. Ubiquitous, cute, and unique, you will find these delicacies to be the best gift for your loved one.

Pierre Herme is known as the world’s best pastry chef and has contributed to flavors such as raspberry and lychee.

macaron on valentines day in Paris

Gift Ideas for your Valentine

Here are some popular gift ideas for Valentines Day you can get your soulmate in Paris.

  1. Macarons from Laduree
  2. Hot chocolate from Angelina
  3. French Kiss Classic Brilliant Pair from TokyoMilk
  4. Cour des Vosges Robe from Evok Hôtels
  5. Dear Paris: The Paris Letters Collection by Janice MacLeod

Romantic Movies to Watch while celebrating valentines day in paris

There is no better way to go about Valentines Day in Paris than with a romantic movie. Hence, you can celebrate Valentines Day with some fine French movies or French classics such as:

  1. The Story of Adele H (L’Histoire d’Adéle H)
  2. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Portrait de la jeaune fille en feu)
  3. Blue is the Warmest Color (La Vie d’Adéle)
  4. Jules and Jim (Jules et Jim)
  5. Girl on the Bridge (La Fille sur le pont)
romantic movies valentines day in Paris

Saint-Valentin Celebration

Paris for Valentines Day leaves no time short for romantic activities in the city. Each year, the Village of Saint-Valentine holds an annual celebration close to Valentines Day. Locals grasp the love in the city as travelers from all over the world make their way towards Paris.

The city becomes home to romantic giveaways and wedding destinations. During this celebration, everything is covered in flowers, particularly red roses. Paris for Valentines Day can’t be incomplete without cuisine, beauty, and elegance.

Valentines Day in Paris for Foreigners

Paris for Valentines Day means a boost in packages and national tourists from the United States. There are excellent overnight areas of stays and resorts that will make your time worthwhile. The Terrass hotel in Montmartre is one such example. It has a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower.

Other areas include the Plaza Athenee on the Champs Elysees. You can get a glimpse of the Arc de Triomphe while the Hotel Brighton offers a stunning view of the Louvre.

The La Reserve is also an unforgettable experience. The resort has a sauna, a swimming pool, a massage, and a hamman. All of these hotels can help foreigners plan ahead on their planned events. For example, you can book a romantic cruise on the Marina de Paris or the bateaux Mouches.

wine and valentines day in Paris

However, another way to experience Paris can be from your home. Virtual tours are available online such as for Academy des sciences, Museum of Street Art, and Palace of Versailles Tour.

What are Valentines Day Cards Called in France?

Paris for Valentine’s Day means getting familiar with French culture. Some ideas for Valentines Day include getting cards. Beforehand, they used to be called “une loterie d’amour” meaning “drawing for love”.

This saying was eventually banned after male suitors would leave their partners if they were not attracted. Today, valentine’s cards in France are called “cartes d’amities”. There are humor cards, cute cards, and handmade pieces available all across the city.

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