Paris Souvenirs ideas for friends and family

There is no one who would not be interested in a having little piece or Paris souvenirs. No matter what the occasion is, let it be New Year, or Christmas, or even Valentine’s Day, a gift from Paris makes the occasion more special. Thus, if you are in Paris then you should definitely buy Paris souvenirs for your loved ones.

However, you might now be wondering what should you really get for your friends and family? Well, you no longer have to worry about it as we got you covered! We have meticulously made a list of all the special Paris souvenirs that one can get for loved ones to showcase affection. 

Paris Souvenirs

Your metro and museum tickets

Yes, you read it correctly! You might be wondering why anyone would be interested in receiving Paris metro tickets as a souvenir. Well, in reality, the metro plays an important role in the daily life of Parisians, the reason being a great proportion does not use private transport.

Thus, it is the metro that mainly lets people move from one place to another and which is why has a great value in peoples’ lives.

Apart from the metro tickets, you can also gift your museum tickets. Museums in Paris are famous for representing all the important elements from history and thus the history of your trip to the museum is itself also very special, especially for someone who cares about you.

French perfume

If you think a metro and museums tickets are too cheap to give someone as a souvenirs, then how about French perfumes or colognes? Not only perfume itself is a romantic gift, what makes it better is the fact it is from a place that is known to be the city of love.

You can opt for a niche label in Paris to showcase how special the person is to you who is receiving this as a gift.

Eiffel Tower miniature

No matter how many gifts you buy for your friends, there is no way you are skipping the purchase of the Eiffel Tower miniature. In fact, our advice would be to buy these miniatures in abundance as plenty of people would ask you for them.

These miniatures can be used as keychains or a piece of decoration that you can keep at your workstation.

French Beret

You might be wondering whether to buy them or not as they are cliché. But always remember that your trip to France is not complete without buying and wearing a beret. This hat represents Parisian artists and this is why it makes a great souvenir. It is a strong symbol of France despite the fact people in France do not wear this anymore.

You can find them easily in Paris as they will be available in every other shop. However, if you want to opt for a special brand, we will suggest you to buy the ones made by La Cerise Sur le Chapeau. This brand offers beret for around €35. You can buy variety of French Berets for your friends as souvenirs.

Macarons and chocolates

Who does not love macrons? Especially when you receive them as a gift right from Paris! These small pastries are not just filled with egg whites and sugar, but also with love. Macarons from Paris will always be special as no matter what type of Macaron you like, it is impossible to not be able to find it in Paris.

French Macarons are the favorite dessert of everyone, let it be tourists or Parisians. If you are looking for the best place to buy macarons as souvenirs, we will suggest you try Boutique Pierre Hermes Opera as they have various stores available in Paris.

Not just macrons but you will also find chocolates in Paris that have great quality and taste. You can never expect chocolates from Paris to be plain as they are always be bursting with flavor. Moreover, they might look the same from the outside, but they taste different.

If you want premium quality chocolates in Paris, then we will recommend you to try the ones from Alain Ducasse. They have several stores in Paris and let us tell you that their chocolates are exquisite.

You should also try their Carambars. They are caramel candies that have a chewy texture. They are highly addictive!

Souvenirs from bouquinstes

You might be wondering what are bouquinstes and where exactly can you find them? Well, you do not have to worry as we are here. Bouquinstes are basically small bookshelves that one can find near the Seine River.

If you are in Paris then it is obvious that you will definitely visit the very famous Seine River, so why not also buy souvenirs for your loved ones. At bouquinstes, you will be able to find used and antique books.


How can you not love good wine? Many people want to have a good wine after a tiring day and thus what better way to relax than to enjoy the wine from Paris. If you know even a bit of Parisian culture then you would already be aware of the fact that wine is an important part of the culture and plays an important role in Parisians’ everyday lives.

This is why it is undoubtedly a great souvenir to give. If you cannot decide from where you want to get the best wine in Paris, then we will suggest you visit Nicolas stores. You can also try Montmartre vineyard

This shows how Paris is not just a great place to go on a trip but also a place that has a lot of special souvenirs that you can give to your loved ones. A gift from Paris makes every occasion more special. Thus, if you are in Paris then you should definitely buy souvenirs for your loved ones.

If you want to give something personal then you can give your metro and museum tickets. If you want to give something expensive then you can buy French perfumes or wines. You can also give special gifts like Eiffel Tower miniature or French Beret.

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