Paris Restaurants: where to find Best sushi in Paris?

Paris is known for various things such as art, culture, and history. But what remains criminally underrated is the fact that it also offers great gastronomic places that provide exceptional taste in food. Among these delicious eateries are various places that provide a memorable experience to eat Sushi in Paris.

Over the past couple of years, many sushi places have sprouted and are known for providing some of the finest tasting sushi in Paris. Just to make your experience to eat sushi in Paris special we have diligently gone through all the sushi places and made a list of the best sushi places found in the city.

sushi in paris

So, if you are wondering where to eat sushi in Paris, you can go to any of these places mentioned below:

Sushi Marché offers best sushi in Paris undoubtedly

This sushi spot is situated at 20 Rue Mirabeau. Although this shop is located off the beaten track a bit, when it comes to food it offers best sushi in Paris that is exceptional in taste. This place is famous for offering authentic Japanese food that is phenomenal in taste.

Not only does this place provide a wide range of food dishes but they are also very economical. Moreover, they let you dine on the terrace and the beautiful weather makes your experience memorable.

Le Bar des Prés makes mouthwatering sushi in Paris

This place is known for its cozy ambiance which makes your entire sushi eating experience memorable. It has an extensive menu which not only offers a variety of sushi but also lobster, crabs, and cakes, etc.

In order to provide a holistic experience, this place also offers cocktails. This place is situated at Rue de Dragon. However, you can only dine-in at this place as it does not offer any delivery service. Moreover, it opens at 12 pm.

Blueberry has the best sushi in Paris

Blueberry is a maki sushi bar and you can find this being located near Musée d’Orsay. Also, if you cannot find your way to this shop you can always ask anyone for the address as they offer delicious sushi in Paris.

The ambiance of this place is very colorful which is done on purpose in order to celebrate life. Most of the things on the menu are related to maki rolls and the truffle maki is the most famous. In case you are not in the mood for sushi, you can have noodles and rice.

Also, you can stroll a little and explore Musee d’Orsay which is one of the worth-visiting museums in Paris.


This restaurant is being run by two very famous people in the gastronomic industry, Osade, and Yagi. It is very well-known for cutting and preparing sushi in a special way. Moreover, all its ingredients are fresh.

Apart from providing exceptional tasting sushi in Paris, it also offers a variety of wines that can make your day more special. This place is located at Rue de Ventadour. Although this place is a bit expensive, the experience is totally worth it.

Rice & Fish

There is a huge difference between a sushi eater and a sushi lover. The former prefers to eat simple, good sushi while the latter is open to various types of experimentations and is interested in indulging in different flavors.

That is why, Rice & Fish is ideal for sushi lovers as it provides a wide range of sushi that is available in different flavors. So, in case you want to indulge in different sauces and ingredients and desire a unique sushi experience, you should definitely visit this place.  

Maki Night Sushi

What makes this place unique is the fact that instead of you coming to this eatery to enjoy sushi in Paris, they come to you. By not having a physical location this restaurant provides a very unique experience. This place has a very extensive menu that includes various types of sushi, rice, and noodles.

It opens at 6 pm and serves till 6 am. The fact that you can have sushi in Paris even at 5 am is a gift itself.  


EnYaa is known for serving great wine along with exceptional sushi in Paris. With Chef Daisuke Endo at its helm, this place goes above and beyond in providing delicious sushi. It provides an extensive menu that allows you to experiment with a variety of flavors.

Apart from sushi, this place is also famous for offering caramelized duck. This place is located at Rue de Montpensier. It is near the royal palace.


This is a three-star restaurant that provides great food coupled with great service. This place is also known for providing an authentic Japanese experience in terms of taste. This place does not treat sushi as food but instead considers it to be an art.

This is why it goes without saying that this place offers exceptional tasting sushi. Another great fact about this place is that it is has been rewarded with two Michelin stars. Thus, you have many reasons to visit this restaurant.

Matsuhisa Niwa

Matsuhisa Niwa is known to provide the best Japanese food in Paris. It opens from Monday to Friday. This provides a very exclusive sushi eating experience as it has only eight seats.

Moreover, instead of providing an extensive menu it just offers seven dishes that are exceptional in taste. This place is located in the center of Paris.


What makes this restaurant unique is the fact that it is was the first place offering sushi in Paris. Takara was founded back in 1958 and since then it has been offering sushi that is exceptional in taste.

It is near Louvre Museum. Although it is located at the center of Paris, it still offers sushi at a reasonable price. The most famous offering of this place is its bento box which allows you to enjoy sushi with soup.

Hence, Paris offers a variety of different sushi eating experiences. Some places are known for providing authentic Japanese food while others for serving sushi with wine. Many places also offer a great ambiance to make your experience more special.

Moreover, some places are economical whereas some places are highly exclusive and costly. But one thing is constant: Paris never fails taste buds! For having the best pizza in Paris, click here. And, if you do not know where to find the best cheese shops in Paris, check out this.

Thus, the ball is in your court now. Decide wisely and enjoy sushi in Paris.

If you liked reading this article, let me know in comments below. If you know any other worth-visiting sushi place in Paris, fill me in.

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