Where to find Yummiest Pizza in Paris?

Looking for the yummiest pizza in Paris? As with any other place, once you visit it, you cannot help but be eager to find the best place that serves quality food. One of the most demanded item by visitors is fast food and especially, pizza.

That is why, in our view, it is essential to learn about the best pizza places of Paris, so that you don’t wander around clueless and know exactly where and how you will find a delicious pizza in Paris. Here are some of the best ones that you will find in Paris and enjoy their delicious cheesy pizzas.

pizza in Paris

Il Tronchetto

Located on 15th district, just 0.6 miles away from Eiffel Tower, this restaurant specializes in Italian cuisines. It is one of the best places that serves cheesiest pizza in Paris. It may be very crowded due to its preceding reputation but this should not stop you from tasting their most delicious pizzas. The pizza chef is from Tuscany and every visitor, even native Italians can’t stop praising his pizza.

Jimmy 2 Fois

This restaurant is known for its remarkable service and ambience. The taste is not second to these because this restaurant scores almost perfectly for each and every customer. The staff speaks English and is very friendly though the place can be a bit congested when it comes to spacing.

It is well worth to visit for anyone who wants to be hypnotized by the taste of its pizzas. It is within the walking distance of Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre.


Just a few steps away from Château d’Eau, this place is famous for its delicious crust. Some visitors credit this place for having one of the best pizzas in whole of the Europe. It is a 2 person operation but it is famous for all who come to visit Paris.

Pizzeria Arrivederci

You can find this restaurant in the 5th district with Pantheon a mere stone’s throw away. Visitors and critics claim that once you eat a pizza here, there is no way you will taste a pizza like this one anywhere. It is said to have the authentic Italian pizza that will bring you right in Italy while you immerse yourself in the cheesy experience.

Nick’s Pizza

Nick’s Pizza is the place where you can find a mouth-watering pizza that is renowned for its gourmet baking. This place charges you relatively lesser than all others and provides you a taste that your taste buds will never forget in their entire life. The dough, the sauce, and nearly every other ingredient is homemade as told by the owners. This pizzeria has been featured in “Paris: Food and Drink” and has had high-praising comments from the critics.


Run by a family, right next to Latin Quarters, this Italian restaurant serves its customers perfectly and does not let a single customer go out without the delectable taste being complimented about. It is also reasonably priced so this often the go-to destination for pizza lovers in Paris.

Pizza Rossi

Established in Bonne-Nouvelle, this restaurant seems like a dusty book that no one wants to read, with an exterior that looks shabby like the whole neighbourhood. But once you enter this place, you will not leave without a high regard for its taste and service. All the visitors encourage others to try it out and ignore the exterior as this book shouldn’t really be judged by its cover.

In Bocca al lupo

Another restaurant with the “best pizza ever” remarks by the customers and visitors, this place is a fantastic place though the seating arrangement is tight. As Montmartre is just up ahead, people often take-away a pizza enjoy their food while sitting at the foot of Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre. The sunset, the pizza, and Paris, all combine into an unforgettable memory. The pizzas here are more expensive than others.


Right around the corner of Les Halles, this pizzeria may be costly but the taste makes up for every penny spent for it. Like many pizzerias, this may be a small place but then again the environment is cozy. The owner is very warm and friendly and he does not leave any stone unturned for his customers. People always remember this place for each trip to Paris. It is often highly recommended for families, especially.

Le Bookie

This is often marked as the perfect choice for a date. The pizza is delicious and economic while the service is also heartwarming. The ambience of this restaurant is the best for couples.


Residing in the heart of Paris, this pizza place will delight you to your core. It has been featured in several blogs and articles for its immaculate taste. The sauce and the ingredients are so fresh that the pizza just melts down in your mouth. It is a high quality pizza place, competing with the Italians. The service, location, environment, and taste describe why people can’t stop praising the pizzas here.


This restaurant not only offers lunch, dinner, and late-night dinner, it also offers brunch from 11am to 2:30pm which is very rare seeing that it is known for its pizza. Only 0.2 miles away from Montmartre, the pizzas here will make you go wow. If you ever decide to visit this place, you will not need to order anything else from here. Just order a pizza for yourself and like so many people giving it a five star review, you will go crazy for the cheesy bread as well. It is affordable as well so it comes as an absolute win for both the customer and the place.

Pi Hour

Located in the very famous 9th district, this restaurant does not disappoint you with pizzas at all. The pizzas are so good that you will not stop coming here once you visit this place. Even Italians praise this place!

And with this list, we hope you have no problem visiting and eating pizzas while you are on your dreamy vacation in Paris. These places will be beyond your expectations.

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