All About 3rd and 4th Arrondissement in Paris

The 3rd and 4th Arrondissement are indeed the touristy places in Paris. Both the places are considered to be the heart of The Marais. Let’s explore these neighborhoods in Paris.

From scenic museums, art galleries, and cafes to the best and most lavish hotels, both the districts provide a birds-eye view of Paris. So, these are many places which are must-visit and where one can never get bored.

Let’s dive in!

Scroll down to know the location, history, best hotels, restaurants, interesting spots to visits and most famous streets of Troisieme and Quatrieme in Paris.

main boulevards in 3rd and 4th Arrondissement

3rd Arrondissement in Paris

With an area of 1.2 kilometers square, the 3rd arrondissement, also known as Quarter Temple, is considered the second smallest district in Paris.

This beautiful area is situated on the right bank of River Droite. Moreover, it contains an array of scenic boulevards that further add to the beauty of the arrondissement.

4th Arrondissement in Paris 

On the other hand, the 4th arrondissement, formally called Hotel-de-Ville, is ranked as the third smallest district of Paris in the heartland of Marias.

Moreover, It borders with 1st, 3rd, 11th, and 12th arrondissements and lies on the right bank of River Seine. It has an area of 1.6 km2.

History of 3rd Arrondissement in Paris 

Historically, the Quarter Temple holds a significant place with the oldest surviving house in Paris, called 52 rue de Montmorency. Furthermore, It also houses Pletzl, an old Jewish quarter, extending from the 3rd arrondissement to the 4th.

Other historical setups that make Troisieme a history-enriched place are the architectural buildings of Musee d’art et d’histoire du Judaism and Agoudas Hakehilos synagogue

History of 4th Arrondissement in Paris 

The Quatrieme was first inhabited in the 1st century BC when the Parsii tribe of the Gauls occupied it. The Jewish people have populated this part of the Marais since then. Furthermore, in the 1990s, it was taken over by the newly-cultivated gay culture thus opening many bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Places to stay in 3rd and 4th Arrondissement 

3rd Arrondissement in Paris Accommodation option

  • Austin’s Arts Et Métiers Hotel

3rd arrondissement in Le Marais is full of luxury hotels to stay affordably. The first hotel you can choose to stay is  Austin’s Arts Et Métiers Hotel.

In addition, it is a charming 3-star hotel situated only 3.3 miles away from the center of Paris. It is also near the famous attractions of Quarter Temper such as the Picasso Museum etc.

You can easily reach the center of the city in no time. It is located at 6 Rue Montgolfier, 75003 Paris.

  • Hotel Meslay Republique

Another mesmerizing place to stay in the 3rd arrondissement is Hotel Meslay Republique. You can find Meslay Republique in the heart of the most calming street of the 3rd arrondissement.

It provides a relaxing atmosphere with a short walk from Place de la Republique. You can find it on street 3 rue Meslay, 75003 Paris. 

  • Paris France Hotel

The third excellent place to stay is the Paris France Hotel lying at the core of Marais. It is a trendy place to live in with vibrant pieces of furniture and artifact. It is the favorite place of Parisians because of its minimum distance to the city’s major attractions. You will find it at 72 rue de Turbigo, Paris.

4th Arrondissement in Paris : Accommodation options

  • Residence Lancaster

Another limb of the Marais, the 4th arrondissement, is also known for the comfortable and attractive places to stay in.

Just one minute away from the beach, Residence Lancaster provides the most alluring scene from the room’s windows. It is the closest hotel to the best dining in the 4th arrondissement. You can find this beautiful hotel at 7 Rue de Berri, Paris.

  • Hotel Turenne Le Marais

Hotel Turenne Le Marais is present at the heart of river Droite, surrounded by fashionable boutiques, art galleries, and cafes. The hotel offers 41 rooms in extreme proximity to Bastille metro stations. Head to 6 rue de Turenne to book for you.

  • Hotel Rivoli 

The Paris Rivoli is a 3-star hotel located in the mid of all attractive sites of the 4th arrondissement. It offers air-conditioned rooms with the facility of suites. The Hotel provides the most miniature pathway to the Marais district, Hotel de Ville, and Notre Dame Cathedral. It is located at 19 rue de Rivoli, Paris. 

Tourist Attractions in 3rd and 4th Arrondissement 

Things to do 3rd Arrondissement in Paris

  • Picasso Museum

Picasso Museum is the most famous museums in Paris that one must visit. The attractive spot of the 3rd arrondissement is located at Hotel Sale, containing the masterpieces of artifacts covering the history of all eras.

  • Musée Carnavalet

Musee Carnavalet is a well-known museum that narrates the history of Paris to date. Moreover, it provides a picturesque of every event that has happened in the history of Paris. Add this place to your must-visit places whenever you visit Quarter Temple. 

  • Arts et Métiers Museum

Another attraction that one can find in the 3rd arrondissement is the Arts et Metiers Museum. It is a mix of art pieces and science and technology under the auspices of National Conservatory of Arts. The place demands a must-visit.

Things to do in 4th Arrondissement in Paris 

  • Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame is the most famous Catholic Church present on the side of le de la Cité on 4th Arrondissement in Marais. It was built between the 11th and 12th centuries and is considered the holiest place. 

  • Place des Vosges

Des Vosges is one of the oldest and biggest squares in Paris’s 4th arrondissement. A ray of beautiful fountains surrounds it; thereby making it more alluring for the visitors. 

  • Marché aux Fleurs

Marche aux Fleurs is the biggest flower market on the ship-shaped Island of l’Île de la Cité. It is full of fragrances and vibrant colors. From tulips to daffodils, it has a variety of flowers arranged, making the market one of the most exciting sites to visit. 

Best Restaurant and Dishes in 3rd and 4th Arrondissement 

3rd Arrondissement in Paris Restaurants

  • Haut Marais

Do you love Macrons with a combination of best coffee in town? The Haut Marais is the place where you will find one. With the most fashionable interior and the yummiest dishes, Haut Marais is one of the best restaurants in the 3rd arrondissement. 

  • Anne – Pavillion de la Reine

Pavillion is yet another best dining spot in Quarter Temple. It is restaurant-cum-luxury hotel where both guests and non-guests are allowed. You must visit this place because of its exquisite ambiance and the best chef Mathieu Pacaud. It is situated at 28 Rue Place des Vosges.

  • Bistrot Instinct

Another addition to the bucket list is Bistrot instinct at Rue de Picardie Paris. Its unique feature is that it changes the menu with the seasons. Likewise, it serves fresh with both sweet and savory French cuisine. 

4th Arrondissement in Paris Restaurants

  • L’Ange 20

L’Ange 20 is the typical French Bistro with a good interior and the tastiest dishes in the 4th arrondissement. It is at street 44 Rue des Tournelles with a facility of terrace-sitting and a range of elegant wines.

  • Le Chanard

Le Chanard is one restaurant where you can go daily and will find a new menu. Placed at Rue Saint-Paul, it gives a country-side touch with various dishes, including steaks and wine. 

  • Le Caveau de l’Isle

Le Caveau is situated at the heart of Ile Saint Louis and offers a calm ambiance and a bird’s eye view of the whole 4th arrondissement from its terrace setting. In fact, it is a must-visit if you want quality food and a scenic view.

Famous Streets in 3rd and 4th Arrondissement

3rd Arrondissement in Paris Famous Streets

  • Rue des Archives

Rue des Archives is the famous street of The Marias that borders both the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. Besides being 900 m long, it lies at the center of Paris. Also, it is known for hotels and metros situated on it. 

  • Rue des Francs-Bourgeois

It is one of the longest streets in Marais, containing a variety of boutiques. This place also defies the old Parisian culture of Sunday closure and is open 24 hours and seven days a week. It is the home to notable buildings such as hôtels Carnavalet, Lamoignon, etc.

4th Arrondissement in Paris popular streets

  • Rue des Rosiers

Rue des Rosiers, also known as ‘the street of rosebushes,’ is the most famous street in Quatrieme. It is the center of the Jew’s most important setup, called Pletzl, and is open even on the official holiday of Saturday.

  • Rue Saint-Antoine

Rue Saint-Antoine is one of the oldest streets in Marais, Paris. It links two historical buildings such as Place de la Bastille and Places de la Nation. Moreover, it got its name from Siant-Antonie back in the 18th century. It is full of ancient buildings and historical places of idle Ages. 

If you’re planning to go to Paris, you must visit the 3rd and 4th Arrondissements, situated at the heart of The Marais. Add all the places mentioned above to your bucket slist and enjoy the unforgettable trip to the City of Lights.

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