Paris Pass: is it worth the money or not?

Paris Pass is the way to go!!! why? Paris is a high-end city but also, the most beautiful city in the world. I’m sure you want to visit Disney Land, palace of Versailles, Louvre, Opera Garnier, Eiffel Tower Top and what not!

Exploring the beauty of Paris comes with heavy tickets cost of tourist attractions, accommodation and food prices. I have learned tricks to save money while on vacation over the time. So if you are also on Budget Paris trip, give this article a go!

If you want to find a budget place for your stay, we have included some unconventional ways to stay in Paris in this article. Also, you can find cheap restaurants offering yummy food on this link.

One of these tricks is sightseeing passes. These passes not only lets you to save money but save your time as well. Because, if you buy these passes and use them strategically, you can enjoy a hassle free tour.

However, coming back to the Paris Pass, it comes with so many benefits. That is why, it is easy for me to convince you exactly why the Paris Pass is perfect for you on your tour of France.

Through the Paris Pass, you can have free entry to various tourist attractions and the luxury of skipping the lines at different museums in Paris. Apart from this, the Paris Pass also allows you to have unlimited access to many transportation services, therefore, you will enjoy your commute in Paris to various sites.

Paris Pass tourist attractions

More About the Paris Pass

The Paris Pass simplifies sightseeing experience for tourists providing value and trouble free entry to more than 80 tourist attractions and museums in Paris. It includes two different passes such as:

1- Paris Museum Pass

The Paris Museum Pass is a physical pass that will allow you to have access to more than 40 museums and other popular attractions in Paris. In some cases, you will also have the opportunity of skipping long lines at popular tourist sites.

2- Paris Pass

Unlike the Paris Museum Pass, it is digital and can be accessed through an app, it gives you more opportunities such as tour to the Eiffel tower and other activities including bus tours and much more.

Yes, that’s true. You will buy just one card but enjoy two in one package. You don’t have to wait in long queues. Instead, you will just show your pass and enter to your favorite landmarks.

Paris pass price

The price for the Paris Price is different depending on the number of days and the individuals. Many people buy these passes just to ease their transportation in the city. Because, this pass allows you to travel anywhere around Zones 1-3 using local public transport. And the great thing is, almost all tourist attractions in Paris are present within zones 1-3.

Paris pass saves a lot of commute money. You can have rough idea of daily travel cost in Paris here.

Let me tell you how? A single ride costs you €1.90 per person, But obviously, when you are on vacation and that too in Paris, you have to take many rides to avail each day to the fullest.

For example, if you take Metro in Paris minimum for 3-4 times, even then you can save money by using Paris pass. Therefore, Paris pass offers a reasonable price of €12 for one day, €19,50 for 2 days, and up to €38,35 for five days.

You can buy Paris Pass on this link.

The 2 Day Pass

  • Adults: €109
  • Children: €39

This also includes the 2-Day Paris Museum Pass. Again, I reiterate if you plan to stroll in beautiful gardens of Paris or to go on shopping spree in Paris on the same day as your Paris Pass is application, then it’s not worth it.              

The 3 Day Pass

  • Adults: €129
  • Children: €49

This also includes the 2-Day Paris Museum Pass.

The 4 Day Pass

  • Adults: €149
  • Children: €59

This also includes the 4-Day Paris Museum Pass.

The 6 Day Pass

  • Adults: €169
  • Children: €69

This also includes the 6-Day Paris Museum Pass.

Different Tours Included in the Paris pass

Are you wondering about what else the Paris Pass includes? Well, the wait is over! I have mentioned below some exciting tourist attractions and Paris city tours that will be covered in the Paris Pass.

Museums that are included in Paris Pass

The Louvre Museum

This huge museum is the world’s most famous museum, you have to take a separate day out only for visiting the louvre museum as it is massive and may drain you out. So, I suggest you to not include this on your Paris Pass if you are buying it for 2 or 3 days.

Therefore, It’s better to buy ticket and give it the due time and attention that this majestic place deserves.

Individual Ticket Price: €17 (Adults)

Pompidou: Museum of Art

Located in the heart of Paris, this museum is extremely fabulous and I would highly recommend visiting it. You should definitely visit this museum on Paris Pass as it requires less time and the ticket price is fairly high.

Individual Ticket Price: €14 (Adults)

The Orsay Museum

Orsay Museum is the house of the most exquisite paintings in the world. People from many countries such as the U.S.A and other Schengen countries come to visit this beautiful Museum. In my experience, it takes half of the day.

Additionally, It has so much to offer that one can not leave it unfinished even if he wants. That is why, you can leave this for later if you have list of 8-10 places for 2 day Paris Pass.

Individual Ticket Price: €14 (Adults)

The Picasso Museum

Recently many new museums have opened in Paris including the “Picasso Museum” which has almost all the artworks of the famous artist Picasso.

Individual Ticket Price: €13 (Adults)

Musee Rodin

Ever seen a museum within a house? Well, I have. The Rodin museum is located within the artist Rodin’s house, the entire house is surrounded by art. The garden of the museum is filled with magnificent sculptures.

Individual Ticket Price: €13 (Adults)

Musee De L’Armee

This Museum features two different sections including the ancient section and a separate section for modern war. If you’re a fanatic of old history and the ancient wars I highly recommend you visit this museum.

Individual Ticket Price: €12 (Adults)

Dali Museum

Next in the Paris Pass is this small yet beautiful museum located in a peaceful neighborhood of Montmartre. Considering the size of the museum you will absolutely enjoy your visit.

Individual Ticket Price: €13 (Adults)

Let’s not forget other landmarks that are covered by the Paris Pass

Arc De Triomphe

Located near the Eiffel tower this is a brilliant place to have a view of the entire city. After living this experience, you can stroll on Champs-Elysees and may be shop something for you.

Individual Ticket Price: €13 (Adults)


This magnificent place is one of the most beautiful churches in the world, I highly recommend you visit this place.

Individual Ticket Price: €10 (Adults)

Palace of Versailles

This should be on your “Must Visit” list, the palace is massive with amazing views so do not miss out on this opportunity. Palace of Versailles can be visited on Paris Pass by dedicating 3-4 hours to its beauty and grandeur.

Individual Ticket Price: €18 (Adults)

Chateau De Fontaineleau

If you have already visited the Palace of Versailles, I would suggest skipping this place out as the trip is lengthy and tiring.

Individual Ticket Price: €12 (Adults)

Few other activities such as:

  • 1-Day Hop on Hop off Bus Tour: Individual Ticket Price: €39.00-€42.00
  • Tour to the Eiffel Tower: Individual Ticket Price: €39 (Adults)
  • Visit the Montparnasse Tower: Individual Ticket Price: €16 (Adults)
  • Seine River Cruise: Individual Ticket Price: €17 (Adults)
  • Walking Tours to many other places: Individual Ticket Price: €30 Per Tour (Adults)

Other Benefits of the Paris Pass

The most fun part of buying the Paris Pass is that you won’t have to wait in long lines at popular tourist sites, hence, your time can be saved and you can utilize the saved time by visiting any restaurant and trying out the French cuisine.

Moreover, with the Paris Pass, you can get complete value for money. You can visit multiple museums in one day instead of spending hours at one museum just because you paid for the full visit. Aside from this, the Pass also included many new activities which you can explore, therefore, the pass will give you the opportunity of trying out new things.

The right way to use the Paris Pass

Make sure to check for reservations, for certain museums such as:

  • The Louvre Museum
  • Palace of Versailles
  • Sainte Chappelle
  • Orangerie Museum

You need to make an online reservation for these places. Moreover, to utilize the pass efficiently make sure to pick days that are not holidays or Sundays because most museums offer free entry on such days.

Furthermore, plan out the activities you want to do because the Pass has many activities so understand the pass and choose the ones you like.

Aside from this, do not waste days of your pass! Try to complete the days of your pass so you do not miss out on anything. You can buy the Paris Pass from their official website, which contains information regarding the different days and times.

Why Should You opt for The Paris Pass?

If you want to visit a lot of sites in one day, then the Paris Pass is perfect for you because it includes visiting multiple places in one day. Waiting in long lines can be tiring and exhausting especially if you have children, hence, many people with children would want to buy the pass because you can skip long lines at different places.

Aside from this, if you are not interested in visiting museums you can buy the Paris Pass to enjoy other activities such as Hop on Hop off bus tours which can be fun to try out.

There you have it, that is all the information you will need to know about the Paris Pass! I hope you will enjoy your tour.

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