Emily in Paris: Filming Locations You need to Visit

Paris locations featured in the Netflix hit series “Emily in Paris” have left everyone drooling over Paris all over again. Anyway, if you still have this question in mind; is Emily in Paris is actually filmed in Paris? My answer is, oui oui. You are right because season two of Emily in Paris is mostly filmed at the magical Paris locations .

No doubt, the charm and beauty of Paris is endless. From its architecture, culture and history to finger licking food, I am definitely head over heels for this city.

“Oh, London is a man’s town, there’s power in the air; and Paris is a woman’s town, with flowers in her hair.”

Henry Van Dyke

Disclaimer: This article is for Paris lovers and dreamers.

Bonjour lovely readers, continue reading this article to know about all the Paris locations captured in Emily in Paris.

Dreamlike Paris settings are the main character of the show for me. I am so excited to share all those beautiful sites in Paris. Where do I start? I binge-watched Emily in Paris the day after Netflix dropped new episodes of the series on December 22.

I don’t want to say anything about the story line of this popular Netflix show. Because I was entirely hooked to the beautiful Paris locations, Emily’s extravagant fashion statements and the Parisian lifestyle during season two. Besides, it literally transports you into the iconic locations of the French capital such as dazzling Eifel Tower.

emily in paris

Although, Emily in Paris season one premiered in 2020 proved as a massive distraction from the Covid-19 pandemic for many people, season two stood out totally. I am sure you will want to grab your beret and take Emily-inspired Paris tour after watching this glamourous Netflix show like myself.

While the magical Paris locations filmed in the season are still popping in my mind, I think it is better to secure these locations in an article.

That is why; here are the dreamy Locations of Paris that are captured in “Emily in Paris”.

Magical Paris locations in 5th Arrondissement

Place de l’Estrapade featured in Emily in Paris

You will see this picturesque place positioned at the edge of Val-de-Grace throughout the series. Because Emily lives in an apartment sited at the center of Place de l’Estrapade. This is a small cozy and beautifully decorated apartment. Moreover, it is the place where she meets her charming neighbor chef Gabriel for the first time.

This beautiful neighborhood presents the true essence of the historic Latin Quarter. It’s square has mesmerizing fountains and provides welcoming vibes. I bet you will love to sit at the benches for a while and enjoy a cup of coffee from the Emily’s favorite Boulangerie Moderne café.

This picture-perfect Paris location can elevate your Instagram feed. Isn’t it worth to visit this beautiful location in Paris?

The Panthéon

Initially built as a church, this building was turned into a secular monument during the French revolution. Moreover, many big names such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Victor Hugo are buried here. This building is beautifully portrayed in Emily in Paris as neighborhood of Emily during the entire series.

It is also, where Emily breaks up with her Chicago-based boyfriend. Oops… This place is definitely iconic if you know what I mean.

Paris locations in 1st Arrondissement captured in Emily in Paris

Place de Valois

Place de Valois is a posh square where Emily’s workplace is located. This square, named after the Louis Philippe 1, is next to the Louvre Museum and the Palais Royal.

Apart from that, you will watch some high-end restaurants such as Grand Hotel du Palais Royal and Le Bistrot Valois housed in the 1st arrondissement featured in the series.

locations o Paris featured

Palais Royal

There is a Garden near Palais Royal where Emily meets her first female friend named as Mindy. The fine-looking benches of the Garden decorated with French quotes grab attention of the people. Café La Flore en lle also makes appearance in this popular Netflix show.

The café in the center of River Seine is a perfect destination to spend afternoons. It also provides the striking view of the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral towers. Emily in Paris displays these beautiful locations in Paris 1st.

Gare du Nord of Paris filmed in Emily in Paris

This mesmeric railway station appears somewhere in the second episode of season Two of Emily in Paris. She goes to a weekend trip to escape from the guilty of betraying her friend Camille. Oh poor Emily… Emily’s character in the series is flawed, and I am sure you can also relate to her like myself. She struggles with her work and relationships throughout the series. Anyhow, it is perfectly ok to be imperfect.

It is one of the mainline railway station, which connects many international destinations.

locations featured in Emily in Paris

However, Emily chooses Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat to stay in French Rivera during her trip to Saint Tropez. If you are in Paris, I suggest you to take a picture for social media in front of train wearing red beret.

Ps. I am obsessed with the red Beret.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

You must be thinking why is a cemetery included in the worth visiting Paris locations. Let me clear the air, this cemetery gives very calm and tranquil vibe along with the aesthetically appealing architecture. This is the largest cemetery in Paris that is the final destination of many big names including Édith Piaf, Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison.

Annually 3.5 million visitors visit this Cemetery. Woo-hoo! that’s huge figure.

The harsh truth is that cemeteries are often left neglected, which makes death a horrible and uncomfortable thing. In my opinion, the fear of death is what makes a man to die even before the actual time. I think we should live to the fullest while we are alive because death is the ultimate reality of life. But it is not the case in Paris because cemeteries in Paris are incredibly beautiful and fully alive. Therefore, Pere Lachaise is not just a place to mourn or reflect but its an interesting tourist attraction for many visitors.

However, Emily goes to visit the grave of famous French novelist Honoré de Balzac with her colleague Luc.

Giant Galeries Lafayette of Paris

It is the biggest departmental store in France. You can find anything and everything in this store. Galeries Lafayette is worth watching especially during Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Paris because sparkles with the twikling lights. In Emily in Paris, Emily goes to a shopping spree with her French class fellow Petra.

Le Raidd is a gay bar that hosts many visitors along with the locals. In the Netflix show, Emily goes to this bar with her marketing firm colleague Julien.

Royal Palace of Versailles scenes in Emily in Paris

Magnificent Palace of Versailles appears during the last episode of Emily in Paris season two. It is a must-visit place in Paris as it showcases over 60,000 pieces of art. If you are an art lover, then this place is perfect for you to dive-in. Anyway, In the season, it hosts a fashion show in the last episode.

Rue de l’Abreuvoir located in Montmartre district, Paris

This is the prettiest street in Paris. It is one of the most charming Paris locations seen in Emily in Paris. Its pink façade is what makes it a perfect spot for insta-worthy photos. In fact, Emily also takes the advantage of this street’s gorgeousness to beautify her social media profile.

locations of Paris featured

In addition, you will feel the satisfaction of being at the place where the famous diners including Picasso, Modigliani, Édith Piaf and Charles Aznavour were once present.

That’s all!

I have mentioned all the beautiful locations of French Capital filmed in Emily in Paris. I am sure this series has inspired you to pack your bags and fly to the city of lights. In my opinion, winter seems the best time to visit Paris with the New Year’s Eve just around the corner.

Stay safe, happy and healthy.

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