10 best Christmas gift ideas that you can buy from Paris

No doubt, Christmas is magical time of the year in Paris. The lights of the “city of lights” really come to life and extol the beauty of Paris. Parisians come out of their houses with unbridled enthusiasm to cherish the festivities of this occasion. Christmas gift is another exciting thing about Christmas.

Everyone join hands to celebrate Christmas in Paris by beautifying their houses with lovely Christmas trees and other Christmas knick-knacks. Besides, the cozy cafes and the lavish restaurants of Paris immersed in sparkling lights present a vintage vibe.

Christmas Gift in Paris

As much as we suggest you to cherish all the Christmas festivities, we want to point out an important task. That is, to buy Christmas gift for everyone back home. Especially, if you were in Paris during Christmas season, it would be a nice gesture to bring Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

On top of it, people love to stroll around Christmas markets for window-shopping and view beautiful window displays. Additionally, Christmas lights on the famous boulevards and squares of Paris display remarkable sight to the sore eyes.

Apart from the glittery decorations and the enticing bistros, Churches of Paris also come alive as Parisians congregate for church services. Christmas Eve Mass and Christmas day services hold very special place among Parisians as we as tourists.

All the churches shine in the Christmas lights with all their grandeur, and exhibit beautiful nativity scene along with other services. Furthermore, Christmas concerts are cherry on the top if you are visiting Paris during Christmas.

Do not worry because we have got you covered with a curtailed list including Christmas gift ideas.

French macrons

French macrons made it to the top of the Christmas gifts list because what is a better gift than sweets. These are very famous among Parisians due to their eye-catching appeal and explicit taste. In fact, this is haughty and ethereal cookie sandwich filled with jam, buttercream and ganache while the outer layers are crispy.

We bet you will have tough time while selecting because French macrons come in different vibrant colors. In addition, its flavors range from chocolate, raspberry, matcha to gnache. We recommend you to present this sweet treat to your friends as a Christmas gift.

French chocolates

If you are in Paris, we will advise you to taste French chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth. French chocolates are a little darker in color and delicious in taste. This is one of the best choice when it comes to Christmas gifts because it is very easy to carry all the time.

However, you should visit famous “La Maison du chocolat boutique” at least once in a lifetime if you are in Paris. A renowned chocolatier Robert Linex opened this outlet in 1977 that offers a wide range of French delights. No doubt, Paris is dreamy but it also offers exceptional traditional and contemporary chocolates. It is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for your foodie friends.

Look for Christmas gifts at vintage shops

Vintage clothing can never go out of style. With that being said, you will find a dozen of vintage clothing stores in Paris having items with history. You can buy antic jewelry and clothing pieces as Christmas present for your friends and family.

If you have not planned what to shop, then these vintage shops are best destination for you because they have something or everyone. However, the fun part about vintage shopping is that you will end up buying presents for yourself instead of others.

Two fine vintage shops that we must recommend are Kiliwatch Paris and Free’P’Star .

If you are passing by Place de la Republique in the 10th arrondissement, you won’t regret visiting Thanx God I’m A V.I.P.

Bring Paris souvenirs as Christmas gift

Looking for more Parisian gifts? We have made your Christmas gift search a little easier by penning down the special Paris souvenirs. First, you must visit the renowned Café de Flore that remained a hangout spot for philosophers, artists and other big names such as Pablo Picasso for a long time.

You can buy their customized coffee mugs, cups and other table setting items. Moreover, find their place mats on the second floor and enjoy this little gift for free.

Besides, a miniature Eiffel Tower can prove to be a good Christmas gift as well as fancy addition to a bedside table. In addition, the interesting thing about this Christmas present will remind your friends and family of you every day.

Your non-Parisian friends will also love to have a miniature Winged Victory as well. This present can standout their mantelpiece and their value in your life.

French Beret

What’s cooler than a French beret, especially on Christmas? French beret is another timeless Christmas gift that you should buy for your friends. You can easily find these elegant items at any street side shops. On Christmas, they are often very affordable because most stores sell French berets on discount. It is an easy to carry Christmas gift and guess what? You can save your time and buy a couple of these berets in different colors for your friends. We bet anyone can carry a French beret on Christmas and generally in everyday life.

A Ladurée Candle

Scented candles make a great Christmas gift as it represents a notion of care and love. May be you can gift this royal Christmas gift to your married friends or couples. Scented candles also provide a romantic and poetic vibe, especially in winters while doing daily chores at home. We would like to recommend Diptyque and Jo Malone candles for sure.

If you want to buy Gilded Votive candles, we suggest you must visit MAISON DE CIRE TRUDON. They are the oldest candle maker in Paris, dating back to 1643. Their expertise and capability is second to none. However, it is always tough to decide between different scents fragrances. Our favorites have to be spicy rose and tobacco Ottoman.

That is all folks. Hope you liked reading this article.

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